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I'm just...checking what's up in this world...
TS/TV/CD seeking women
First..."bisexual" is just too limiting. Don't you think?
I'm really just...sexual. I like all kinds of people. To me, attraction is attraction. I don't discriminate.

Second...I'm a trans woman.
Yep...I've got a penis.

Oh...NOW you're interested. That's cool, but let's not make it a big deal. Mkay?

I'm a ridiculously young-at-heart, fun, bouncy, girly-girl tomboy. I have the mouth of a sailor, and the heart of an elephant, and I'm looking for others, with whom I can get into trouble.

I'm witty, open about who I am, and I can be incredibly sarcastic...BUT, I'm also endearing and considerate.

My smart-Alec-y personality means I sometimes need to be put in my place. Maybe you have what it takes?

I don't sugar-coat things for people, and I expect others to do the same for me.

I am a makeup addict. No shit. I will spend an hour just doing my eyes, and I have more makeup than most people I know. It's still not enough.

I love to dance. In my living room, at work, in front of others...I don't care. I just like to move.

I'm still very much a child. Jumping in piles of leaves, getting/giving piggy back rides, splashing in puddles, theme parks, playgrounds? Yes please.

I'm pretty outdoorsy. Hiking, biking, kayaking, camping, hanging out at Zilker...whatever, really.

I don't own a car, so I'm usually on my little hotrod scoot, or one of my many bicycles. Cycling has, unexpectedly, become one of my fave outdoor activities, and I'm pretty much always down for a ride. Thursday Night Social Ride? I'll bring the wine, you bring the bud. Let's do this.

Hanging out at a decent bar is always good.
The Whitehorse, Spiderhouse, Nasty's, Hole in the Wall, Continental Club, and Mean Eyed Cat are the types of places I like to lurk. Although, the lenses of the paparazzi have caught me at Fabi and Rosi, 219 West, and Justine's, partaking of Grey Goose martinis, rye Manhattans, calamari, champagne, and escargot.

I'm also very mechanically inclined, and can fix/repair/put a band-aid on most, motorcycles, pianos, camels...whatever.
I'm good with my hands.
Remember that an ad ....
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Just... whatever.
Everything you wish you never knew about me...
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What is wrong with people? Just be honest!
Friday, February 15, 2013
Ok, so...I'm on a bit of a "human" rant, right now. Just venting.

I just don't understand people. Is the world just SO chock-full of people who don't say what they mean?...who don't mean what they say?....who don't do what they say they will?...that I seem to meet ONLY those people?  Am I a fucking magnet for them? Am I just expecting too much from others?

Just be honest, people, in all you do; in all you say. the past 2 months, I have been asked out by a few men and one woman.
ALL of them, I have informed that I am trans, as soon as they asked me out.
NONE of them had any idea until I told them.
I told every one of them that I would not be offended if they were no longer interested. I understand that a majority of folks are not into what I have to offer.
ALL of them still wanted my number after the fact, and acted as if they were truly interested.
One guy even kissed me. On the LIPS (we had chatted several times before and were definitely attracted to each other).

Not one of them ever called.

Guys and gals...I'm a big girl. Don't feed me bullshit and tell me it's fucking ribeye. I may not have noticed it right away, but I can certainly taste it now.

--- END RANT ---
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Just a quick December update
Sunday, December 16, 2012 when we left off, I was sick and tired of my job and I had just gone for an interview at a pizza place and got the job.
Fast forward to now. I finally quit the old job, after working both for 2 months. I just couldn't take it anymore. Fuck that place.
So, now, I just work nights at my little pizza shop.
Hmmm...also, I am no longer a VIP. I had been one for quite some time and was grandfathered in at just ten bucks per month but it lapsed due to a card SA wants to charge me twenty-five per month???? Yeah, sorry SA but it's just not worth that much. Although, I do miss being able to read an email or post on someone's comments or even see who the fuck it is that's tickling me or checking out my profile.

