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looking to explore and unstress :-)
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Looking to explore a little. up for just about anything. will take the time to satisfy my partner and find out what she likes. love to give oral, write erotic stories and voyeur as well as straight up sex. would like to find 1 or 2 people a few times / wk to relieve the stresses of life.
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Monday, December 15, 2008

We had been working our asses off and hadn’t had any time together in quite some time. So we both scheduled a long weekend. We booked efficiency at the beach, left work on Friday at noon and hustled down there. By the time we got there, it was after 4, so we unpacked, got everything situated and decided we should go out to eat. You said you needed to shower and I said I was going to chill on the couch till you were done.

I heard the water start and it was awfully loud. I turned and saw you undressing in a mirror that was on the outside of the door. You had left the door open and I was seeing you in the reflection. As always your body is magnificent. Your 36C’s hung just so from your chest and fell so nicely and you shimmied out of your panties. Your ass was round and tight and had those oh so beautiful tan lines. I couldn’t help but feel the bulge in my pants start and I unzipped them and freed myself from their constraints. So there you were, in the shower with your whole body exposed to me. What a great sight to see. You began to get yourself wet and it must have felt so good because you were running your hands all over yourself as if you were massaging in the warm water to relieve the road stress. I could not help but start to stroke myself while watching you. Then you washed your hair and caressed your scalp and then allowed the water to just wash over you. This must have started to turn you on because you began cupping your breasts and moving your hands around them and then down the flat of your stomach. I was enthralled by what I was watching and getting hotter by the second. You then grabbed the body soap and began putting it on one of those frilly balls that lathers up real well and began to wash yourself. You did it in a slow and deliberate manner so you got the fell of the soft lather and the texture of the frilly ball on your skin. It must have really got you going because you began to trace your breasts with it as your other hand cupped underneath and around your breast finally pinching your nipple with your thumb and forefinger. You worked the soapy ball down the front of you, around your neck, around your breasts again and then down to your legs. As this is going on I am getting harder and harder and stroking myself faster and faster getting my other hand in the action cupping my balls. The shower had one of those built in step things and you put your leg on it so you could soap up and wash. You ran it up and around your leg, using your other hand to smooth it all along. Next the other leg went up and you did the same, washing and using your other hand to smooth it all around. This time though, you let the soapy ball brush your beautifully shaved pussy. As you did your flinched just so and closed your eyes, tilted your head back and it looked like you were biting your lower lip. At this point I am ready to blow but I was holding off for you. Your free hand followed the ball and began to play with your pussy: rubbing it, slipping a finger in between your now swollen lips and then inserting a finger which made you flinch. You set down the soapy ball and began to play with your breasts with one hand and your pussy with the other. Pinching your nipples, squeezing your full breasts with one hand, you had your other hand rubbing and massaging your clit. Then you stuck one finger and then two fingers inside you. You had your other hand down there now, spreading your lips and tantalizing your clit. You were working yourself in to a tizzy and I was squeezing my balls, stroking my cock and moaning under my breath for you to come so we could come together. Finally you up your pace and I could see your body tensing and spasming. My ass was coming up off the couch and I was starting to precum. All of a sudden you shuddered and jerked and stuck three fingers up your pussy and rammed them fast and hard in to you. You were pinching your clit with the two fingers of your other hand and you were cumming all over your hand. Your body was jerking and heaving and your head was thrown back and your eyes were closed. I knew you were exploding and seeing that, I exploded all over myself. It was unbelievable. We both got to cum together and you didn’t even know it so I thought. Just as I was about to stop and go clean up, you looked in the mirror and smiled and winked at me………………………….. more to come J

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