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Searching for a quality fwb local to the central Columbus area. Preference is given to nonsmokers. I'm tall respectful, and health conscious. Playfully sexy is a good way to describe. Open also to meeting another female to make a threesome...if you are wanting to explore a little.
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Christmas in the Bluegrass
I have always loved the Kentucky Bluegrass, but I think it is especially special in the Christmas season. There is something about it for me at least. I remember taking the shotgun, and shooting the mistletoe out of the tops of the oak trees, and cutting the Christmas tree from the ridge behind the house. Of course, my family has since moved to the big city, so I don't get to do those things anymore. BUT, in the back of my mind, I believe it is still important to celebrate Christmas no matter where in the world you are...and it is especially better when you are with someone to share it with...which is why I am on this site. Of course, I don't kid myself, and believe that you can actually have a real life relationship with someone you met on the internet....but it is still good to get to know a few new friends. I also don't mind if someone calls if they are truly interested...I work for myself, and my schedule is sort of slowing for the holidays...I hope to hear from at least one special lady this holiday season:)
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The destination or the journey
Friday, December 9, 2011
When I was in college, I had a professor that was really deep, and always challenged students to think like people from other cultures. Most of the people were just there to get a grade as a requirement to get their diploma. I guess most of us didn't have the time to think about what the guy was saying. Anyhow, he was talking about the seems to throw a bunch of curve balls at some people for some reason...and the destination isn't always the one that they set out to reach. I have had several setbacks in life, so divorce and financial troubles is never too late to realize the destination isn't necessarily the only thing. The journey...the cultures we are exposed to, the people we come in contact with, the choices we make all become part of the journey or path. I have had tons of fun with people on the path...but then our paths seem to go separate ways.....but we still seem to take away from the experiences a lot more than we thought. I think of dating a dancer who exposed me to a whole  culture. Ball room dancing was great to watch, but once you try it, it is addicting. Of course, I can't dance worth a darn, but I loved to see them swirling across the dance floor. I love to see the ballet, even though I don't understand a triple sow cow....(that was a joke). The dancers seem to exist in a little microcosm..a culture almost separate from normal people...they get up at five am..stretch...and do their exercises...wrap their feet...shower...and then do it again, until they get to bed at 9pm. Almost all their lives is spent in a studio..preparing for the "show"..which happens to be only a few times a year. The show is sooooo engrained in the muscles...that they almost do it in autopilot. That is what is so cool. The human body through training, can learn to do things without thinking. The same thing happens to people in their relationships...they sort of serial date...and get in the rut...and everything becomes a routine. That is one of the reasons I like to meet different people...not because they are like me...I think it is because they might break the routine of life..and help me return to the path. I originally started out in education...but somehow got sidetracked into working retail..and got into human resources. I like what I did, but I have really started to return to the arts...I like to I am catching myself drawing more lately...and using my photography skills. I think I might be catching the artist bug or something....but it is a useful set of skills to have..and worth it. Plus the nude models are always fun:)
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Thank you for the tickle :)
Added: Thursday, December 8, 2011 4:29pm
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