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I would like to become pen pals or email buddies or erotic role play chat friends. I know it's not the same as actually meeting, but it is another form of sexual gratification that appeals to me.
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I will be posting some erotic stories here maybe some jokes and other items from time to time. I hope everyone enjoys them. If you like them let me know. They represent some actual events that have occurred in my life. Also some fantasies. maybe someone here can help me bring them to fruition. Enjoy
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The Theater part 2
Sunday, February 7, 2010
Again this is Part two please read part one first

Barb was lying across my body. Part of her ass was on my left knee, her head resting on my left shoulder. My hands were holding her bared breasts. I was kneading and fondling her large titties, Barb was pulling my head down to hers as we kissed the most erotic kiss I think I have ever experienced. Our lips locked together, tongues being twirled and sucked into each other’s mouths. Barbs other hand was rubbing her clitoris in a slow open down motion. The young man slid his seven inch cock into Barbs well fucked pussy.

This was so hot I had thought watching her fuck another man was a turn on, but kissing her and fondling her tits with a birds I view so to speak of a cock sliding in and out of her body wow. I could look sideways as we kissed and watch his cock slide between the swollen parted lips of her shaved pussy. I noticed that every time his cock was fully inserted Barb momentarily stopped sucking my tongue or moving hers in my mouth. It was almost like I was experiencing her being fucked. It is a hard feeling to explain, but we were so connected mentally and emotionally that I seemed sensed what she felt as the young man slowly fucked in and out of her. My hard cock was pressed into the soft fleshy skin of her back and was being massaged with each stroke of the man’s hips and Barbs own rising to meet his thrusts. I was in erotic heaven.

The sounds on the screen of the women eating each other’s pussies, the moans and the groans only added to the intensity of the moment. One of the women was about to get her ass fucked by a rather large glass dildo and began almost yelling “That’s it, fuck my ass, stick that thing in my ass yes fuck my sweet asshole “Barb breaking off our kiss turned to watch the screen just as the dildo parted the woman’s sphincter and slid in to her ass. Barb watched as the woman put her head on the floor her ass up in the air on her knees and accepted fully 8 inches of the glistening crystal into her bottom. The young fucking her seemed oblivious to what was going happening on the big screen, quite content with his cock being expertly massaged by Barb’s pussy as he fucked her. I was rolling Barbs nipples between my thumb and forefingers enjoying how hard they were becoming. Barbs expert manipulation of her clit was bringing her along with the steady fucking of her pussy to another orgasm. A low slow moan began deep in her chest as her body tightened and she began to spasm, her orgasm causing her body to move harder and faster against the cock inside. As her body withered and convulsed it affected my cock nestled firmly in her back and my own mental state. I did not believe it was possible to be this horny again so soon after busting a nut.

Once again Barb totally surprised when she said to the young man “Fuck me in the ass” it was more of an order than a request. The young man stopped his long steady strokes in and out of Barbs pussy, grasped his shaft and bent his knees slightly. Without a word he had pulled his cock from her pussy and was rubbing the head of it over her tightly puckered brown eye. Smearing her juices and his pre cum around her ass hole he positioned his cock still being held tightly in his hand against Barbs anus and pushed the head into her hot ass. Barb once again grasped my head and pulled me down to her open mouth, I thought she was going to suck the tongue from my head as the young man straightened his knees and slid the entire length of his cock up to his balls into Barbs hungry ass.

 Barb seemed to melt against me it was very obvious that she loved having a cock in her ass. She unhooked her leg from over the seat in front of us and wrapped around the young man’s back, quickly followed by her other leg interlocking at the ankles tightly pulling him against her. Looking down her body I could not see the cock in her ass as the young man’s body was too tightly held against her by her legs, but I had a clear view of barbs wonderfully shaved pussy. It was so beautiful. Her lips were quite swollen and wet, her clit stood high and hard.  The hood of her clit could no longer cover the sensitive tip which was red and looked to be very hard. Her vaginal canal looked like it was gasping for air. Suddenly my view was obstructed as Barbs hand ran down and over clit jumping when her finger touched the hard tip, then continues down to insert most of four fingers straight away inside her and began pumping in and out. This time Barbs moan was much louder as she came. The young man cocks was being squeezed and buffeted inside her ass. Barbs four fingers almost became her hand as she jammed it in and out of her pussy. Her shrill moaning was attracting the attention of every patron in the theater.

