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bi submissive mature to own
Men Seeking Women
mature man who requires a woman who loves to be in charge , one who enjoys giving long firm bare bottom spanking, who love to see her man bent over and taking your pegging deep and long who loves tease and denial, cum control and will to try chastity for the right one. And what do you get , a loving man , wi passion to burn , your body worship and adore , from just a foot massage to a full body relaxing ,to your to s curl as your massage turns in to oral servertude till you orgasm over and over, never have to cook or clean your man /maid your save yours to own , if you have a love of music, all types to movies, reading, to long country drives to exploring our Sydney to the great out door, let's live with a few kinks on the way
Mature ozzie man
Men seeking spanking
In need of a old fashion bare bottom spanking a older man prefered .you all receive release for my well spanked bottom
Love a gurl
Men seeking TS/TV/CD
Who has something more ,most have more than me so will have to please and pleasure you the way you want love to give oral and willing to be your bend over boyfriend
Remember that an ad ....
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words,nothing more to say
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Chastity teaser
Friday, January 12, 2018
I meet her at work, she was the bosses daughter , a real hot redhead and a lover of all things big, I worked the night shift so I hardly saw her I did all the accounts at night no one around and I could just be the gurl next door, the boss sometime would come in for a blow or a deep anal fuck I was always ready for his big manly cock Before heading to work I always soaked in the bath for a long time with a few drops of hair remover I was silky smooth then the three big Emma’s cleaning just in case he turned up , slipping my small frame into, a little black dress, black silk stockings, and my fav bright pink four inch heels , and a g string , I was very horny all the time and had to tuck my seven inches away, it was a Friday night I was working the boss arrived , we chatted while he slipped his cock in to my well lubed hole moaning as his big fat cock worked it’s way in, I was dripping as he plod into me so close to cumming Then in walked the wife and daughter, she told him to finish, smiling as he went limp, she pulled out a small wooden box and pulled out a chastity devise which she locked on him, giving one key to her daughter , who said looks like daddy won’t be cumming anytime soon, and as for you your fired, as I bend to pull up my g, her mom said no, your our new bitch, you will keep doing the books but you will be watched, and do as your told. She reached into her bag pulling out a large curved anal plug , I bent over as she pushed it into the hilt, I moaned as I felt my cock start to rise, her daughter said your bigger than my boyfriend, I hope your a good cocksucker as well, as all his cum is your now.i sat down and finished the nights work, while the daughter stroked my cock, telling me I was to be the company slut and sex slave, and since it’s friday night you need to be soundly spanked, after locking up I was naked and bent over her moms desk and should spanked till my ass was red raw.she then told me to sit on the straight back chair she lowered her panties and sat on my cock we fuck my ass on fire and my balls burning, then she came hard as I was so close to blowing my load again.but she stopped moving , and said you will be under lock and key too, but I will ride you ,but you won’t get to cum anytime soon. The next night she turned up and placed a ice pack on my balls till limp then locked in a curved steel cage only way to pee is sitting down, once locked she bentme over and fucked me long and and deep with a ten inch black rubber cock, she milked me for over an hour into her flask, telling me her boyfriend needs his balls drained daily and that was my job now, she had a new man in her life and she showed me his photo, tall and hung like a horse, she said don’t worry I will ride you , but there is no cumming unless mother and I agree, you are a cum dump that’s all sllut
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Friday, October 21, 2016
Work on the tractor bent over i felt ted left my skirt and push his manly cock in. I moan and push back as i feel my swollen balls ach in lust as they have for the last five months as he fucks me filling me with cum and spanking my ass red only one more month till unlocked the timer a reminder of my locked i knelt as nd licked his cock mine dripping precum his cock stirred i knew he want to empty another big load and i needed it.he fucked and spanked me till every inch of my ass was red hot and i was wide open .ted said the wife will be over later ma I e shorw she is nice and clean slut When barb turned up i could smell he sex and as i cleaned her pussy and asshole i knew the doc had her again and wondered if the rumors were correct hat he was hung like a horse mmmmm
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Friday, October 7, 2016
I woke naked in a swing being lowered onto the man below he eas cuffed to a leather bench his cock erect and dripping precum as a woman milked him then i felt the tip he wasn't small i felt it opening me i moaned as the head pushed in i felt him slipped deep his shaft own dripping precum then with my legs raised impaled on ten inchers of manly cock and not able to move i felt him trying to move when a voice behind me said you see i knew you'd love a sissy on your cock but there will be know moving if you do cum it will be recorded and you will be flooding my sissybitch stepson till your empty and sissy your not permitted to cum till sunday two days to go . I felt the ice on my swollen balls as my cock srank i was locked in chastity again his balls where being fondled by another i could see if it was a man or a woman but ten minutes after i felt his fire hose exlode moaning both of us his wife said see Mistress said you'd cum lets ser how long your next cum is Timer please .by six he'd blown seven loads .i was raised and plugged. His cock was cleaned and he eas fed three little blue pills .his wife said to Mistress let's bring in that wife cheating slut she must be hungry for cum She was kneeling under me naked with two vibrates throbbing slow in her not letting her cum as the plug was removed amd like a rush i felt cum shooting out into her open mouth . I was taken to the next room and fucked by six big men till thay had milked a pint of recum from me only ten more hours to go for my monthly release
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The couple
Friday, June 17, 2016
My new nabours hot older couple and are both dominate i had my first look at him a few day and he is hung like a horse thick and big hands too i felt my cock stir in my panties .but it was her who made the firs .t move. I'd just soaked in a hot bath and cleaned my self inside and out. Adding a few drops of my special hair remover i was smooth and ready i was pn the prowl for a nice cock slipping into my black seam silk stocking garter belt and high cut black panties when the was a knock at the door slipping on mt big bath robe there stood pam a vision so hot i felt the stir in my panties . She said i was wondering if you were free tonight as her eyes took in every inch as she slipped her right hand inside my robe smiling as she stroked my now throbbing cock saying i sometimes wondered who lived here as i moaned she pushed pass mevan closed the door stripping off my robe leaning pver and sucking on my erect left nipple making me hunger for more she i want you to be in our bowling team tonight as one of our players has pulled lets get you dressed and get going she helped finding the right top and skirt and three inch heels little pink gloss and we were off .tom was waiting down stairs she smiled and said you were right she is very horny have a feel .he slipped his hand und5my skirt and fondled me then kissed his toungue folling my mouth he stood back an said very nice you will be our slut later tonight and after we one the game headed to the parking lot where tom pounded his cock in me till his fire hose exploded inside me forcing me to cum all over pams tits .by the time we got back to toms worshop i was ready for more and whats a slut to do
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creamed of pussy
Sunday, January 17, 2016
back home it was good to be able to walk around the house an back yard naked, feeling the sun carress my body always made me horny,one of my friends dropped around as the word spread I was back its been ten years but i'd pay off the back taxes and modes the lawns, I can dress as I please and know one cares, ian was first to come over his was working as a lines man , as we chatted I saw the bludge in his shorts he said that him an di, had there five child , an she was,'t feeling like sex at present, I got up knelt between his lets it was like when that first dated his balls were always swollen from her teasing as I took him in my hungry mouth ans suck his cock slowly his hands in my long brown hair, as his pumped a litre of cum down my throat mmm still a taste I love, as he zipped up , I said don't be a stranger.

