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I'm Derek. I'm looking to chat with men or women, age not a problem, about just about anything.

I'm 25, bisexual, and into just about anything you can imagine. I love to talk dirty, roleplay, fantasize, anything.

Stuff that really gets me off: Older women, younger guys, sex in public and being the guy a woman or man cheats with.

Hope to chat with you soon!
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goodbye dad
Thursday, June 26, 2008
Sunrise doesn't last all morning,
a cloudburst doesn't last all day.
Seems my love is up
and has left you with no warning.
But it's not always going
to be this grey.

All things must pass,
all things must pass away.

Sunset doesn't last all evening,
a mind can blow those clouds away.
after all this my love is up
and must be leaving.
It has not always
been this grey.

All things must pass,
all things must pass away.

All things must pass
none of life's strings can last.
So I must be on my way
and face another day.

Now the darkness only stays at nighttime,
in the morning it will fade away.
Daylight is good
at arriving at the right time.
It's not always
going to be this grey.

All things must pass,
all things must pass away.
All things must pass,
all things must pass away.

thank you for everything you ever taught me, your patience and understanding as i grew up and learned things for myself, and for being my dad. i couldn't have asked for a smarter teacher, a funnier clown or a better protector. i couldn't have asked for a better dad. i love you and i'll see you on the other side, daddy.
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My birthday
Sunday, May 11, 2008
Turned 26 yesterday, I'm officially a man, lol.

So I was sitting around my place, being home for the weekend from work is always nice, when my friend called me. He and his wife have been friends of mine for about three years, I met them when I answered an ad on another site (since gone, can't remember the name) for them looking for a young guy (me at the time) to sex up the wife while the husband watched. So we met, they had a hotel room all set up, we did our "business" and went to a local all-night eatery to just bullshit for a little while. We ended up becoming fast friends and hanging out on a more regular basis. I met some great people through them, some I know sexually, some I just know as friends.

So anyway, I digress. He called me up, they were heading to a swinger's party at a friend's house, just a small gathering of friends only about five couples he said, wondered if I'd want to come along as another couple was bringing a single girlfriend and maybe we could hit it off.

So we walk in and at first I think we have the wrong house. I was expecting wall to wall fucking, people banging on the kitchen table, just a complete orgy. I was completely wrong and I walked in to a great, comfortable setting with good, honest people who were just looking to have some fun. We all barbecued some steaks, sat around bullshitting with each other and then stuff started happening. Some of the married couples traded seats, wives and husbands kissed each other goodbye for a little while and met a new partner. The single girl and I were on a couch by ourselves chatting. She was pretty, kind of on the skinny side, which I usually don't like, but she had a nice body. She was nice to talk to, we shared some interests in music and movies. She told me it was her first time at one of these parties and I think I heard her breathe a huge sigh of relief when I told her it was mine too. She asked if I wanted to go somewhere a little more private, as some of the couples were starting to move to bedrooms. I agreed, and we ended up getting shutout of all of the bedrooms and ended up in the office with the door closed. Some adult situations happened (lol, I'm awful with writing erotica) and she asked me if I'd be interested in giving her her first MMF threesome. I told her I certainly would, but would like to explore a bit first.

So I set back out to the living room where the hosts were gathered, completely nude, chatting with some of the other guests. I didn't know what to do so I made some friendly hellos and went to the kitchen to grab a drink. Suddenly, the host husband was in the kitchen with me, offering me a proposition. His wife was curious about seeing him with a guy and my friend told him about my being bi, would I be interested. I told him sure, and we (he, myself and his wife) retired to the master bedroom for some fun on our own. Like I said, I'm not much of an erotica writer, but he was pretty good for his first time with a guy. He wasn't sure about being penetrated yet, but was interested in sucking me and seeing what it would feel like to fuck me a bit. I was into it, the wife was certainly into it as well. She helped him with his oral skills and helped him guide himself into me. He was a good lay. Gentle, but knew how to use it, you know? So he didn't finish, but I ended up having sex with his wife while he watched and then we gave his wife a little rotisserie action lol. I asked him about helping me out with my new friend and he agreed, we left his wife with another couple and he let her play with them.

So he and I met the single girlfriend in the living room and took her back to the master bedroom where she had the "time of her life" she told me afterwards. She was pretty loud, but adventurous, very sexual and vocal which is always a plus.

By the time we finished with that, my friends were about ready to go, so I swapped some phone numbers with new friends and we left. They took me back to their place for dinner and some more fun and then dropped me off at home, promising that we'd have to meet up again soon.

Not a bad way to spend a birthday.
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I love you my drekey! *BIIIIIIIIG HUGS and KISSES*
Added: Sunday, June 22, 2008 3:55am
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