Every head in the small theater was now focused on the three of us in the back row. Watching as barb humped and squirmed and loading moaned proclaiming her orgasm to the world. The young man was trying to move his hips but Barb was holding him tightly to her, his cock buried seven inches into her ass. “Remember our deal?” Barb asked. The young man nodded. “Good” Barb said “but I now want you to cum on my tits and in his mouth” she said speaking about me. “Ok” said the young man. Barb turned and kissed me “I want you to catch his cum them clean his cock for me” I nodded yes and came for the second time into the soft flesh of Barbs back.

Barb let up the pressure she was exerting against the young man. He began to pull his cock back out of the warmth her hot ass and then back in again. Barb was controlling the speed of his motions and the length of his cocks retreat. When he would get about clear of her ass she would pull him back into her with her legs, which were still tightly locked behind his back. In and out in and out the motion rocked barbs body against my cock that even though I had cum was still unbelievably hard. Well lubricated by own cum my cock was once again being massaged in the most erotic fashion.

We were now the movie several patrons had moved closer to the back row of the theater to get a better view. One had even come up to the row right in front of us and was leaning on the back of the seat in the third row. His cock out as he jerked it watching as Barbs ass was being ravaged.  Barb was increasing the speed of the young man’s thrusts pulling him in and letting him loose faster. I was pulling pinching squeezing her large tits and nipples. The white sweater at some point had been removed and was discarded on the floor, Barb naked from the waist up. Her short black skirt bunched around her waist, her shaved pussy fully exposed to the world, as she fucked was being fucked in the ass by a total stranger.  Yes we were a hotter scene than what was being shown on the silver screen in front of the theater.

The young man fucking Barbs ass suddenly started to buck and jerk Barb released her hold on him. He pulled his cock out of her ass and stepped forward his hand squeezing his cock vainly trying to contain the sperm that was starting to spew from it. He got at least one squirt on Barbs pussy probably one in her ass the rest he managed to get on her tits and into my open mouth, stroking his cock milking cum up from his balls. He crawled up onto the seat next to us and shoved his still dripping cock into my mouth. I sucked it into my mouth the taste of his cum mixed with the taste of Barbs pussy and ass was mesmerizingly good. Barb reached up and grasped his swing balls fondling them to encourage him too possibly cum more and to keep him in my mouth as long as SHE wanted him there.

There was a sudden movement in front of us as the man jacking off in the next row climbed in to the seat in front of standing in the seat and began to squirt his cum onto Barbs tits. Barb reached out with her free hand placing it under the man’s spewing cock and managed to catch a palm full of his cum. She then greedily licked from her cum covered palm.  The man then hurriedly retreated from the theater.

Barb released the young man’s balls and he withdrew his cock almost reluctantly from my tattooing tongue. The young man stood and zipped his pants up. “You two are so hot” “thank you” Barb replied. The young man bent and retrieved Barbs sweater from the floor handed it to her and kissed her passionately on the mouth. He felt her breast as he kissed her. “You are the hottest woman I have ever met.” He said.  I came here to find out what this place was like. To see if I wanted to bring my friend here for his bachelor’s party” He said in a youthful rush. “Then I find and fuck the hottest MILF on the planet.” “You are going to have bachelor’s party, here? “ Barb asked. “Well I thought we would come and watch some porn flicks go have a few drinks you know get him randy hire a stripper that kind of thing” Barb put her sweater on and stood and straightened her skirt, leaving his cum on her body. “Why don’t you and friends come to our place for you party, we will provide all the adult entertainment you bring your friends and the booze” Barb offered “would you entertain like this?” he asked. Barb smiled a big Cheshire cat type smile. “Definitely” Barb purred. “Deal” the young man said.

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The saga continues
Friday, February 5, 2010

I do hope that everyone is enjoying my spinning of this tale. If you like it let me know in the comments section. If you would like to chat let me know that too I really enjoy live cyber.


Making our way from the bookstore to theater only took a minute or so as the two buildings were connected. As we walked Barb said to me “That was really hot, I think when that giant cock slid down your throat I came just watching, Watching you on your knees sucking cock was very erotic.” I smiled “Yes it was extremely hot” “Did you like sucking his cock?” Barb queried. “The truth?” I asked “Yes the truth” She said. “I honestly loved it! I really did, but what made it so hot for me was you watching me and masturbating and knowing that I was turning you on by sucking him” “Really” “Really” I replied. “But when you and he started fucking…….Oh my god…….I almost came watching you fuck him, the look of passion or maybe lust in your eyes and on your face not to mention your ass rising up off to the bench fucking him back” I shook my head and whistled “Very hot very stimulating” “So you like watching me have sex as much as I liked watching you suck cock then” Barb said her eyes twinkling. “Yes ……….mistress” I said smiling broadly.