Whatever. it stands, I don't get on here much, because I work nights....every fucking night....and, honestly, it's pretty boring around here.

BUT....i am gonna go ahead and put up some new pics for y'all to perv on, anyway.

I guess, if anyone wants to message a comment to my blog?  Unless you're a that case, just send me an email.

OH OH!!!!! Also...I got a drum set (and, yes, I beat that crap outta those skins...thanks to all the years of drumming on Guitar Hero).
I also sold my car and bought my new form of transport...(yodude, you'll appreciate this) a 2013 Giant Escape2.
That's a bicycle, just in case you don't know. more car for me.

Ok, that's all.
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Crappy times are crappy but good times, they do a cometh!
Friday, August 17, 2012
   Ok, so, this has probably been the worst two weeks I can really remember. Well, except for the week before and the first week of prison.  Those may have been worse.
Anyway, I hate my job.  I hate the company for which I work and all the completely asinine decisions that management is making.  I hate getting cuts on my hands and knuckles, I hate getting completely dirty when working and I hate that I am so emotionally exhausted at the end of each and every day I work.

(Wow, this bitch hates everything.)

  My stress levels have been through the roof, lately. So much so, that it actually dropped me into a ridiculous state of depression. On top of that, I came down with a cold to beat any cold I've ever had.
I'm pretty sure that my mindset helped me get sick.
I lost my voice for 2 days and spent one of them with a fever that rendered me almost incapacitated.  Every move I made, made me nauseous and completely dizzy. My throat was on fire and I didn't even have the strength, nor the money, to go out for some type of medication.

What a can of suck.

BUT... the sun rises again to shine its light upon my face.

   The day that I lost my voice (but still went to work), I'm on Craigslist, looking for a new job.  I spy an ad for a job at a pizza place.
Local place.  Sounds laid back.
I check their website.  I think, "What the can't be ANY worse than this place".
I download their application, fill it out (whilst at work) and put a note at the top of it that simply reads "**This is the one you want**".
I fax it off and 2 hours later, I get a call from them.
Of course, I can't talk, so I get one of my close coworkers to speak for me.

"Hey, this is So-and-so from Such-and-such Pizza. Can I speak with Charlotte?"
"Oh hey there. She actually lost her voice but is sitting right here and wants me to speak for her."
"Well, we got her application here. Did she come in to fill it out?"
"Nope. She faxed it to y'all."
"Did she write the note at the top?"
"Yup, she sure did."
"Huh... could she come in tonight for an interview?"
I nod very much.
"Yup, I think she can swing that."
"Great! Would six o'clock be good for her?"
Another nod.
"Sure, I think she can manage that."

So... I go to the interview, with my sweated-off makeup, my greasy uniform, no voice, and my head held high.
I get there and the owner greets me and shows me to his office.  We sit down and he understands that I don't really have a voice so he does most of the talking, as I nod in agreement.
After an hour and a half of him talking and me squeaking, he asks me if I would be interested in working a shift or two, to see how I like it.
I'm thinking, "Fuck yeah!"
I squeak that I would.
"BUT, there is something I want you to know."
"What's that?"
"I'm transgender."

At this point, I can actually see the surprise in his eyes. It's always the same when I actually do clue people in to that fact.

"Wh- what? Wow, I would have never known. Right on."

He then stood up and took me around the place. Showed me my future tools of the trade, introduced me to the other employees there.

I work my first shift, this coming Tuesday evening, after I get off work at the yard.

Fuckin' A!!!!

It was all too late, though. After the interview, I came home and got sicker than I have been in a long time.

Still... I feel like a badass and I'm finally getting out of my prison.

Keep the faith, y'all....   In yourselves!!!

