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Men Seeking Women
This isn’t easy but as they say nothing ventured nothing gained. I weight about 150lbs more if I'm soaking wet. I have short black hair and sparkling blue eyes. Some would describe me as tall, dark and handsome. Some would describe me as tall, dark and handsome. I have been told that I’m gorgeous and could have anyone I want. Personally I can’t see it. I know I’m attractive just like everyone else in their own way. I also have an insatiable curiosity and a hunger to learn. This leads me to one of my flaws, I can be distracted by something I new and interesting or a question I don’t know the answer to. The next flaw is that I can be a little absent-minded. Now this is hardly a crime worth reporting, but try to remember that when I accidentally forget to do a small task you ask me to do. I'm looking for someone I can talk to, get along with and have things in common with both in and out of the bedroom. A meeting of the minds if you will, after all the road to arousal starts with the mind. You know there are things about sex that society is not telling you. They don’t trust you, they see your future. They know your desire will be to powerful to control. You must break through the fog of lies society has created around you. Let me help you to learn the subtleties of sex. I have studied everything I can about sex, from ancient manuscripts to more modern interpretations. After all if one is to understand the great mystery one must study all its aspects. Not just the dogmatic close minded view of society. If you wish to become a complete and knowledgeable lover you must embrace, a larger view of sex. There is far more to sex than just the physical, there’s also the emotional and spiritual aspects as well. You can find more information in my blog.
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Sex education
Sunday, July 5, 2009

I have to cover this point. I have read on a few profiles where women are looking for a man who can please them. This is the truth no one wants you to know. Ladies, untill we’ve slept with you we don’t know how to please you. We have a slight idea what we’re doing but that’s about it. If you’ll permit me to explain. Picture it this way, every woman on the planet is like a combination lock. Every lock has a different combination and no two locks have the same combination. So the odds that a man could know your combination before sleeping with you are astronomical. Any man who claims to know your combination (can please you) is probably so full of bs they should list their eye color as doo doo brown. Women don’t help. Look, there’s no sex education for men, I never got any. No one ever fucking set me hip to anything. The government doesn’t send you a pamphlet or anything on how to lick pussy. Mom and dad are no fucking road map alright. Nobody helps you, your on your own. You gotta learn your own fucking technique, your own style. That’s why a lot of guys are pretty bad at it. They don’t know anything about licking pussy man, why would they know. Most guys got like one stroke, you know, they think their painting a fence or something. The girl’s going Jesus Christ am I being licked or weather proofed here. Hey, what the fuck is this. But, I like to help, you know I’d like to submit a plan to you that might be able to help. What you do guys is you lick the Alphabet, lick that fucking Alphabet. Oh god that’s the revelation, it’s one of the prophecies made by Nostradamus, he will come into the Earth and speak of the Alphabet, oooooooo. Lick the Alphabet man, it makes you appear creative. It’s an easy diagram to remember, it’s like A, B, C. She thinks your from fucking Europe or something. Oh god where’d he learn that, oh yea. Your going A, B, C, D, E, F, G. It works. Do it, and do plenty of capital T on the big letter chart this is the favorite letter. They love capital T. Oh more T more T, I love capital T. I’m Mr. T I pity the fool who tries to do more T than me, oooooooo. I’m just trying to help folks, ok. Oh yea, Dr. Ruth can do it but I’m a fucking asshole is that the game here. Dr. Ruth can spew her wrinkled gray elephant ass fucking psycho babble but I’m out of line, I’m not creative. Dr. Ruth, do you hate her fucking guts or is it just me folks. What a psycho bitch this woman is man, I’m sorry. Take the man’s penis, yea when’s the last time you saw a man’s penis Dr. Ruth do you remember. Can we have some clues, who was President then, huh. Did we have cars yet or did you suck on horse back. Tell me, talk to me Dr. Ruth. Oh, good sex with Dr. Ruth huh. When’s the last time you made this noise Dr. Ruth. Gulp. Gulp. When I hear you swallow Dr. Ruth I’ll buy the good sex show, ok. When Dr. Ruth comes on guys and goes, tonight we’re gonna talk about, Gulp. I’ll believe the good sex bit then alright. Good sex with Dr. Ruth, Jesus, I listen to her. I’m driving down the street. She goes, if the man’s penis is to small to satisfy the woman. Then it’s perfectly acceptable for the woman to use a dildo or a vibrator. And pleasure herself later after she has pleasured the man. So I’m listening to this psycho