We entered the theater where huge posters showed what was showing on the four different screens. There was several that I thought Barb would gravitate to butt she wanted to see an all girl flick that looked to me like it had a lot of anal in it. Fine with me I loved anal sex, especially since Barb had got the strap on. Barb still was wearing only a sweater, skirt, heels and thigh hi’s her bra and panties stuffed into her purse, actually I think you women would call it a clutch. The guys at the ticket window and the few guys milling around the lobby noticed her right away, and were eyeing her up unabashed. The large sign over the ticket window/counter proclaimed ALL ESCORTED LADIES ADMITTED FREE. “That’s a great deal” Barb giggled “Though I would make it any ladies free” I paid the man my admission and Barb and I started into the theater.  About ten feet from the counter Barb dropped her clutch, stepped over it then turned to pick it up. She was now facing the counter and the lobby and there were at least four sets of eyes glued to her. Barb then squatted down to retrieve her clutch, her knees splayed wide as her ass almost touched the floor her short skirt hiking up onto her thighs. She was giving all who watched a perfect wide open view of her shaved well fucked pussy. She bounced back up after only several seconds turned and brushed her skirt down her ass. “You think they noticed?” Barb asked and giggled as we walked through the swinging doors into the theater.

Barb pulled me into the first row of seats at the back of the theater and scooted about half way down the row and sat down. “You don’t mind sitting here do you?” she asked. I shook my head no and tried to arrange my swollen cock into a more comfortable position. There was a huge very obvious wet spot on my pants accented by a steel pole pushing out against it. Barb put her hand on mine gently removing my hand and placing her hand on to my swollen hard cock. “OOOOOOO” was the sound the escaped my lips in a rush as her fingers found the zipper and unzipped me. “I noticed you had this thing pointing at me in the lobby and thought I should give you a hand” she whispered “Feels like a piece of iron” Barb whispered again squeezing it. Pre cum practically squirted from the swollen shaft. Her hand slid easily up and down my shaft the pre cum making it slick. Barb slowly jacked my off as the movie unfolded. After a minute or so Barb looked cautiously around the theater her eyes adjusted to the darkness then bent over and took my cock into her mouth.

She rolled her tongue around the head of my throbbing cock as she softly sucked on the head her hand sliding up and down on my tightly swollen erection. “Oh sweet heart that feels so good” I was purring. Barb slid her hand down under my balls and fondled them as she sucked more and more of my cock into her mouth.  I was involuntarily pumping my hips up and down trying to fuck her mouth when a young man that had witnessed Barbs flirtatious show in the lobby entered the theater and began to walk slowly towards the front of the theater his head moving from one side of the small theater to the other, searching for something. He stopped about a third of the way down and slowly looked around turning towards the back of theater. His gaze fell on me I don’t think at that time that he could actually see Barb, but he must of noticed that I was definitely not sitting still. He walked slowly back up the aisle and started edging his way down the back row towards us. He stopped when saw what was taking place, watched for a moment. “Barb we have company I whispered” figuring for sure she would quit. Instead she pushed her head down onto my cock and began to suck harder as her head moved up and down on my shaft, leaving no doubt that she was indeed sucking my cock.  I wasn’t sure if she had heard me so I whispered, “We are being watched babe” Barb hesitated for just a second then turned her ass towards the young man. He started back down the row stopping at the seat directly behind Barb. The young man sat down in the seat next her and watched as she stopped sucking and began to lick my balls and cock. “God she’s hot” the young man said looking at me. Undone by his statement and the fact that Barb was ignoring everything but my cock I smiled and said “Yes she is very hot” With that Barb her ass already somewhat towards him turned more dropping one leg to the floor and kind of kneeling on the seat, her ass showing as her skirt rode up on to her hips. The young man looked at her bare ass almost in his face, smiled and hesitantly put his hands on her ass cheeks and caressed her.  Barb stiffened slightly at his touch then relaxed and wiggled her sweet ass slightly. “She is hot” was his comment. Barb was moving her head faster up and down up and down on my tortured cock. I felt my cum gathering in my aching balls it wouldn’t be long before I erupted.

I was amazed at Barbs willingness to be seen performing such a lewd act, let alone letting any stranger that happened along to join in on our public display of sex. I found out later that Barb had exposed herself in the lobby to who ever wanted to see her, hoping to produce what was about to happen. She was trolling for men any man that would have the nerve to perform in a semi public place with us.

