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My first forced bi sexual experience
I have been cross dressed and penetrated by strap ons by a dominant female friend many times and she always said she wanted to see a man penetrate me which i have said no to many times...well she finally just took what she wanted and gave me no choice
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Mistresses party table
Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Mistress friend called me on Friday to invite me to a party. Immediatly I asked what the catch was. She said no catch as a matter of fact I would be the center of the party, I reluctantly agreed because that comment sounded so suspicious but also raised my curiosity quite a bit!! So I made the hour trip down there on saturday afternoon as she said but was surprised to see just her and another dominant Female friend of hers as I walked in the house... they were dressed from head to toe in shinny black outfits with garters and thigh high boots, I asked why and she said it was a BDSM party. We went into the living room and where the coffee table used to be there was this strange home made contraption with areas to put hands in and feet kinda like stocks and a table top laying off to the side. When I asked what it was she said its a party table and when I asked what was wrong with it she said it was missing a piece. So like an idiot I asked what and she answered ME!!!! She ordered me to take my cloths off and said I was going to be the party table tonight. I took all my cloths off and she pulled out a leather hood with an open mouth and d-rings all over it and tightly laced it on my head. I was then led over to the table and put on my hands and knees in it. My wrists and ankles were locked into the legs of it and my thighs cuffed to it. The table top was bolted on to it on my back so that all that was really exposed of me was my ass and my head and my genitles hanging down for all to torture. Then my head was pulled back and on of the D-rings was attached to the table so my head was at a perfect 90 degrees with the floor and a LARGE tube gag was put in my mouth and locked onto my head. She then informed me that it would be a few hours til the guests showed up... both men and women but when they do I was going to hold their drinks on my back while they had their turns using the mouth and ass of the party table. By the time the first people arrived I was already stiff and sore. I heard laughs and snickers as people walked by and put drinks on my table back but no one was using me... I knew that would change. As the night went on it was mostly women with strapons and didoes, but then I heard a voice I did not want to hear... it was Aaron her gay friend with an insanely large cock. He put it in the tube gag which was already streaching my jaws out and he had to force it in. I gagged a couple of times as it went down my throat. Then I heard my Mistress instruct a friend with a hugh strapon on to enter me from behind, as she pounded me I felt so streached out at both ends that I did not think I could handle it anymore... then it got worse... Mistress Jen noticed I was extremely hard so she started milking me. As I got closer to orgasm my humiliation grew. Before I could reach orgasm however Aaron did... STRONGLY!! I lost my erection immediatly and my Mistress laughed. She said since I went soft I would be locked into chastity the rest of the night and should have came when I had the chance. Then she did something that I never saw coming... as I was trying to swallow the cum in my mouth she threw a pill down the tube and it went right down my throat.... she laughed and said you should have came...that was a viagra!!! Then I remembered telling her of another blog I read on myspace where a Mistress did that to her slave (Nicky). As the night went on I felt my cock trying to grow locked in tight chastity with no where to go and no chance of relief. My mouth and ass were used multiple times through the night and I had no idea how much time had past, I just kept hoping it would end. The violations to my body stopped and I heard less voices but the music was so loud I could not tell what was going on. It seemed like hours since someone touched me when I heard my Mistresses voice and she started to unlock me from chastity... as soon as she unlocked me I got SO HARD... she said I deserved to cum after being her party table all night.... she informed me it was 9am and the party had been over for hours, I was locked like that for over 14 hours!! Her hands massaged me for only a few short minutes and i had one of the most powerful orgasms I have ever ever experienced....she made me deposit it into a small bowl and she promptly sucked it into a syringe and put the tip of the syringe in my mouth and injected every drop into my mouth and said I could not be released from the table til it was all gone. Needless to say I wanted out so bad I swallowed the contents like I had not eaten in days!

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Vaccubed experience
Friday, February 20, 2009

My Mistress friend has had a vaccubed for a couple of years now and will not put me in it specifically because I want to try it so bad. She says I am not supposed to enjoy her punishment. Last weekend as i arrived there she told me she would put me in the vaccubed but that i would be severely punished for it as a trade off and i was not allowed to know the punishment before hand. I reluctantly agreed and she led me down into the basement dungeon. I stripped down and before she put me between those two sheets of beautiful black rubber she inserted an inflatable butt plug in me and said it would come in handy later. She put me between the sheets of rubber from head to toe and made sure the small breathing tube was in my mouth properly and made me lay spead eagle. I already felt so confined even before she turned on the vacuum and started sucking the air out. I felt like frozen vegetables being vacuum sealed to go in the freezer!! As the vacuum pulled the air out I was amazed at how imobile i had become, when she finally turned the vacuum off I could not move an inch!! I felt her carresing my face and through the rubber i heard her ask if i was ready for my punishment... like I could get out of it now!! I heard an extra set of heels moving around on the cement floor. She informed me that they belonged to her house sissy maid, she called him sissy maid Jessica. She told me that he had been locked in a chastity device for three weeks and that today he was aloud to have as many orgasms as he could produce.... the catch was that he was to do it into a funnel that she was attaching to my breathe tube and I was to swallow every drop of every orgasm!! To insure that I did so in a timely manor cause she knows how much i hate to swallow for every second his come stayed in the funnel she would pump up the inflatable butt plug resting inside me. She unlocked his chastity device and the first orgasm was hugh and took only a matter of seconds. natural reaction I plugged the end of the tube shut with my tongue but now not only could i not breathe at all but second by second my ass became fuller and fuller from the plug being pumped up. I moved my tongue and sucked it in as fast as I could but that still took almost four seconds. I swallowed hard and prayed that sissy maid Jessica was done... sadly he was not. After his third orgasm I stopped blocking the tube for fear my ass could not take anymore, I was at 23 pumps.... my old record before my eyes strarted to water was 16. The sissy maid coaxed one more orgasm out before he could do no more. She left me in that position for 2 more hours, she said it was so I could "savor the flavor" Needless to say it is still apparent she will not stop with my forced bisexual training... but atleast I now know what it feels like to be in that vaccubed

