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STOP TICKLING AND COME IN CHAT! If I'm online, i'm in chat...
Men Seeking Women
Been here a while on and off and met some amazing people (as well as some crazy ones!)

Looking for some good chat, I love the way this place allows you to let your inner self go. Looking for someone to share that with.

I prefer to eventually go on cam and chat with people to make sure we are who we say we are before things get carried away! Had a bad experience in the past with someone not being truthful which only came to light once we went on cam. That's not to say I only cam chat, a lot of fun can be had with words :)

Anyway, have a read of my blogs to see the kinds of things I like and if they or I interest you, drop me a line or catch me in chat :)

Speak soon
In Chat
Men seeking video conf
I'm not a member of this site so unless you are i can't read your e-mail. I enjoy the chat room but i don't log on here enough to justify paying the membership at the moment. Maybe one day I will but at the mo I just come on here for a read of some blogs, hope for an email from one of the sexy members and chat. If i'm online I'm in there so lets stop tickling and come and chat!! Or if you like my blogs, please leave me a message on there. I like to chat and I do have cam, i'll show you mine if you show me yours!

I hope to meet some interesting and of course, sexy people for some fun and see where it leads, isn't that what we all want?!?! Hope to speak to you soon, come and get me in the chat rooms!

Here are some of my thoughts in words, hope you like....

You roll me onto my back pinning my arms above my head, kissing me passionately. Deep kissing as your heavy breasts rest against my chest. The quiet reserved side of you has gone, you're in control. Your wants and desires have disappeared, this is more now, these are your needs, your body needs me. You lower your hips down onto my erect cock, my 9" ease into your soaking pussy, you're so warm and wet after all the caressing. You take your weight on your hands as you sit up, leaning forward slightly, your breasts hanging free over me. I'm not going to waste that chance and my hands move towards them, cupping them, so heavy and soft. Your hips rocking back and forth, moving my cock around in your wet pussy. Its been so quiet as I caressed you but now the sound of sex fills the room. Gentle panting and moaning, the rubbing of skin against the bed sheet, the slight rocking of the bed, the squelching sound of your wet pussy being penetrated deep by my cock.

All about your needs, you're in control and I've built your body into a frenzy. You're getting what you want how you want it, how you need it. Circling your hips faster so my cock scrapes the inside of your pussy, every bit of it. You're a professional woman, lots of power and always in control, but that has gone, you need my cock, u try to remain ladylike and in control but you don't care about that anymore, you need it, and you're getting it, its all that matters. My hands on your heavy, soft breasts, grabbing handfuls forcefully, wanting more, mouthfuls of them, sucking hard as you ride faster and faster. It's going to happen, pressure building, your bouncing tits making me thrust my cock hard up, at the deepest point, building, its there, yeeeeeessss. With 2 forceful, slow, powerful grinds of your clit on to my body, your pussy explodes, your body shakes and the ecstasy starts from your pussy and quickly spreads all over you. Your body convulsing, shaking, moaning, enjoying.........
Remember that an ad ....
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A few of my thoughts....
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Tuesday, June 26, 2018
Anyone had experience with an escort? I’ve been thinking about trying it next Business trip I’m on in the States. Anyone have any advice, stories, recommendations or tips?
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Meet up
Saturday, December 3, 2016
Anyone close to Vegas? I'll be visiting there soon, any tips on things to do? Any one close enough to meet up and show me around?
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"i'm cumming again..."
Sunday, November 20, 2016
I love to hear a woman say "I'm cumming again..." during sex, there is no bigger turn on for me than making a woman cum so I love hearing her enjoy herself.

What things do you like your partner to say during sex?

I also like it when a woman calls me "baby" (only happened a couple of times and both of them were with American ladies).

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The party next door
Saturday, October 31, 2015
Not done one of these for a while but thought I'd share.....

I had been out on Saturday night with friends, had a few beers and flirted with some nice ladies. Nothing happened and I got home about 2am. I woke up the next morning and as happends quite frequently, the hangover horn kicked in!

Looking for a bit of fun, I logged onto Sexyads hoping some friends would be on or I would meet someone in chat. Chat was quiet so I decided to find some porn to help me along. I was sat in my front room and was playing as i watched. My cock slowly getting hard as i flicked through some clips and i sometimes squeezed it gently through my jogging pants as I sat in my couch, laptop on my knee.I had been watching and playing for around 15 mins and my cock was hard now. I heard a knock on my window which made me jump, I wasn't expecting anyone and no one nornally arrives unexpectedly, especially at 9am on a Sunday morning.

I glanced to the window and it was my next door neighbour. I moved my laptop to try and hard my cock thru my jogging pants and she waved and beckoned me to the door. I put the laptop down and made my way to the door, trying to hide my hard cock quickly.

My neighbour is called Laura, 42 and lives next door with her husband and 2 kids. She's only 5" and very petite, works out often and was in her gym gear as she was on her way there. We say hello when we see each other but we're not close friends. I opened the door trying to hide my hard cock and she spoke, "Hi, sorry to disturb you but I saw your curtains open so though I'd let you know that we're having a party at our house this afternoon so it may get a bit noisy! You're welcome to come if you want but its for my daughters 6th birthday so not really your thing!"