Barb continued sucking my cock as the young man boldly caressed the smooth skin of Barbs ass. The young women on the movie screen were eating each other’s pussy and dildoing each other’s ass at the same time. My cock began to throb then exploded.  I was showering the inside of Barbs lovely hot mouth with hot cum. I stiffened and threw back my head wanting to shout “I’m cumming” but instead held my breath grabbed Barbs head and proceeded to fuck her mouth with abandon. I was thrashing around in the seat as long hot spurts of sperm shot from cock with Barb swallowing greedily. The young man fondling Barbs pretty ass took my cumming in her mouth as permission to slide his fingers into Barbs very wet pussy. Barb purred her consent by pushing back against his fingers as she milked the sperm from my cock rolling her tongue around it sucking up every drop. Strangely even after cumming harder than I had in a long time my cock stayed in its steely state not deflating a micron. Barb as had become our habit rose up and kissed me sharing my own cum with me as her tongue pushed in to my mouth.

Barb abruptly disengaged her hot pussy from the young man’s fingers turned and sat down in her seat. The young man looked at me then at Barb “God you are so fucking hot, I want you, please” he begged as his hand slid up and under Barbs sweater covering her tit and squeezing. “I really want to fuck you, please” Barb smiled and told him to stand up. The young man stood as Barb leaned back against me her body across mine. She put one leg on the back of the seat and the other she hooked over the seat in front of us. She put her arm around and behind my neck kissed me on the lips then looked at the young man “You can fuck me ……..but you have to cum on my tits and his face” she said as she raised her sweater exposing her tits and gently caressed my face with her other hand. “Deal” the young man said as he bent his knees and aimed his cock at Barbs dripping pussy.


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Barb and the bookstore part three
Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This is part three please read parts one and two below first

“Unlatch the door? What will that do?” Barb asked. “Someone will definitely peek in, see you sitting here getting your pussy eaten and step in, if it is someone that appeals to you tell them to lock the door then do whatever you wish” I explained sucking on her clit between sentences. I continued licking and sucking Barns hard clit, after several minutes and another orgasm I heard the soft ‘click’ of the door latch, and the almost inaudible squeak  of it swinging open several inches. I could tell Barb’s heart was beating quite fast, as was mine. Would someone actually open the door? Would he have a big cock? Would Barb really order me to his cock? My head was full of questions, my palms actually sweating as knelt on the cum worn floor eating her pouty pussy. Barb suddenly held her breath, I could not see but I felt a presence behind me. Someone was staring through the crack in the door watching as this pretty redhead sat spread legged watching a porno with her pussy apparently being eaten for all intents and purpose in public. Barb reached up under her sweater and cupped her breast. Stiffen and moaned as another orgasm racked her body. Her pussy oozing as I hungrily licked and sucked trying to catch it all. The door creaked open and felt more than saw someone enter our booth.

“Lock it” was all Barb could breath. I heard the lock click and a deep voice said “Thank you for the invite” apparently Barb had motioned him without me seeing. “You’re welcome” Barb breathed heavily. I was straining with my eyes to try and see who had come in, half afraid to stop what I was doing to look. “He looks like he is enjoying his task” the deep voice said to Barb. “What he enjoys is not my problem, that I am enjoying it is my only concern. He is my bitch and will do as he is told” Barb stated. “Oh, you are his mistress then?” “I am” said Barb. “Then why am I here” the man asked. Barb reached out and touched the man’s cock through the material of his pants. Rubbing it up and down Barb commented “You have what feels to be quite a nice sized cock in there, mind if I take it out for a look?” “Not at all” the man said unzipping his pants “Not at all” I was so horny and so scared, here in just a few moments I was going to get my fantasy fulfilled and was so nervous. The only moisture in my mouth was Barbs sweet nectar mine had all dried up. My cock felt like it was going to split open it was so hard.

“Oh my that is a big cock” Barb was cooing. “I never really thought that the stories were true” “Stories?” the man asked. “Yes the stories about black men being so well endowed” Barb purred. I stopped licking her pussy, shocked and turned my head to look. There in front of me was an eleven inch black cock, every bit of three inches wide, heavily veined, circumcised, and being held in both of Barbs white hands. “Well if you’re not going to eat me then you can eat this” Barb said waving the cock in my face. “Yes suck my cock bitch” the large cocked man said “Suck it hard so I can fuck your mistress” Barb came again at his words and held his cock to my lips.

The moment of truth had arrived. Two of my secret fantasies was about to be fulfilled. One was to be watched by a woman while I sucked another man’s cock, the other was to suck the cock of a black man. Why I fantasized about these things I do not know. I do know that I have spent many hours masturbating to both ideas, and many others as well.  His magnificent cock touched my lips as I brought me head forward. It was like an electric shock that went from my lips to my brain and straight to my hard throbbing cock. I opened my mouth and slid my lips up over and around the head of his cock totally engulfing the large bulbous head.