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Second forced bi experience... this time double penetrated
Sunday, December 21, 2008

it had been sometime since i went to see my dominant female friend since the last time she forced me into a bisexual experience. She has been trying to coax me back ever since saying it would not happen again. I finally gave in yesterday and drove down to see her. We went down stairs to her little dungeon where i took all my cloths off and she put me into a very tight black latex cat suit without a crotch and then a red latex dress on over top of that. Then she led me over to her bondage table and strapped me down to it like she sometimes would... But this time she had my head hanging back over the edge... She forced a large posture collar on my neck and then attached leather straps to it and the table to pull my head back much much farther... I was almost bent back in half! She then pushed my feet towards the cealing and put cuffs around my ankles and chained my feet way up in the air... I was now completely vulnerable for anything. after restraining my body to her liking she led in a very well hung transvestite. She had her stand over my face while my Mistress massaged her cock and her balls until she was very hard then she showed her to my very exposed ass... I felt a massive erection against my thigh as my Mistress blindfolded me... It was lubed up and inserted forcefully into my ass... Now i was not an oral or an anal bisexual virgin. My Mistress started whispering in my ear that i should be lucky there was not a hard cock in my mouth also but as i opened my mouth to cry out she forced a ring gag in my mouth and before i knew it there was one in my mouth to. With my head tilted back so far there was nothing i could do but gag on it as it was forced in and out of my mouth, getting harder with every stroke. I felt the transvestites cock in my ass reach a hard and powerful orgasm as my ass was filled with cum... Then seconds later a load of cum hit my tongue and the back of my throat... I was filled from both ends. I heard her tell them both to rest and do it again... They did... Two more times that night... Now my pet name from my Mistress is "finger cuffs" cause she says with both cocks in me i looked like one of those chiniese finger cuff toys.i am afraid to go back again

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My first forced bi sexual experience
Thursday, October 2, 2008

I went to see a dominant female friend of mine last week as I do a couple times a week. We talked for a while and she called another girlfriend of hers over cause they both like to dominate me when we can all get together. We went into the basement where she has a nice dungeon started and i took my clothes of. They forced me into a tight latex corset with garters and stockings and a pair of thigh high ballet boots. They both put their strap ons on so I thought i knew what was next. She put a latex inflatable hood with an open mouth on me which kinda made me nervous cause she only ever used that when she was gonna do something new and thought I might not like it. I was lead over to a kneeler which puts my ass up in the air but keeps my head up so they can get thier strap ons in my mouth to. I was tied to it so tight i could not move which made me even more nervous and excited cause now I knew something new was gonna happen. Then a posture collar was put on me to keep my head perfectly straight. Then all of the sudden my mouth was forced open and a very large tube gag was inserted. I felt someone get behind me and a strap on was slid in me, then I felt a person in front of my face and I felt something slide in my mouth through the tube gag. Aside from the extra restraints and the tube gag this all seemed pretty normal, except the texture of what was in my mouth did not seem right to me. She kept pushing her strap on into my ass harder and harder forcing the object in my mouth deeper and deeper. As she was causing it to go in my mouth farther and harder I thought I heard a male voice through my hood saying harder... all of the sudden i felt hands grab my shoulders and pull my face up against them hard and a second later my mouth was FULL of cum, all I could hear is Jen yelling at me through the hood SWALLOW BITCH SWALLOW!!!! She had told me for years she would make it happen...well she finally found a guy to do it. She put tape over the end of the gag and pinched my nose shut... I had no choice but to swallow. I have had mine forced down my throat many times but that was all together different. She continued to punish me for hours and she let him do it again and again. It was the first time that I will never forget and something tells me if I go back I am afraid it may happen again. If you are a couple who wants a bi curious male in the NE Ohio area and have a way to recreate this again, feel free to send me a message.

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love your pic's
Added: Friday, June 5, 2009 7:01pm
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