tina, was next over we stripped and fucked till I was empty ,as we lay together I kissed my way to her cum filled pussy and cleaned her to three orgasms, she said I  will be back reall soon,she said you still make me cum the hardest. as tina left I showered as was about to ride one of my fav's dildos, when di turned up. we chatted she asked if ian had dropped in , she smiles as she asked if I could empty his balls for her, she the laughed you already have you slut, she slipped her hand to may smooth balls and said I can , just lick old times.we kissed good bye ,well I won't need to ride that dildo now she was still the best cock sucker I new,

the next morning mark tina's man was on my doorstep, make wasn't hung, he had less than me, but tina loved pussy too, and make was now head of the local banking group.we chatted as he dropped off the paperwork of the farm.thay still had no kids , mark said it was his could I chat with tina, later that day tina was there looking like a wife of a very important man, I told her about marks talk, she stroked my cock till I was dripping and asked me not to cum for one month and then she would ring and come over she went to the kitchen  came back some ice an cooled me down , saying don't waist a drop.this will be my last shot. and I do want to make mark happy. we both new i'd have to stop for that month on the hormones, and I agreed, that was a very hard month.

i'd blown ian twenty times and even given mark a few hand jobs which he paid for,why who knows made him feel good. the weekend arrived we fucked till we both were sore and I was completely empty,i was starting to think maybe moving home wasn't for me I was having way to much sex, and not getting what I needed too, a good hot cock or strap-on till di asked if her friend linda could stay for a while as her man was a real prick.

linda moved in , di had told her about me an I wa back on my pills, one morning as I walked out the back to sit in the sun naked, linda came our naked also, she's a big beautifull woman with curves,as we drank our coffee we chatted she starting to stroke my cock an said I didn't think you would be that well hung, I said i'm over seven inchers , she smiled and said yes and nearly seven round, we laughed I got dressed  in my summer dress, short no underwear socks and work boots, when mike her man turned up, tried to drag her off, with two hits he was on his ass, one thing I did learn to fright an could handle most men. he looked at me and told her to never cross his path,

we went in side and fucked and she put on the strap-on and gave me a good long fucking cummming twice myself.there is nothing like a gurl like me loves more than a deep cumming

more to cum
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love reading your blogs , I cumm very hard when reading them !
Added: Tuesday, January 7, 2014 6:22pm
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