Barb moaned. “That is so fucking hot” her hand slipping under her skirt, her fingers deftly caressing her wet swollen clit. “Suck that cock mmmm yes suck it good for me” she said breathlessly.  My tongue was wrapping around the head of his cock in slow circular motions as I sucked. I had one wrapped around his cock. Slowly jacking him off as I sucked on the head. My other hand was feverishly trying to release mine from its confinement. Barb noticing what I was doing and barked “You leave your cock alone, I will tell you if I want you to pleasure yourself bitch” I was shocked and turned on. I think Barb was going to the dark side and I was going along for the ride. I started to pump my head up and down in unison with my hand, sucking more and more cock into to mouth. Sometimes I would stop and lick the sensitive under side of his cock long wet flat tongue licks, and then quickly pop the head back into my mouth.

Barb had removed her bra from under her sweater. I still don’t know how women accomplish this feat, but glad they do though. The man whose cock I was sucking was quick to cover her sweater covered tit with his hand and began to squeeze and fondle it. Barb was fingering herself her hand seemed to be keeping time with my head bobbing. I could hear the soft sucking of her pussy as her fingers pushed in and out. I had worked about six inches of the cock into my mouth the head almost against the back of my throat. “Suck his cock suck all his cock get it into your throat whore” Barb panted between breaths. The man had lifted Barbs sweater and pushed it up around her neck her breasts fully exposed. He was twirling one nipple between his finger and thumb his other head now on the back of my head gently pushing as I bobbed up and down on his slick black shaft.

 I knew Barb was leaking all over the wooden seat in the booth and wanted so much to lick up her sweet nectar, but not as much as I wanted to swallow the cock in my mouth.  At seven inches in I began to gag as the cock pushed past the back of my mouth and entered my throat. The spittle in my mouth thickened and actually became more of a lubricant. I would pull my head back my mouth open allowing my saliva to coat his cock then try again. Over and over again I would push a little past the point of gagging to get more of his cock into my throat. I was no longer in the room I had left my body and was replaced with a giant horny sex hungry do whatever it takes perverted demon. I was attacking his cock with a wild abandon as it slid unhindered into my throat. My lips stopped against his balls. I would hold there for as long as I could hold my breath then pull back to catch a breath and then re-impale my throat on his cock again. He was holding my head now, long since given up on punishing Barbs breasts. His hips moving back and forth as he fucked my throat. I was beyond hope at this point. I would have done anything for anybody. I knew I was lost as I actually tried to swallow with his cock in my throat.

I heard Barb moaning loudly and I knew she was Cumming again. This time thrashing around on the bench. Her ass rising to meet the thrust of her hand. “OH god oh god oh god” she moaned over and over. I could feel her juices on my arm as she squirted her cum hitting my neck and running down my chest. The man held my head firmly to his belly as he stood there with his cock buried in my throat I truly think I might have passed out from lack of air if he hadn’t suddenly pulled his cock out of my mouth “I want to fuck” Is all he said as he pushed me away and fell into Barbs waiting arms.

Barb quickly scooted around on the bench grasped his cock and guided it into her sopping pussy. The man gave several small thrusts mostly to assure himself he was inside her then thrust forward with all his weight boring all eleven inches into Barbs hungry hole. I began to lick Barbs cum off the wooden bench where she had leaked her juices. I knew that there was probably dried cum from possibly several donors also on the bench mixing with Barbs, but I did not care. The man was pounding in and out of Barb at a fairly steady pace. No one in the vicinity of our booth could have not known that some hard fucking was going on in here. Barb looked at me her eyes glazed over in a sexual trance much like mine and threw me a silent kiss. Sucking cock while Barb watched was exciting. But watching Barb getting fucked was an even bigger turn on for me. If sucking cock was the admission price to watch her fucking another man then I hoped I would get to suck a lot of cocks.  

“Come suck on my tits, while I fuck this big cock” holding her titty up the nipple hard like my cock. I think I actually growled low in my throat as I jumped up. I sucked her nipple and a large part of her breast into my mouth. “YESSSSSSSSS” Barb almost screamed when I bit down on her nipple. The man was fucking her harder and harder her head was banging roughly against the back of the booth. “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YES fuck me deeper oh god yes fuck me” Barb blurted as her and the man’s body both seemed to start thrashing at the same time. They were both coming in strong long waves as I watched in fascination. The man pulled his cum spewing cock out of her and finished Cumming on her belly and tits.  He waved his cock at me “clean me up bitch then clean your mistress’s pussy”  I quickly gobbled up his cock tasting his and Barbs cum as it slid into my mouth. He managed to squirt once or twice in my mouth as I sucked him.

