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ok, this indeed is the hard part. so here we go:

Short and sweet..What am I looking for..Simple - YOU! Cum on now.. Get on over here and lets get started. I've waited patiently long enough for you..
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Is it true? Nice guys do finish...
Friday, April 25, 2008
last? Say it isn't so..No way..But the harsh reality of the situation in some circumstances is - well yes nice guys do finish last. Don't get me wrong. Just becasue you do nice things for that person you care about doesn't mean you are a whimp or worst yet a doormat. You can be polite, kind, courteous and all of the above characteristics that even would make Ghandi take a step back and take notice. Even with all that and more you would be considered a good "Friend". Lets face it. Once your labeled with that tag line its the kiss of death. Worst yet how about being labeled or put in the category of "Oh your like a brother/sister to me.." EEK. its like having your finger nails go down a chalk board. Oh sure you could try to be the jerk or act like you don't care or whatever. But lets face it. Everyone would see right through that and what good will it do. We have all been there in some form or another. From the early stages in our lifetime up to this current place wherever you are in life, we ALL have been there in some form. Some of us more than others. So, how do you shake the nice guy/girl syndrome. Think about it. Timing and chemistry play a major role in all of this true. But come on. Do i have to check for smoke signals or check my daily bio rhythms and horoscope to see if today would be a good day for someone to look favorably in my direction. I don't think that would go over to well. Do we (teh true outsiders in this case) have to wait after you the beautiful creatures of this earth are dumped on enough before you realize that maybe just maybe THE ONE has been standing there right in front of you waiting patiently for you to realize that maybe this person has my heart my best interest in mine for me to give him/her a try. Who knows. If I knew the answer then I would be sitting at 1600 Pennsy Ave solving all the worlds problems for the benefit of all. But I digress. What is the answer. Sure be yourself is a great start. But surely there is more to it. What do you think .. Weigh in
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A sexual soldier
Saturday, March 29, 2008
Having lunch the other day, I was listening to this couple talk about their friends or people they knew and what was going on with them. Well, their discussion somehow got steered around to everyone's favorite topic of conversation, you guessed it - S-E-X!. Now mind you, I am of the opinion, that its one thing to discuss one's likes and dislikes with their partner or each other's sexual history in order to practice good or be a part of great sex. However, I laugh on the inside when I hear some people brag about how dynamic or great they are in bed. Well, duuh, what device or instrument measures their greatness. I want to know. I haven't seen anything on the market yet that would do such a thing. Ok so its all in their head. I can go with that. Its great to have a positive outlook on ones self. But again, lets be realistic here. But I digress where was I. Oh yeah.. You hear them say "yeah baby one night with me and I will rock your world.." or as they would say "I'm very good..".. which brings me back to my previous comment but we won't go there. One night? Thats all, one night is that it. Geez, talk a bout selling yourself short. If your so good, as you say, I would hope for a repeat performance. Well, from what I understand, people who generally fly off and make that kind of claim, usually have the proress of George Bush dancing ( you have seen the leader of the free world on YouTube or for that matter on some news outlets shake his booty - but again we won't go there) or the sexual stamina of animals in the wild - one and done. Talk about being labeled a minute man and I am not talking about those guys in American history who did some serious fighting back in the day. Being labeled a minute man, hmm, somehow I don't think would be a good thing. 60 seconds.. and that's your max where you have tapped out..Oh gosh talk about a disappointment. I am sure many of us have been there to only roll over and say to yourself geez, i could have had a v8 that would have lasted longer. yet oh yet you were promised to have your world rock beyond belief. hmm, false advertising at its finest. People, who label themselves as having the goodies to do the deed in a fly me to the moon fashion, put so much emphasis on themselves not thinking about purely pleasing their partner or worst yet making it mutual beneficial to both of you. Their faces contort like a contortionist at one of the Cirque So Le shows. Their bodies are well out of rhythm. Ah, its a sad sight to see. Yet in their mind their doing something bringing you to the state of ecstasy. Hmm.. If only they really knew. They miss the whole object or prize. You see, its not a competition like in sports. Some people treat it as such. Its about reaching that state of nirvana - together! Better yet, putting the other person first and if its done right ( both of you will know if it is) and its good you too will be rewarded. No you shouldn't look to keep score or rush through the act. After all what's the hurry unless your on a time clock ie Elliott Spritzer. My thing is sllloooooowww down..Take your time. After all,what's the rush. Do you have laundry to do or walk the dog or what. Stop and smell the roses ( if you know what I mean..maybe take a lick or two and savor the taste of the pedals). The fact that you made it this far is an indication that you have something to offer to the person you are with who wants to be part of it. Say it with me slowly now...Relax...Your halfway home to your oscar winning academy award winning performance - and the academy award for best performance in a intimate session goes to. Crowd goes wild. Claps and air kisses are blown, etc etc etc. Sure some people know the basics and if not any book or porno flick will act as a GPS unit to help guide you to maybe being the ultimate lover you always dream or talk about. But porno flicks and books are not the answer. Hey, for once, be like Chris Columbus and