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Looking for the exciting and unknown!
Men Seeking Women
I'm looking for a lady that knows how to laugh, is comfortable with herself and wants to be treated as a lady and a woman. I like a woman that has some meat on her bones, a BBW can truly be a beautiful and exciting woman! Myself, I'm very comfortable with who I am and where I am in life at this point. I'm kind of quiet in the beginning until I get to know you. I don't feel I have to prove myself or create an image of what I'm not. I've got a tummy, but it doesn't get in the way. :) I enjoy my work and love my off time. One on one time is more important than wild parties and big crowds. How a woman looks on the outside isn't as important as how she feels inside, a sexy lady can come in many shapes, colors and ages! I want to treat you special both in and out of bed!
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Looking for a Special Woman/Lady
I'm looking for someone who is special on the inside, the rest will follow! Theres a right time for everything, but not into quickies, wam bam thank you mam isn't my style. It's amazing though the number of people who think a 10 minute fling is all there is to being together!!
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Back on a bit more
Saturday, October 12, 2013

Things have settled down a bit and the work is more under control allowing me to get back to SA more.  I still don't have time to keep up the contacts with my good friends as much as I would want, but at least you hopefully won't think I've dropped off the end of the world.  The government thing drives me crazy, why the senate can't work things out is beyond me.  Oh well that's politics I guess. 

Everyone have a good weekend and hopefully the Texans can figure out how to play 4 quarters of good football tomorrow.  :)
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Rarely Here Anymore
Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Just an update for myself, I'm rarely on anymore due to having a big job change at work.  With much longer hours and getting home late it seems I'm always looking back and realize that I've missed another week of SA.  With changes at work and having to travel to help  take care of a parent I hardly get on here and can't keep in touch with my friends here.  A very close friend from here who I've been so very fortunate to see probably thought I'd lost interest or had fallen off a cliff somewhere.  Unfortunately things probably aren't going to change much or to get better for being able to get SA time. 

I'll try to check in when I can to say hi to everyone, but unfortunately it won't be often.  I like SA and most of the people here, I've met and become very close to someone special to me here, but there are only so many hours in a day and it seems that when the day is done I'm always using up those hours. 

Again, I'm not permanently leaving, but unfortunately will be here rarely.  take care to everyone, thanks for the great times and friendship thats been extended to me over the years.

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The demons we fight
Thursday, September 6, 2012

I've had the good fortune to talk/communicate with a few people here, it's an awakening to see the demons that many people here are fighting daily.  Some people here are fighting to overcome physical problems, yes I know some of it may have been brought on by their poor choices but most of them through no fault of their own.   Some people are fighting the mental and emotional demons, some of them caused by sexual or physical abuse to a degree thats mind numbing, while others fight the various other mental illnesses that raise their head at the most unexpected times.   These people fight to overcome them, some of them for years or even decades without finding true relief.  One of my dearest friend says that if it hasn't been fixed after all these years it probably won't be fixed.  The other demon that I've seen here is the demon of lonlyness, that they feel unloved by those who should love them (not only physically but more emotionally also), some of them feel that they are strangers in their own home and that if they should die no one would miss them.

I've seen a few snide remarks here lately about these people who are in the daily fight by people who apparently have no concern or caring about these people and the battle they face every day.

While we are all here for many reasons, sex being only one of them in many cases, lets not forget our compassion for people and try to touch them beyond the physical.  Knowing the whole person will help that other person know that they aren't alone in their battle.

I've been on my soap box I guess, but it's something thats important for me to say today.   Everyone have a great day.
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Its been awhile
Saturday, August 13, 2011
Been a while since I wrote something, a lot has happened here and around us.  This is a great site, it's been sad to see some peoples reaction to change.  It's been sad also to have had some friends leave, they're missed. 

Still looking for that special lady who knows how to be a woman, lost a good friend, reminds me and all of us that our time here on this world isn't guaranteed, any moment might be our last and we therefore need to make every moment count.
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Thursday, August 5, 2010
I've discovered that while they are very beautiful, that women under 40 just don't seem to work out.  After deep pasionate love that tickles everyones toes, it's hard to keep any kind of a meaningful communication going, we both have trouble to relate to each others world and understand truly what makes the other tick frequently.  Probably it's a problem that's my fault, but it's an observation that for those closer to my age we never have those problems/situations.   Interesting.
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thanks for the bday card  very sweet of you
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thanks for the tickle darlin
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Thanks for the tickle
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Thanks for the tickle
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