Finished with his cock I turned to Barb and was treated to my first cream pie, another fantasy come to true. Her pussy was hot and actually slightly gaped open as I licked and sucked her pussy and ass crack till it was spotlessly cum free. Then I worked my way up her body licking his cum from her belly and lovely swollen breasts. “My god that was hot” Barb cooed.  The man unlatched the door and turned to leave “If you like watching him suck cock take him to the theater here, there are always hard cocks there looking for relief. Then everyone can watch.” I was now Barbs cuckold my cock and balls ached from being swollen for so long without relief. “I cum here every Sunday, maybe we can do this again” He said as he opened the door. “Definitely” Barb replied as she arranged her clothing, stuffing her bra and panties into her purse. “Let’s go find that theater bitch” Barb said as she stood up to leave.

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going to the book store with Barb part one
Sunday, January 31, 2010

The strap on experience had kindled something in Barb. Barb the beautiful 300Lb redheaded BBW, with the 44dd breasts that I have been seeing had purchased a strap on over the internet and that we have had some totally awesome sex with was slowly evolving. Our role playing was becoming more defined. Barb seemed to be really enjoying her dominate side sexually. Our day to day life was pretty normal, but when the shades were drawn and we were alone Barb has began to treat me more as her sex toy, her submissive sex toy that is.

Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining I am simply trying to let you know what direction our sex life has suddenly taken since the first time Barb fucked me with her new strap on. For example Barb has always, or at least since I have known her been smooth shaven. Well she is still shaved smooth daily, by me! Not only do I shave her beautiful pouty lipped pussy but also her legs, under arms, or anywhere else she desires to be shaved. It is really very stimulating for me and oft time’s results in us having great sex. But more and more often Barb has me masturbate as she watches and diddles herself. Cooing about her bitch boi taking too long or the shaving cream not being warm enough and that this was how I would have sex in the future if I was not more attentive. She usually allows me to cum on her freshly shaven pussy or her magnificent breasts. But always insists that I clean up after myself, using only my tongue, lips and mouth. Pure bliss for me usually results in another orgasm for her.  

We both always enjoyed watching porn together, the only restriction being all girl flicks. Barb said wasn’t fair to her that I get watch all the pretty girls and she doesn’t get to see any cocks. But here is another example of how Barb is changing. She likes me to rent bi sexual films usually male male female flicks where the guys go at too. Again not a big deal, still turns my on as I do have bi tendencies, and some of those guys have unbelievably large cocks, that Barb I think actually drools over.  She has never complained about my cock but I believe she would trade places with the women in the films in a heartbeat.

The reason I am telling you all this is to lead up to what happened yesterday. Sunday afternoon and we were both feeling randy, playing touching and kissing most of the morning teasing each other and exposing ourselves in erotic but seemly innocent ways. When Barb said “Let’s go rent a fuck flick and pick up a bottle or two of good wine” It was the let’s part that caught me off guard. Barb enjoys watching porn, but always makes me go to the bookstore to rent it. She has never gone with me down to the House of Books the local porn shop. “Sure” I replied getting up to get dressed to go out.

Barb almost never leaves the house unless she is nicely dressed and made up and today was no exception. She was wearing a low cut white sweater that hugged her lovely breasts. The sweater was a thin fuzzy material that still allowed her erect nipples to be fully appreciated. Her skirt was pleated, black and hung about 4 inches above her knees.  Dark thigh high stockings and black heels finished her ensemble. Her makeup and hair were perfectly done.  I whistled at her then said “Nice, but we are only going to the bookstore babe” Barb smiled “You never know who you may run into and I want to look nice if we do” I whistled again and shook my head. “The guys at the bookstore will not be able to look at magazines with you there, all eyes will be on you sweets” I said moving my hand down to my crotch and readjusting  my growing cock, the thought of all the guys there looking at and wanting a piece of her making it rise.

Barb was definitely in a rare mood. We got in the car and were barely out of the driveway when Barb leaned over unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. Her cool fingers felt so good smoothly caressing my rapidly swelling instrument. I glanced over at her, she smiled “Watch your speed and keep your eye on the road, I would hate to have to try to explain this to a judge” then she giggled. “Maybe I could do something similar for him and keep us out of prison” Barb said once again giggling. I was very happy to be here at the moment and almost hated, almost that the bookstore was only several miles away. Barb was smearing my pre cum around the head of my cock with her thumb as her hand slid lightly up and down the shaft.