Love ya,
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Am I on a roll or what???
Tuesday, July 31, 2012
   So, this past Saturday, before you all watched my chemically-induced antics on cam, a customer of mine asked me out. What???  Not the first time. Dudes actually flirt with me a lot, at work.  I mean, I work in a junkyard and I guess there aren't too many ladies that do. I'm guessing they think a chick working a job like mine is hot or something? I don't know.
   Anyway, I digest, so this customer and I are chatting, as he's waiting for my service guys to fix his shit. We talk about little crap and then he leads us into a convo about marriage and how he's separated and his wife moved to another state and shit. I tell him he need to just go ahead and pull the trigger on that and get the dee-vorce.
   Of course, he agrees with me. I mean, who wouldn't, right?  Yada yada yada, he leaves my counter and goes to check on his ride. About 20 minutes later, he comes back. Man asks me out!  I get all giddy but cock my head and look at him with a little disbelief.  I says to him, I says, "Um... you know I'm trans. Right?" (<---cuz I believe I should let people know, in these types of situations, BEFORE anything happens).  So he looks at me with a slightly puzzled look and I can see the cogs turning it his head. Then it clicks and I see the realization on his face. He gets it. I'm not a biological girl.  He says to me, "That's cool. I'm an old hippie,. Besides, you seem pretty cool".   What?????? Holy smoke! And the guy looks like Corbin Bernsen. I mean, almost like an identical twin, just a little shorter.  I give him my number and he says he'll call me and we'll grab a beer.
   Fast forward to last night.  I'm walking around Sears, looking for a battery for my li'l Honda scooter. I head straight for the automotive section. Wh-, where the hell is the automotive section??  I find this rather cute, Hispanic man and I ask him, "Hey doll, where's y'all's car stuff? I need a battery".  He tells me that the auto stuff is actually located in a completely different building.  Dafuq??   AND, they're already closed.
   Well, crap...   So, I ask him if they have any batteries in their lawn/garden section. You know, for like riding mowers and shit. (Sorry, I got a sailor's mouth on me.)   He says they don't have anything that would work for me BUT he'd look one up on the interwebs for me.  He takes me over to his little kiosk and we start chatting about this and that. He's actually quite handsome and we discover there are things in common between us. Like...prison, poison preferences, where we've lived.
   He get's called away but tells me, "Don't go anywhere, I'll be right back".   Ok, I see what's happening here.  I give him a little wink and tell him "I won't".
He comes back and he pretends to look up a battery for me but I tell him I'll probly just go to Wallymart and pick up one of their tried and true Neverstart batteries for a couple bucks.  
   I shit you not, he then tells me, "Write down a name and number for me and I'll look into it".  Aha! He's on the hook!   I look at him and give him my slyest smile and say, "What? You want me to write down YOUR name and number or what?"
He chuckles and says he was hoping for mine.   Snap!!!   Ok, so, me being me, and wanting to be honest, I says to him, "You DO understand I'm transgender, right?"    He says, "No, what does that mean?"
   I come straight out and tell him I was born with a penis.  His face doesn't change but he says "Oh! you don't have one anymore?"
I tell him "No, I still do".
He takes only a split second, then pushes his pad and pen toward me and says "Write down your name and number 'cause you seem like you're pretty fun to hang out with".

"I AM fun to hang out with" I say. 
He gets my digits and walks me all the way to the door of the place, opens the door for me and tells me he'll be in touch, as he places a hand on my upper arm.  Oh shit! The flirting going on!


Lets see what happens.
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Acid is a hell of a drug...
Sunday, July 29, 2012
...One hell of a fucking FUN one! No, really, "don't do drugs".

   I just had me a nice 5 hour nap and I just wanted to say Thanks to all of y'all that hung out with me last night, in the bedroom. 
I'm really sorry about the little breakdown I had at the beginning. What can I say. Powerful states of mind sometimes come with powerful emotions. Lol.

Next time, y'all remind me to open my damn front door, if I'm smoking, 'cause my house STINKS like cigarette smoke right now and I no likey. No me gusta, at all.

Anyway, had a good time and sorry I completely crashed at the end. Was just a really quick drop and I am not used to that. Usually, it's spread out a little longer.

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great looking body , with a beautiful ass !!
Added: Thursday, December 20, 2012 9:55am
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