fucking bull shit. Pleasure herself later after, yea thanks Dr. Ruth that’s real smart fucking advise. That’s gonna pump the guy full of sexual confidence, huh. Trying to make love to the woman he cares about and she’s going. Listen when your through there mister tonko toy here would like a shot at it alright. You wanna plug it in on your way out of the bedroom thumb dick. Lets go, move it. Hope the grinding noise doesn’t disturb the evening news for you. Grind grind grind. Guys in there going, yea thanks Dr. Ruth, thanks to you my wife fucking a lawnmower you son of a bitch. You should go back to Hagen Dais and make milkshakes where you belong. Sexual counseling is the biggest scam to come down the pipe. You don’t need sexual counseling, you just need to talk it out. Tell each other what you like, what you want. Women, if there’s something that really gets you off, you know something that really just turns you, makes you cum. How bout fillin us in, huh. How bout giving us a little information to work with. What are we on an Easter egg hunt. Tell us what you want, we’ll do it. Will we do it guys. We will do it. We’ll do it man, just fucking tell, don’t tell your mom, your girlfriends, your little sister, your hairdresser. He doesn’t lick me long enough, he doesn’t hold me after I cum, etc, etc, etc. Tell us. We will fuckin do it. We’re the ones who fuck you. I like that myself, I like that open honesty. I like to go home with a woman that lets you know what she wants man. You walk in she goes, come on. Get those fuckin pants off, get em off. Will you fuck me harder, fuck me harder. I know some of you are wondering, didn’t you have a sex ed class in high school. My high school sex ed class seemed more like they were trying to terrorize me into never having sex. After all you hear sex ed class and you think they’re gonna teach you how to fuck really good. They didn’t teach me a fucking thing that was useful. The first few days were about male anatomy, like I needed to know what the inside of my dick looked like. Did these morons think I was laying under my covers at night with an exacto knife performing an autopsy on my dick. Then we covered female anatomy, not the good stuff, just more crap I didn’t need to know. Then they get to the part that dominated the class, V.D.. In stead of sex education they should have called it V.D. education. They covered every disease known to man in great detail with photos that almost made you wanna puke. I sat through the whole class and passed it with flying colors. However when it was finished I was just left disappointed. I’m sitting there thinking, where are the porno films, where’s the shit that’s gonna teach me how to fuck really good. There was a ton of shit they didn’t teach us. They didn’t teach us that some women have breasts with very sensitive nipples. They didn’t teach us that sex without foreplay is like fucking a piece of eighty grit sandpaper. They didn’t answer the one question most men wanted to know at the time. Which was how to get a woman to give them a blow job. They didn’t teach us that some positions are better than others, they didn’t teach us any positions at all. So the next time your thinking how bad your man is, give him the 411. Hook him up with some information to work with. Just like Burger King, you can have it your way as long as you know how to place the order.

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Age, status and other things.
Thursday, July 2, 2009
Now we get to age. The chronological passage of time is a fact of life. However somewhere in the past society linked age with maturity in regards to a relationship. This is an antiquated idea and should be left in the past where it belongs. Within the confines of the law why should age have anything to do with a relationship. A relationship should be based on the maturity of the two people involved. Just because there is a gap between there ages why should there be a problem. If they are mature adults and are happy in their relationship. Why should they care what anyone else thinks. Can you give me a good reason to sacrifice your happiness. After all no matter what you do there will be someone who isn’t happy with it. So why make your self miserable trying to please others who will not be pleased no matter what you do. If you want to fulfill your romantic destiny you must understand your own needs and desires so you can please your self as well as your partner.  I’d also like to add, for you ladies who are looking for a boy toy. When you were younger you played with Barbie and Ken growing up. Now that your older and empowered, you can have what ever you want when ever you want it. And what you want is your own living anatomically correct Ken doll. Someone you can have fun with both in and out of the bedroom. Someone you can have a conversation with or go on an adventure. Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that type of relationship as long as both parties are understanding and mature about the subject. After all ladies your only as old as you feel, which brings me back to what I said about age.
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