go exploring the new world which is your partners body. Oh sure! Your amazed, happy, ecstatic - singing as if you are a member of the mormon tabernacle choir in great anticipation of being with your partner maybe for the first time or for some if its been a long time like you have been wandering in a desert or experiencing a drought of some kind. If not, well, find that feeling. Trust me. If you have lost that loving feeling ( come on Everly brothers sing it with me now) then basically your just going through the motions. But if you have it, truly have it, its like Christmas morning to a child. Your excited, wide eyed and you can't wait to try something new as you tear the wrapping off of your present standing before you. There is a time to go nice and slow and there is a time to go hard and fast. Find the happy medium Sometimes we forget these basic principles if you will. Sure toys and new positions are fine, but if you want it to last and I mean make it the best you ever had, use your imagination to its fullest potential. in fact as they say in the military - " Be all you can be.." and after all a mind is a terrible thing to waste. If you can think it, and your partner is willing, chances are it can and will be done. So before you send your soldier into combat to conquer the enemy so to speak. Assess the landscape the terrain if you will to see what you have to work with. Don't rush into the battle.. Scout it out, and take your time. Send your tongue and fingers on a little recon mission. Go exploring. Go climb the mountains ( you know what I am thinking or talking about)..Head down south until you make it to fertile ground. Then depending on your mood and landscape - ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK! Send in the heavy artillery. You might have a slow point to reload for the second armada which is fine. But then mount up (smile - you know what I am talking about if your read this far) and ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK, again and again until victory is achieved. Then, when all the objectives have been achieved, give the full military salute for a job well done. Congratulations, Mission Accomplished. Give yourself a the purple heart and medal of valor for a job well done.
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Friday, March 7, 2008
Warning: This is not about anger, this is not a rant. Its not about being negative or anything. Its strictly an observation I have. Feel free to chim in. With that disclaimer made here we go.. I was listening to a group of people chat the other day about what they were looking for in a life partner. The adjectives they used were the same , for the most part, that you hear from any single individual looking to make that kind of commitment in or towards someone. Oh sure, you hear the same common traits or characteristics that everyone says: God loving/fearing, kind, honest, hardworking, etc. Now mind you, for the most part, everyone who is still in their search mode for "THE ONE" all want these traits in someone and more. But here is where the twist occurs. After further listing to the group of people ( a mixed group I might add of males and females) one thing stood out. The ones who were currently involved in relationships were at odds constantly it seemed with their partner. This got me to thinking. Now if you had this list in your head of what you are/were looking for in a person (ie. God fearing, honest, kind, etc) then why in the world did you go out with this person in the first place if you knew going in that they (this person) did not have some of the qualities you desired in the first place. You could have avoided all this heartache by paying attention to your little internal 'He/She-Is-Not-For-You Antenna..' But noooo! You avoided the smart thing for a dumb ass lets keep playing move. My question is, why? Where you still in that bad boy/I want a bitch stage of your life looking still for excitement or were you just stuck on stupid. Why did you not just make or take the safe, best choice favoring instead the unconventional or risk choice. Sure you can have Mr. Right or Ms It. even though to you at the time that's to easy. It's just that - safe. its like a basset hound - safe and reliable. doesn't offer much glitz or pizzazz on the outside or the excitement you think you crave. Sure, she may not look like Angelina Joile or him Brad Pitt. But do you crave drama and craziness the much over a possibility of a lifetime of peace of mind all becasue of what looks good to your eyes at that moment. Who knows. Ms. Ugly Betty or Mr. Peter Parker/Clark Kent look alike maybe the freak of the year who will blow (literally) your mind, body and soul in all areas and his loyal and loving to YOU and you alone. At least you will not have to worry, you hope, of being caught up in a Bill Clinton type escapade with the right choice as opposed to the sexy this person is wrong for me and i know it choice. For all you know, they( the right safe choice) may have the stamina when it comes to sex to that of a Kenyan distance runner and the bedroom skills equal or superior to Jenna Jamison with character and love in their heart for YOU and you alone! Instead, we/they/whomever chose the bright shiny package. We see on the outside, empty on the soul and not having you as part of their long term plan. Do you like being a pit stop or using others in that capacity. Such terms as casual sex partners (CSP) or friends with benefits come to mind. Hey, if that is the choice you made or will make, well Seinfeld said it best - 'Not that there is anything wrong with that..' But doesn't that get old after awhile? Just a question. So why? Why do we/they/whomever make bad choices knowing its a bad one all along. Why do we invite heartbreak or heartache to come in and stay awhile. Why do we continue to stay in something that you know is never going anywhere or amounts to nothing. Is it lonliness or fear? Yet we/they/whomever it seems are always in a eternal search it seems to find 'THE ONE..' Do you crave the academy award winning performance - 'Best actor in a drama' that bad. Intelligence and wisdom would say at the first sign of trouble or drama get up and leave. Don't look back, just walk away and move forward. So why do we stay. Why do we make such bad choices..I'm curious. Your thoughts?
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