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St8 acting,good looking X dresser wants tranny/gay fun
Men seeking TS/TV/CD
I`m a 34yr old,good looking,st8 acting guy with loads of experience with girls,but I love even more dressing up like one - like a sexy,horny,tarty looking,girly slut!! It makes me feel so incredibly sexy and horny and is such an amazing turn on!
I suppose I`d be classed as bi curious cos I`ve still never been with another guy,but as far as I`m concerned there`s no `curious` about it - cos I`M SO HORNY FOR COCK!! I want it so bad.I`ve always been horny for and fantasised about horny gay sex,and the older I`ve got the hornier it`s got,and for ages now it`s all I want.
I really want to meet either a gorgeous,convincing ts/tv/cd or a sexy experienced ACTIVE gay man.MUST be good looking with sexy,fit and SMOOTH body.
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My Introdution To Cross Dressing
This is the true story of me,aged 21, not only getting to fuck the sexiest woman I knew and had fantasised about for years,and discovering she really was every bit the horny slut I`d imagined....and so much more!
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My Introduction To Cross Dressing Part 1
Sunday, October 31, 2010
Stacci was the ultimate M.I.L.F. - the term could`ve been invented for her and all my mates fancied the arse off her.She was young when she had her son so by the time I was 21 she was still only 35,and in amazing shape! I`d gone to school with him and she`d always been my horniest,favourite fantasy and I dread to think how many times I wanked over her..
She was 5`5",32D-22-34 and toned with it,long blonde hair with a perma-tan.As well as the body,she was really sexy looking too and loved to show off her horny body.She always wore some sort of mini skirt in any number of colours,styles and materials - particularly leather,high heel shoes and boots,and usually a tight fitting/clingy top or blouse.
She was born into money and married 3 times to progressively richer (& older) husbands.During most of our school years she was separated,then in process of divorcing no.2 and her son always had a free house cos she was always out.They lived in a posh part of town and she spent her time in local pubs and not only was he happy to invite us round,he`d even put on HER porn films or show us the 2 vibrators in her bedsie draw - as if she wasn`t already thought of as slutty enough! 
So it all combined to making the idea of fucking her perhaps,maybe,remotely,just possibly....a reality.And that made her even hornier still.

I should also add that I`ve always been one of the lads, considered a good looking guy and never had any problem getting girls.I always loved sexy babes and horny older women even more and they seemed to think of me as a bit of a bad boy - which they loved! But my secret,ultimate fantasy was for horny mansex and was so turned on by thought of sexy,horny,experienced older gay men and gay sex and....COCK! BIG,HARD,HORNY COCK IN MY MOUTH AND ARSE!!
I didn`t fancy men the way I did women,but the thought of cock just did things to me - very horny things.I loved idea of horny older men wanting me and turning them on,and thinking how much I loved women in sexy underwear (stockings,suspenders etc) it was such a turn on thinking of gay men liking it just as much but on sexy guys instead = ME!! Mmmmm what a turnon,dressing like a slut and making big gay cock so hard and horny....I`d also alwas liked taking things in my arse,nothing too big but things like hairbrush handles,although they still really hurt but I liked it anyway.
However,babes were still my fave and being so readily available were enough to keep me distracted.A few of my friends lived in the same area as Stacci and sometimes used some of the same pubs I`d see her now and then.I left school at 18 and over the next couple of years whenever I saw her things got increasingly flirtatious between us.By now she`d married no.3 and moved a bit further out of town into a great big house in huge grounds.They spent a lot of time in Spain where he had business interests and also played a lot of golf.Anyway,I saw her 1 night and in a few weeks time 1 of my friends was having a 21st birthday party there after which we were going clubbing in town.Stacci had been invited by his parents as she`d known them and him for years andshe asked me if I was going cos hubby was going to Spain that day and she was thinking of staying here - as long as I was gonna be there!
So cum that evening I walked in the front of the pub to go through to another bar and immediately felt my arse being squeezed,turned round and Stacci threw bth arms round my neck and rather than the usual kiss on both cheeks,gave me a lingerng kiss on the lips,"hello gorgeous"I said. Excitedly she said "Hi sexy,guess what? Martin rang me at 2pm to tell me he arrived safely!How good is that?" She then grabbed my hand and led me to her table to meet her 3 friends - all sexy looking 30somethings drinking champagne. Anyway,it was arranged they`d be getting a taxi about 10pm,supposedly nto town for a meal cos official version was it as 1 of theirs birthday.But would actually be going to her place to changeand "glam up" then taxi into town and would see me at the nightclub.........
2 b cont......
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