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Just looking and chatting for now and a little playing online.
Not posting my ppicture for now due to my job, but if you want to see my ugly face just hit me up and I will send it.
I reccomened a stiff drink first.

Also plese stop by my blog and check out my stories, and games I post in the forums
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The spanking
Sunday, January 15, 2012
Ok I am posting a new story:

I want you hanging naked over my naked lap.

Tits hanging over one side of my legs while you ass and legs are on the other side.

I start by spanking you with my hand, while I hold you by your hair and pulling your head up by your hair.

Both your wrists and your ankles bound.


Spanking that sweet ass till it is good and red, you feel my cock growing and getting hard against your belly as I spank you.

All the while I call you a little naughty whore and bitch.


Then once your ass is good and red I stop, and grab a vibrator and start working over your pussy, saying “this what you want bitch?.

“does the little slut wants to get fucked?”

I keep working your pussy over, rubbing your clit and deep fucking you with the rubber 8 inch vibrator.

But I won’t let you cum, and I say “don’t cum bitch or you get the ball gag, and don’t lie to me either you little whore.”

“Tell me when you can’t hold it anymore bitch”

I keep working and working your pussy over, your head is held back by your hair in my hand.

I keep going till either you can’t hold it, or I sense your to close.

I switch hands on your hair and pull a little more on it lifting you up just a little more.

Then I grab some ice out of a nearby bucket, and rub the ice all over your tits making your nipples nice and really hard.

I say, “That’s the way my whore’s tits should look like”.

Then I switch hands and grab the riding crop, and begin to beat your ass with it.

Over and over again, saying “going to cry for me slut, going to tear up for me you little bitch?”

I keep going 10, 20, 30 swats on your ass, and maybe a few on your tits too.

Till I see some tears or mascara running.


Then I stop and say “does the little whore want to get fucked some more?”

Then I say “beg for it, beg me to ram your asshole with the Vibrator.”

I keep slapping your ass and tits till I am convinced of your pleading.


Then I start to work your ass with the vibrator over and over again.

Calling you a bitch, whore, slut.

Telling you can’t cum, or lie that you’re not cuming or you get the ball gag for the rest of the play time.

I work your ass and take a small vibrator to your pussy to, till your so close.

Then I ask you if you want to cum.

“Do you want to cum bitch?”

“Then beg for it, beg for it like the little whore you are”

Then after you beg some I say “NO”

“But I will give you some cock, my cock”

Then I roll you off my lap on to the ground, and lift you up on your knees by your hair.


Then I take my cock and I start to fuck your mouth with it.

No starting out slow&easy here comes my cock.

I just slam it in till you gag or take it all.

The whole time I say “little whore wants some cock, here it is, sallow it bitch”

Every now and then I pinch your nose and you can’t breath..

Sometimes I get the crop, and slap your back with it.

Sometimes I also slap your cheeks a little.

I fuck your mouth brutally.

Till I am ready to cum, and I pull out.

“Want me to cum on your bitch?”

You think I am going to shoot all over your face, but instead I shove it back in and cum right down your throat.

I keep fucking your mouth till I start to get soft.

Then I say “lick and suck it nice and clean bitch:


When you finish I pull you up standing, and then sit down, and drape you over my knees again.

You’re going to spend some time in my lap, and you’re not going to be allowed to cum anytime soon.

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Bad news
Monday, January 9, 2012

When my hard drive crashed I lost the stories I was working on so I need to start some new ones.


Posted at 5:53pm (MST) | No Comments (0) | Add Comment | Report Post
Been away
Friday, January 6, 2012
Sorry to all that have missed me.I have been away dealing with several shit storms.
But I am kinda back now and will start respoding again.

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Thank you
Wednesday, November 16, 2011

To all who posted in my last blog thank you.

I did not really receive any crappy responses that I felt I had to delete.

In fact I saw the very discussion I was trying to generate in the first place.

I will not apologize for the fuck a veteran blog, but I do realize I could have done better.

The truth is we can all do better, and grow to be better.

And so back to my regularly scheduled story’s.


(Basic training a long time ago, and right after that first haircut.)

Posted at 4:17pm (MST) | Comments (2) | Add Comment | Report Post
Vetern's Day Rant
Friday, November 11, 2011

Ok I have been given a lot of grief over my tongue in cheek post about fuck a veteran on Veterans Day.
It was just meant to get people to think.

And I am a little tired of all the negative feedback.

The sad truth is this county has a proud tradition of fucking their veterans every day.


The reason I wrote it is because I am tired of everyone saying thank you for your service like a knee jerk response.

There is as much feeling in it as bless you after someone sneezes.

No one really cares they just go through the motions.


How many people gave at least a dollar or more to the USO or to the wounded warrior project this year?

How many people have volunteered at the VA hospital, or the VA home?

And how many people have served in the armed forces?

How many people have emailed/written/called their elected leaders to stop cuts in veterans services?


See I have done all of that and ask nothing in return because I felt it was the right thing to do.

And so I am telling you that veterans day is not some sacred holiday, in fact it is just the anniversary of the end of world war one.

I is just a big snow job to make veterans think they are appreciated when nobody gives a shit.

What is sacred is serving others because you feel it is the right thing to do every day.

What is truly meaningful is showing that you really care.


And if asked to put the uniform back on and serve again I would do it.

(Ok I would complain a lot but still do it and not try to get out of it)

So before you decide to cast the first stone ask yourself:  What did you do for your nation’s veterans?

And while you at it ask yourself why veteran unemployment is much higher than the national unemployment?
And don't get me started on flag wavers.


And the funny thing is not even one negative comment or email did anyone say thank you for your service to me.


Ok Rant /off



Veteran USAF

56 SPS



Posted at 2:57pm (MST) | Comments (8) | Add Comment | Report Post
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Added: Tuesday, February 14, 2012 8:20pm
Added: Tuesday, February 14, 2012 10:52am
Added: Friday, February 10, 2012 1:13am
Added: Tuesday, November 22, 2011 9:38am
GEEEESH naughty!!  i pull up his comments to thank him for the comment and there is a giant red ass on my screen.  LOL  
anyhow.........thanks for the comment!!
Added: Thursday, November 10, 2011 5:06pm

Thats a pretty darn hard spaking if you ask me.......* winks *

Hope you had a wonderful day today and werent tooo tired....* smiles innocently *

Added: Wednesday, November 2, 2011 8:46pm
Added: Sunday, October 30, 2011 11:01pm
Thank you for the card darling, and I hope that's a good thing :)
Added: Friday, October 28, 2011 9:43am

i always have a wonderful time chatting w you in the room.Look forward to many more discussions w you.......* winks *

Love your stories too !!

Have a wickedly delicous weekend Friday !

~ naughts

Added: Friday, October 21, 2011 2:53pm
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