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Women seeking Friends

Don't let my sweet smile fool you. I can be cantankerous when annoyed.
I'm not looking for erotic emails, cam fun or phone sex. There's no way I would be something on the side for an unhappily married man.

I'm here to make friends and share laughter, ideas and household tips. While I wouldn't rule out a date there's too much going on in my life presently which precludes anything other than friendship.

Hate having to say this but if your profile is blank and there is no face photo we're not going to be corresponding. Unless you're hiding from the mob, in the witness protection program or you're world famous there's no reason for the lack of a photo. If any of those three reasons apply you might want to rethink internet dating. In addition if we haven't corresponded in some way (email, chat or the forums) your friend request won't be accepted. And please, for the love of jebus, don't send me a photo of your nether regions. It's not a turn on.

If this has piqued your interest send an email.
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Everyday's an adventure
Observations from the daily life of a single woman. At times thought provoking, sometimes filled with juvenile humor, hopefully interesting. This is a judgement free zone. Your opinions will be respected even when in direct opposition to the blogger's viewpoint.
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Mea Culpa
Saturday, November 25, 2017
It's been a long, long time since I blogged. And much too long since I signed into the site.

For those who send birthday cards and greetings way back on July 30th, please accept my apologies for not responding in a timely manner.

If you're wondering where I was holed up all this time, well, I was dealing with another leg wound. A wound caused by chronic venous insufficiency. It was being treated with a wound vac and other measures. For the last month I was in hospital/rehab because I finally had a skin graft. Which seems to have taken, yippee! And hopefully the wound has finally healed.

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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20 Life Pleasures That Are Completely Underrated
Saturday, September 19, 2015
I found this on Facebook and agree with many of them.

20 Life Pleasures That Are Completely Underrated.

1. Lying in bed on a stormy morning and not having to get up.

2. When someone you're interested in scratches you softly.

3. When something stuck between your teeth finally gets out.

4. The moment you see the waiter/waitress approaching on the horizon with your food.

5. Opening up your windows after a long, cold winter. When the breeze brings the smell of flowers and fresh mowed grass into your bedroom.

6. That little window of time where you're lying in bed awake just on the precipice where you could fall back asleep for another hour or two if you wanted, and then you realize you can.

7. Being finished with something you really dread doing. It's a huge weight off your mind and a sense of accomplishment rolled into one.

8. After a weekend away, going number 2 in your own bathroom.

9. When you're able to genuinely make another person(s) laugh.

10. Waking up feeling rested. It happens so rarely, that when it does you feel like you can take anything on that day.

11. Having a fresh-from-the-dryer load of laundry thrown on top of you.

12. When you have had water in your ear all day, and then that nice fuzzy moment when the lukewarm water leaves your ear.

13. Having the song on the radio finish at the exact instant you pull into your driveway and turn off the car.

14. Hearing that gentle crumbly sound your vacuum makes when it picks something up.

15. Fresh sheets on your bed.

16. Laughing. We do it all the time but I think we take it for granted how pleasurable it actually is.

17. First gulp of water after walking home on a hot day.

18. Taking skiing boots off after a long day in the mountains.

19. Taking off cold wet socks and putting on dry new ones.

20. Going to bed after taking a shower.
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It's Black Cat Appreciation Day
Monday, August 17, 2015
I like cats of all colors but black cats are special.

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So Target Ditches Gender Labels on Toys
Tuesday, August 11, 2015
And the conservative right goes nuts. Their website and Facebook page is exploding with comments of righteous anger and predictions that soon the dressing rooms and bathrooms will be unisex. Huh?

FFS, don't these people have anything more important to get upset about?
Girls have played with toy trucks and boys have played with dolls for decades without having problems as adults.

I know, lets get livid about Target so we don't have to think about the real problems in this country.

Posted at 9:49am (MST) | Comments (8) | Add Comment | Report Post
I hate the beach
Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hot sand, high humidity, burning sun? No thank you.
Absolutely not a place I want to spend time! 
Posted at 1:05pm (MST) | Comments (3) | Add Comment | Report Post
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