We arrived at the bookstore, thankfully without lights and sirens in the rearview mirror. I looked for a spot away from curious eyes and found one in the back of the store several rows back from the door. No sooner had I put the car into park and Barb was out of her seatbelt and had fully engulfed my rigid cock into her hot wet mouth. I mean boom and my cock was pushing at the back of her throat. Her tongue beating a rapid staccato over the little pee hole. “Oh baby” I moaned. Barb stopped just long enough to say “You had better not cum, not yet anyways” and went back to sucking my cock. For the next several minutes I mentally recited the US Constitution and every other trick I had ever learned to try and quell the rising flood of cum that was building in my balls. She licked and sucked and stroked and swallowed my cock relentlessly for a good five minutes.

Suddenly she stopped sat up pulled the rearview mirror around to see her face, brushed her hair and reapplied her lipstick. My cock swollen and throbbing, she looked over at me “Put that away and lets go get a movie” then she kissed her two fingers and placed them on the head of my cock. “Don’t worry the nights just getting started” then she giggled again.

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part two the book store
Sunday, January 31, 2010

I know most guys have had this happen to them, your cock is so hard that it aches. Your balls actually begin to ache also and the pre cum almost pours from your piss hole. Mine was like that now as I tried to stuff it back in to my pants and zip up. I stood up and closed the car door a heavy steel pole pushing against the inside of pants leaking like a sieve. Now I admit I have left this bookstore many times with a huge bulge in my pants I cannot ever remember going in with one. Barb was waiting by the back of the car for me as I walked stiffly towards her, her eyes glued on my bulge. “Did I do that?” she cooed reaching for my hand. I smiled took her hand and headed for the door.

Opening the door to the bookstore Barb stopped for just a second and looked around curiously. “I always wondered what this was like inside” she said. The front of the store is pretty generic the normal xxx movies and such lining the walls, several isles of adult magazines and more movies. The swinging doors posted at the end of the room by the counter that was raised pretty high so it seemed like the counter people were looking down at you is where the fun stuff begins. Barb spotted the doors and holding my hand headed back through the store towards them. “What’s back there” she asked. “Go look” I said smiling enjoying Barbs curiosity.   

Barb pushed open the doors and was confronted by a very large wall of adult toys and devices. “Oh yummy” was all she said as was pulled through the door. Her/our entry was so sudden that every eye in the store turned towards the door. I smiled. Barb was gorgeous and looked very hot in her sweater and skirt, her heels clicking on the thin dirty carpet. As we approached the collection of toys, dildos, vibrators, but plugs, hand cuffs and what all Barbs eyes gravitated to a huge natural looking black cock attached to a latex strap on panty that had a rubber cock molded to the inside. “One for you and one for your partner” I said nervously. “These panty strapon’s have cocks that you can exchange for other smaller cocks” I blurted. “Or large ones too I bet” Barb giggled. She ood and awed over the wall of dildos for several minutes finally noticing that people were moving in and out of another area of the store farther back.

“What’s back there” she asked. “Adult Movie Theater and private movie booths” I told her. Barb headed towards the back. “Wait you need tokens to go back there” “oh” Barb sounded disappointed.”Wait here baby I will go get some tokens” reaching into my pocket for a dollar bill. I went through the doors leaving Barb in the back and got 20 dollars with of tokens. I walk back through the doors and Barb is bending over at the waist looking at something near the floor on the bottom shelf, her black skirt pulled very high exposing the top of her thigh highs. Her white cotton panties stretched tight and riding up in between the cheeks of her lovely ass was all but visible from behind. I quickly surveyed the men in the room and all were watching her intently one even adjusting his cock. Seeing me walk in most of them went back to whatever fantasy they were entertaining.

Barb straightened “Did you get them?” I held out my hand and showed her the gold covered tokens, “Yep” I said Barb practically knocked me over heading for the backroom. Smiling I followed her into the dimly lit almost dark back room. I reached out grabbing her skirt “Wait a moment let your eyes adjust to the lighting” my experience talking now. As our eyes adjusted you could see the opened doors down the aisle as well as the closed ones with the little red lights shining barely visible indicating that the room was occupied. “Did you see?” Barb whispers, “See what?” I ask. “When I bent over out there all the guys and the women were all looking at my ass” “You have a very nice ass” I whisper back. “I loved it, it made my pussy wetter than it already is, and the lustful looks just really turned me on. Exposing myself like that was so hot” Barb cooed in a husky whisper.

