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Clive wants to be luvinU
Men Seeking Women
Hello babes! Is it me you're looking for? I'm a 54 yr old gentle-man with 4 children (who don't live with me) to show for my efforts and an ability to provide the very best massage (sexy or straight) with essential oils or without - whatever is your pleasure - and that's the point! I've a wealth of therapeutic, and more personal experience, ready to provide the most pleasurable of experiences whilst you, whatever your age; do the same for me! It's a mutual thing! What we do we enjoy together regardless of what happens tomorrow or the day after. Give us a nod or wink or whatever and make 'our' day go on you know you deserve the very best from Clive in SW2.
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Aquarian/Dragon seeks supra compatible mate
Archer Girl Archer girl come; bring me your bow Bring me your arrows of desire With your monkey or rat to my dragon chat Come set me to air or earth; but preferably to fire! The ram, the twins, a lion; libra is in the 'balance' An earthly goat maybe just fine With my aquarian air we'll make a great pair And ours will be truly divine!
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Aquarian/Dragon Brainiac seeks compatible sex maniac!
Monday, November 12, 2007

Aquarian/Dragon Bld Grp ‘A’ Seeks supra-compatible mate.

Archer Girl
Archer girl come; bring me your bow
Bring me your arrows of desire.
With your monkey or rat to my dragon chat
Come set me to earth, air; or to fire

The ram, the twins, a lion; libra is in the ‘balance’
An earthly goat could be just fine.
With my aquarian air we’ll make a great pair
And ‘ours’ will be truly divine!

If you are slim to medium - curvy build; 5’– 5’8" tall, aged 34 – 51; intelligent, well-educated, enjoy long country-walks and racquet sports; tactile with strong libido, non-smoker, spiritual but non-religious, communicative - with ambition and aptitude; a sense for business, science and the arts; an interest in writing, computers, health and research, with a wide knowledge and interest set – who enjoys doing all-manner of things – indoor and out – with your significant other; a GSOH; innovative; available – with no ties (to speak of) and middle of the road politics; independent yet interdependent - nurturing type of personality compatible to - and commensurate with a ‘Growth Teacher’; solvent:- and in unison with: a gifted - Blood Group ‘A’, Aquarian/Dragon – willing to move on rapidly with your own life and to swiftly seize unique opportunities when presented - then I would very much like to hear from you; to meet you, to love and cherish you – as my friend/lover/ marriage and business partner.

It seems I am asking for the world and yes - I guess that would be right – but the above is for general guidance however; in short - to the right person - I offer my whole enormous-world. I will give unstintingly of my all; and my all – with yours – could amount to a very great deal!

If you are out there approximating to my ideal as hopefully I will be to yours - then signal thrice times consecutively. If you apply absolute intent to your communications – I will pick this up and then whoever you are and wherever you are - I will-without fail - come and get you!

So if you are up to it! Then I’m looking forward to hearing from you - for you to find me or for me to find you – I don’t care which way round it goes – just so long as we find each other - to get on with our glorious lives together as quickly as is humanly possible. 

With love. Clive

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