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My wife and I had a long conversation earlier this year and came to the conclusion that the French have got it right when it comes to marriage. Simply put, they not only understand that sexual infidelity occurs within marriage, they expect it. In fact, the French have incorporated non-monogamy into their institution of Marriage. Marriage to most French means life long social commitment to their spouse and family. However, it is acceptable for spouses to take lovers to spice up their life and marriage. Their approach is to take high quality lovers, be safe and to be discreet enough to spare the feelings of their spouse. My wife and I subscribe to this approach to our marriage and I am now looking for a high quality partner.

My intimate desires can range from a hot and provocative conversation with a like minded individual to mind-blowing passion. It really depends on the person and the mood. I think the key to fulfilling intimate desires rests with the type of connection formed between the partners. I try to let things unfold naturally with no expectations . . . I’ve never been disappointed when I have taken that approach.

I have a flexible schedule (i.e. I work out of the home sometime) and travel to DC on occasion for clients, which means that I can meet during the day.

I am looking for a high quality person to be my friend with potential benefits. I am married to a highly fit, successful and beautiful wife and have the similar expectations for my paramour. You should be attractive, fit and intelligent with a zest for life and a sense of humor and between the ages of 35 and 45. You can be single or attached, but I do not want drama in either event. In me you will get a advanced degreed professional that enjoys the simplicity and humor of life and loves to have good stimulating conversation. I have the chiseled body of a highly conditioned athlete and have a classic look. Ultimately, you will be the one to judge if there is potential chemistry between us.

My approach to chemistry is a pretty simple three step process. First, I need to see a face and body pic of you. YOUR PICS GET MINE. I will not respond to pic requests unless you send a pic as part of the request. If your face and body pic are stimulating to me, then I would request that we meet in person (of course the opposite is true as well). I have done online sights before and understand that not everyone is photogenic so I do give the benefit of the doubt. Third and most important, I look to see what you are like in three dimensions. Pictures are two dimensions and often are not an accurate depiction of what someone looks like "in person." Of equal importance is the quality of our interaction. Are we comfortable with each other? Do we have good conversation? Is there good sexual tension and other intangibles.

If we do end up meeting, I promise that at the very worst you will have a good time and have met a kindred spirit. I am not all about the sex and honestly get a rush out of meeting like minded souls and having a good conversation.
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Sex and Love
After a few decades of life, it has become obvious to me that sex and love are not one in the same.
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The Awakening
Tuesday, December 11, 2007
We've all loved someone with whom we didn't have the best chemistry and we have all had sex with people that we didn't love. I'm sure some of us have had good sex with folks we didn't even like. This wasn't my experience until I got divorced from my first wife. I respected Anna quite a bit and professed to love her but when it can down to true feelings, I only loved her as a friend. On the other hand, the sex was mind blowing and earth shattering. However, prior to our divorce, I confused love and sex. Call me a girl but I guess I was the hopeless romantic.

Interestingly enough, after our divorce I "slipped" up and had sex again with Anna. I was dating a gal at the time but I ran into Anna and it just happened. We both quickly realized that we fucked well together. Lest you say that I am vulgar, it was Anna, a well educated and high IQ'd person who made the comment. Her quote was "I don't get along with you but we just really fuck well together." For the next year we saw each other on a weekly basis and had the best sexual release possible. While we had a "history", there was no love but rather a great release through amazing sex. After a year Anna and I got more serious about other people and just stopped having our moments together.

It was at that point in time that I had my epiphany . . . at least an awakening, which was quieted for a year when I dated D. I really loved D but found that our sensuality a bit lacking. Just the opposite of Anna. While Anna and I didn't stray during our marriage, D and I did stray during out relationship. She had a few "late nights" out, which I confirmed were flings and I had a few trysts as well. We lasted another two years with the occasional fling but I moved away and our relationship ended.

I moved to a large east coast city and just decided to have fun. And quite honestly, fun is was I had. I dated many gals and also sought sensuality online. I was casually dating a girl when i met Chaise. I met her online through AFF (I'm here b/c AFF has to many phonies) and we got to know each other at a Starbucks. We determined we had good chemistry and I would see her on a bi-weekly basis. She had a serious boyfriend but he was living in another state and at the time I was pretty unattached. We had good chemistry and our sex was a very good release. It was funny b/c Chaise and I never got into deep conversation, we had some small talk and then got intimate.

The true awakening for me came when I met my current wife Sabrina. Sabi was exotic, hot and we both fell for each other very quickly. After a year of dating we got engaged. We had great sex and were in love, which took me away from any trysts. It was in this relationship that my definition of love and sex would "evolved."

Sabi traveled quite a bit for her job and was a big flirt. Okay, more than a flirt - but being 28 at the time and beautiful (not just pretty, but strikingly beautiful) one couldn't blame Sabi for relishing in the validation of other men. I had observed this behavior during our courtship but assumed that it was part of the pursuit.

My assumptions were mistaken as Sabi was nearly as discreet as she was beautiful. However, as they say, the "truth is never far behind" and I learned that she would go a little "boy crazy" when out of town. She didn't always have sex . . . in fact most of the time she just hooked up and teased her suitors. However, on a couple of occasions she did have sex. I found this out not only through a common friend, but I also overhead a telephone conversation she had with an out of town friend confirming my suspicions.

So there I was with a woman that I loved and had great chemistry and after two years, i realized that she had a sensual side and would express it on occasion. What was I to do? .I initially felt betrayed and angry. In fact, soon thereafter we attended a wedding where I flirted heavily with a hot girl just to get back at Sabi. After we got back from the wedding Sabi expressed her feelings and things began to come into view. She told me that she would never embarrass me publicly but then indicated that it turned her on and made her feel more attractive that a hot woman wanted me. That got me thinking a little but I was still in a vindictive mood. . .

. . . When i brought up her on the road "flirtations," Sabi replied that she was just having fun, was discreet and I wasn't there to be embarrassed. She then went on to say that if either one of us "did" anything (read did anyone) the other wouldn't know and it would not matter. As she was still quite buzzed from the reception Sabi also shared that it made her more attracted to me when she or I got attention and that she often imagined me flirting with other women when she went out of town. She then looked me in the eye and said "just don't be stupid when your out there . . . be safe." After her gave me her implied permission to "have fun" like she did she went on to give me the fucking of my life and came eight times while mentioning my flirtations with the wedding "slut."

For the next week I was dazed about the whole experience until Sabi went out of town. During that business trip, her cell dialed me by accident and I heard her flirting heavily with this guy. That night I was lucky enough to catch up with Chaisel and we had two hours of great revenge sex or so I thought. After about the first hour of revenge sex I came. As most guys know, the moment after a guys cums is the most lucid and honest moment of his life.

I had just arrived when I realized I had an image in my head of my fiance riding some guy. I was shocked because it wasn't jealousy that filled my bones but rather sensuality and lust. The thought of her fucking another guy and getting a sexual release didn't enrage me, it turned me on. I went on to fuck the Chaise for another hour with her riding me for most of it and during the three times she came, I fantasized about Sabi cumming on her out of town man.

When Sabi returned from her trip, we had great sensuality and she could see the difference me. After our great sex she looked at me and said "I bet your flirted with some hot girl while I was away" to which I replied, "I bet you flirted with some hot guy" as well. We both gigled and it was then when I knew the difference between sex and love.

Sabi and I have been married for 4 years and still have the "don't ask, don't tell, be safe" understanding. She has been traveling quite a bit lately and our sex has been out of this world!

For my next blog entry I'll discuss why variety can be the spice of life.

Have fun and be safe.

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