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hi everyone im from boston i wanna be able to meet new friends and have interesting conversations hope you all have a wonderful day
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fun fun fun
Hi everyone just wanna say thanks to all for being nice and I have fun in the chatrooms lots of great people and interesting my pics are password protected if u would like to see just ask for the psw no prob and hope to keep in touch with all you and thanks for the tickles and messages take care everyone
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erotic 3sum
Tuesday, April 26, 2011
February 14 I'm kinda sad i don't have a valentines i go online i find a note.....
( hey what are you gonna do tonight) i responded hitting the club with my boy i don't have a valentine what you up to.
she responded (I'm just home alone all my girls are going on a dates )
i responded come along with us is gonna be fun; she said( tato pick me up later).
I Get ready called her... are you ready?
shes like yeah come n get me,i get to her house shes like drive my car i park mine in her driveway got her SUV and picked up my boy small world he went on a date with her like 3 years ago but nothing happened so we drive to the club was dancing and shit the club was popping we had fun,we left she had some drinks on her,my boy is a Lil tipsy too
she was acting a Lil crazy she had red dress on skinny ass 110 lbs.
a Lil silent while we was leaving the parking lot she said:
i got my boobs done ......
you want me to show you i was like yeah
she shows her titties and we was like nice i touched her nipple my boy was touching the other one she has a smile on her face there's is traffic my boys is touching her boobs we don't care she come and pulls my dick out and starts sucking on it my boy is smacking her ass we stuck in traffic she was sucking me good she asked u guys have condoms i was like nah so i got off the first exit in the highway my boy went to buy some condoms he came back she's sucking my dick i suggested there's is a resting area 2 exits over we can stop over we get there i turn the lights off put music hop in the back seat she starts sucking me real good my boys is fucking her hard she's going crazy then she sits on me i fuck her hard that skinny ass bouncing on and off she gets in four i fuck her while she sucks him we fuck for a while then i busted all over her chest she loved it.
I pull to the front seat she said lets go to my place i start driving heading to her house while my boy is still in the back seat fucking her till we get to her house.
We in her room chill-in i ask what u wanna do my pants are off shes took her dress off and started so suck my dick my boy just watching she is going crazy with my cock on her mouth then my boy comes and she starts sucking both of us at the same time omg that was hot she was like damn i'm in heaven she suck us so good then he went behind her and started fucking her she was sucking me so good she was like this is my best valentines day ever 2 hot guys like y'all woooowwwww then she sat on my boy i came from behind and we was fucking her fucking condom came off thank god she had 2 more hahaha
she was licking my balls while she got fucked then i fucked her again and vice verse my boy drank so he couldn't cum i busted again all over her body form stomach to chest so i sit back and watch her get fucked while i was jerking off man she was screaming she loved it i busted again on her ass and back woowww man i was tired my boy still fucked her for a Lil till we was done she had this smile on her face it was funny she couldn't believe it damn we was like shit what a night who said valentines sucks not for us we left i dropped him off home called her i was still horny she told me to come back i was like nah I'm tired so we had phone sex man i must it had like a barrel of cum inside me cause i came so hard again all over my stomach and chest she came again omg this shit is crazy wooowww i cant believe sounds like a something that only happens in porn movies ......
to be continued hahaha fuck yeah
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Thanks for the card...hugs, grace
Added: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 12:44pm

Thanks for the tickle...hugs, grace
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Thanks for the tickle
Added: Sunday, April 17, 2011 10:07am
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you are such a sweetie, thank you for my card,
Added: Monday, April 11, 2011 4:34pm

Thanks for the sweet card, hun!


Added: Sunday, March 20, 2011 8:03pm
ty for the tickle...
Added: Thursday, March 17, 2011 3:47am
so cute, lol, xx
Added: Friday, March 4, 2011 9:30pm
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