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A Brief History of Sex
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A recent dream - 18th century Paris?
Saturday, October 15, 2011

I enjoy trying to get into the mind of people I write about, male and female. This particular dream, which came to me recently, I must have somehow imagined from the female perspective of a couple.

'I dreamt that last night we invited several acquaintances for a lavish supper and that when our conversations had been exhausted everyone had reluctantly retired to their beds. Some hours later I needed to go to the closet to pee. On the way I met with one of our male guests determined to do the same. I was wearing my husband’s shirt and he a silk dressing gown. We exchanged knowing looks and a few smiling words and, as there was nobody else awake, we determined that we would pee together, and so we locked ourselves into one of the bathrooms. I politely insisted that he peed first as I was certain that if he watched me he would have contracted an erection which would have left him restricted and unable to carry out what I desired. When my turn came I took the same stance as he, straddling the colourfully decorated porcelain bowl whilst facing the wall in mock modesty in order that he should be able to see clearly what he needed to see. When I had finished peeing I began to masturbate vigorously. I explained to him as best I could that my husband and I had only a few minutes before made love whilst discussing who amongst our visitors we would like to have had sex with. But because there had been so many desirable people present we had fucked for some considerable time and I had gone numb and not managed to cum, and that I was now feeling the pangs of sexual frustration. He drew up close behind me, lifted the back of my husband’s shirt and stroked my warm and still cum-covered inner thighs. I felt his erect penis slide between my legs and explore the lips of my cunt which were still wet with my husband’s semen, I bent forward and helped him enter. We fucked madly, me bent forward with my hands resting against the wall, my belly dipping low and him attacking my cunt from behind. We both came very quickly whilst at the same time trying not to let everyone in the apartment know. I returned to my bed and told my husband what had just happened. He was mad with lust at the idea and had me tell him every detail as we fucked again. I hope my night-time lover - whose name I never learned - managed to do the same with his partner.'

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A Brief History of Sex 5. 'Deviations'
Saturday, October 15, 2011

Being fascinated by the history of sexuality I have collected a number of publications detailing the subject from the beginnings of history until the fifties, when what was once considered abnormal started to became the norm. Here are a few lines from a 1945 book by the Drs. Costler and the very aptly named, Willy. Chapter 5 ‘Deviations’. I think these guys just didn’t know what they were talking about, yet alone what they were missing . . .

"One of the most frequent abnormalities is undoubtedly voyeurism, also known as scoptophilia or mixoscopia. The individual who is subject to it is nearly always incapable of performing the sexual act—old men who are impotent or young men suffering from morbid shyness form the majority of cases—and ‘finds satisfaction in watching it being performed by others. In many cases, however, it is not necessary to see the act itself performed, at least not under normal conditions. For some patients the sight of the complete act is indispensable in order to produce satisfaction, for others the sight of the genital organs of a member of the opposite sex is sufficient. There are some men who are satisfied by the simple fact of seeing a woman clambering up a steep place or balancing herself in an armchair in a provocative position. Others find pleasure in witnessing the copulation of [ . . . . . . . this word is not allowed on sexyads], still others in watching acts of defecation [I do hope the 'd' word is allowed as I don't want to be blocked from blogging] or micturition.

To the general public, voyeurism seems the most innocent of all abnormalities. This is to some extent consistent with reality, because it is very difficult to draw the line of demarcation between normality and the first symptoms of the morbid state. That is the reason one of the greatest experts in sexual matters, Havelock Ellis, was led to write the following words: ‘To a certain extent, this tendency (voyeurism) is absolutely normal; that manifestation of it should be considered shameful is due simply to the rigid secrecy which convention attaches to the naked body. Many respectable men have, during their youth, sought secret opportunities to surprise women in their bedrooms, and more than one honourable woman has looked through the keyhole of a man’s bedroom, though she would not, to-day, be prepared to admit it. It is certainly a common habit for landladies and servants to put their eyes to the key-holes of, rooms where there were couples they suspected of being in love.

These manifestations have sometimes attracted the attention of the police, notably in Paris. Women whom I know have discovered that men were looking at them through the openings in the roof of the toilets in the Tuileries gardens.’

Voyeurism, moreover, is one of the perversions most easily exploited by directors of the more luxurious ‘maisons closes’ where one is regaled with love-scenes which are partly cinematographic and partly real, reflected in mirrors. The interior of these special establishments, provided with observation posts, has been too often described in sensational novels for us to enlarge any more upon the subject here. The fact remains that voyeurism has given rise to a whole industry of obscene productions of the most varied kinds, bringing in large profits to those concerned."

I'd be intrigued to know if any respectable men on sexyads have, during their youth, sought secret opportunities to surprise women in their bedrooms, and likewise, are there any honourable women who have looked through the keyhole of a man’s bedroom? If so, then do please let me know!

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