I was a bit flustered and said "thats ok, don't worry about the noise, nice of you to let me know".

"what were you watching" she enquired, knowing what the answer was and noticing my cock through my jogging pants. "Erm...just checking up on the football results..." I said.

She smiled, "You must really like football, I'm a big football fan too, can I see?" She walked into my hall and I shut the door behind her. As I shut the door she reached out letting the back of her hand touch my cock. I wasn't sure what to do, we had never really spoken and I'd never really looked at her in that way. I prefer some curves though her body did look great and toned in her shorts and tight lycra vest. She leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek as we stood in the hall.

"WHo do you support?" she asked...."WHoever you do" I smiled..

We kissed in the halland my hands run over her tiny frame, so toned and smooth. "I don't have long" she whispered and dropped to her knees pulling my pants down in one motion. My cock sprung out of my pantsand she started to lick my shaft, moving my cock around her face as she licked all sides of it. This was amazing. She moved in and started to suck my balls as she kneeled infront of me in her gym gear. Starting to gently stroke me as her tongue flicked the hea of my dick. I bent over and grabbed the bottom of her vest pulling it off, ripping her sports bra off frantically. SHe didn;t really need a bra, her breasts were tiny but she had nice, erect large nipples.

She took my cock into her mouth deep straight away, amazing,Holding my ass and pulling me deep into her mouth. She then quickly grabbed my cock and started stroking fast with the top if my cock in her mouth.  Oh god, it was all happening so quick. I had already been aroused on my laptop and now this. I wanted her to slow down so we could enjoy it. I bent down and lifted her up under her arms, lowering my head to suck on her gorgeous nipples, taking them in my mouth.

"No, I can't, I don't have time...." she said pushing me off and dropping to her knees again to take me in. Sucking so hard and moving her mouth up and down my shaft, it felt so good. "Cum for me" she said.....

I wanted to cum so much and she felt me clenching. "mmmmmmmm" she moaned as she knew I was about to shoot my load. Holdng her head on my cock, i thrusted my hard shaft in her mouth, shooting my cum where she wanted it, down her throat. My legs trembling as i cum so much.

She leaned back from my cock, licking her lips and smiling up at me. "Thats better than whatever was on the laptop wasn't it?" she asked. "Alot better..."

She grabbed her top and quickly put it back on. We hadn't left my hall and she had left me trembling.
"Sorry again about the noise later" she said as she opened the door and set off to the gym...

"Don't worry about it.." I smiled as I watched her petite figure walk down my path....
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So, last night....
Sunday, March 1, 2015
It's been a while since I wrote in my blog but what happened last night is still on my mind...

I was out with friends and met a very pretty lady, around 5'8", slim, long dark wavy hair. She was out with her friends and as our groups of friends chatted together, she was very reserved and shy, just laughing along without wanting to be centre of attention.

We started our own conversation as we stood in the group, her name was Alison, 41, and she was a very shy, the kind of shy of lacking confidence, looking down when she spoke etc. Our group of firends stayed togther for the rest of the night, chatting and laughing and at the end of the night she asked if I wanted to go back to her house. This was completely out of the blue as though we had chatted and flirted nothing had happened, no kiss, nothing to say she was interested in anything but flirting.

When we reached her house, we chatted in her kitchen and she said she was flattered that I was flirting with her. She was very attractive and her shyness disappeared as she walked over to me in the kitchen, pushed herself against me and started kissing me. She was a great kisser, so passionate straight away. My hands started to wander and she had a firm, slim figure. She took the lead and started to unfasten my jeans, reaching inside my boxershorts to cup my balls. I couldn't believe this was the same shy woman who I met in the pub.

She dropped to her knees and started to lick my balls and shaft, grabbing my dick and sucking me hard. We had only kissed for the first time 2 minutes ago but things moved so quick and I wasn't complaining. I leaned against her sideboard in her kitchen as i watched her bob on my dick, stunning, taking it deep as she played with my balls. My dick grew in her mouth and she moaned as she enjoyed it.

She carried on for a few minutes as i stroked her hair. Eventually, she stood up, took me by the hand and walked me over to the table. I stepped out of my jeans and boxers as she removed her panties, leaned over the table and pulled her dress up over her arse. I moved behind her and she reached behind, grabbed my dick and pushed it into her pussy, moaning. She was already so wet, and i went deep as I stood behind her in just my t shirt, her leaning over over the table still in her dress. We fucked fast and hard, her pussy was so juicy, moist and warm. She came so quickly, I'm sure if i wasn't in her pussy she would have squirted quite a distance as she came with such a gush, flooding out over my shaft, I loved it. She stood up and turned round but I hadn't finished.

I kissed her and we lay down on her kitchen floor, me on top. I parted her legs and lifted them up onto my shoulder, bending her to take me deep. Looking at her pretty face as we fucked, again so fast and passionate. She was still in her dress so I unfastened the buttons that were down the front. Pulling it open she didn't have a bra on, she was slim and petite with tiny breasts, she didn't need a bra for support. Tiny breasts but huge erect nipples, certainly the biggest I've ever had the pleasure of caressing. Such amazing nipples.

I came deep in her, felt so good.

After meeting her in the pub, I never thought the night would be as it was, fucking in her kitchen partially clothed...
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