I looked at Barb in the dim light and could almost see the lust in her own eyes, she was piping hot and ready I think to do anything to continue the rush, I knew I was my cock was about to burst, my balls aching from the attention I was given earlier, all the sights and sounds of the bookstore, hell even the cherry scent of the place was intoxicating. “Let's find a booth and check out some of these movies Baby” Barb started farther down the aisle looking at the scenes of the different flicks posted outside the door of the booths. “This one, Ok?” Barb said stopping in front of a booth. All the films were of some sort of bondage or cuckold adventures. “You sure Barb?” I asked. “Yes” was her rather stern answer.

We entered the booth and sat down, closing the door and flipping the sliding bolt to the lock position locking the door and turning on the little red in use light outside the door.  The small room smelled like sex, the token machine glowing on the wall in front of us. Above it the screen that would display the movie. I put several tokens in and sat back. The movie came to life, of course it started somewhere other than at the beginning. A tall thin blonde woman with huge tits was applying the second nipple clip to a man’s hardened nipple a silver chain connecting the two clips. The man was tied to a four poster bed completely nude. The big titted woman was dressed in black latex her bare tits sticking out from the smooth material made quite a contrast, and was really very erotic. The man was squirming some on the bed as the woman brought out a feather duster and began to tickle his body. “Mmmm Interesting “Barb murmured. Then pushed the button to change the channel. The next scene was a woman sucking on a cock, as her pussy was being eaten. Barb sat back as the scene unfolded “You like watching me suck another man’s cock?” asked the woman on the screen of the man eating her pussy “Yes dear” the man said his voice muffled by the woman’s pussy. The woman once again sucked the rather large cock back into her mouth, her head bobbing up and down. “Your wife is a great cock sucker Tim, I might have to tell the rest of the guys at the shop about her” said the man who was getting his cock sucked. “You know there are times at work when I could use a good blow job” the man said. “I think we can arrange for you to get sucked off at work” the woman sucking his cock said holding several inches from her face. “On your knees Tim” his wife barked. Tim quit eating pussy and straightened up on to his knees. His wife now holding the large cock pointed directly at her husband. “Come Tim suck your boss’s cock for me” And smiled up at the man who’s cock she held. “Tim will serve us both whenever I want him to” wagging the cock at Tim. Tim opened his mouth and sucked greedily on his boss’s cock.

“Oh wow” Barb exclaimed “I am so fucking horny” she stood and in one motion slid her panties off on to the floor. She sat back down and her hand went straight to her pussy. “I need your tongue here I need to it real bad right now” she ordered. I slipped down on to the sticky floor and kissed her inner thigh, quickly kissing and licking my way up to her pussy. She was really wet I lapped up all around her pussy hunting for any stray juices then buried my tongue as deep as I could inside her. She was so very hot she started to pump her ass pushing her pussy into my face. She grasped the back of head holding my face to her sex as I licked, sucked, rubbed her pussy and clit for all I was worth. She suddenly stiffened arching into me and began to shudder, Cumming into my mouth. Her fists knotting in my hair as she tried to stuff my face inside her wet gushing pussy. Barb was bucking on the hard seat and trying to muffle her moans as the waves of pleasure rocked over her. I lapped up as much of her juices as I could as fast as I could my tongue working like an anteaters flicking as deep in and out of her as I could. As her orgasm slowly subsided she continued to hold my head into her crotch. “Don’t stop, bitch don’t stop unless I tell you” barb ordered me. I was quite happy not to stop, my cock now like a titian steel rod.

The people on the screen must have been Cumming as I heard the woman in the movie almost shouting” That’s it Tim suck all his cum out of his cock, swallow his spunk for me” Barb was petting my head like I was a dog “That’s so good, this movie is so hot” she cooed as she stroked my hair. “Would you do that for me if I asked you too?” Barb asked me. “What’s that?” I asked as I circled my tongue around her hard clit. “Suck another man’s cock while I watched” there it was Barb was asking me if I wanted to suck another man’s cock while she watched, one of my long time personal fantasies. How long have I fantasized about just that. How many times have I jacked off imagining just such an act? Now it was being offered to me on a platter. Cautiously I answered “If that’s what you want your slave to do mistress” Barb had a mini orgasm at my approval, my cock twitching against my pants. “How would we find someone” she asked. I looked up from eating her pussy “You mean today?” Barb answered “Yes, today would be awesome” Taking several more long licks of her pussy I handed her the rest of the tokens and told her to just unlatch the door.  

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your right... we are very very close. no i have not been tied to a table.. yet. but always looking for something new...
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Would love to meet you can host

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