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What can I say? I'm a flirt and I want someone to play with!
Men Seeking Women
Hmm, I should start with the standard disclaimer that I'm very new to personal sites so I hope if you're reading this you won't be too hard on me. I love to flirt, I love to make people smile and feel good about themselves. I like to think I'm fairly intelligent and I'm a good listener but I'm not above being random and silly to get a cheap laugh.
I'm Here looking for casual chat mainly, but if I happen to meet someone interesting I'm always open to more later. I write, draw, sing, and cook, anything creative catches my attention I guess.
I'll be straight with anyone taking the time to read this: I'm disabled so if you're gold digging or looking for a sugar daddy, move on. As I said, I'm mostly looking for casual chat and friendships.
I'm not sure I'm ready for a serious relationship, but I'm always open minded and even somewhat hopeful. I'm generally non-judgmental about whatever your interests are, so don't be afraid to be honest, or worry that you've come on too strong, I'm pretty hard to scare. This does NOT mean I'll share your interests, but I'll try to be accepting of them lol.

Okay... About me: Tallish, heavy set, brown eyes, glasses, long brown wavy / curly hair, goatee. I'm probably one of the nicest people you will ever meet (not to sound immodest) but I DO have my boundaries and I will make them known firmly but politely if you press them. As a final note about me, I am interested in online relationships ONLY to begin with, if we get along we may work up to phones and snail mail and coffee and wild nights of long kinky sex.... and if that's your desire feel free to tell me about it.... but please don't be a creepy net stalker and try to force something before it's time, ok? lol.

Now, about you: Any age, any body type, any ethnicity, any religion. I mentioned I was pretty non judgmental, right? lol. I prefer single women (divorced or separated counts too) but it's not a huge issue. I will respect your beliefs if you respect mine (i.e.) no religious fanatics trying to convert me please???
I prefer funny, fun loving women who can laugh at my jokes, even the bad ones :-P I also prefer women who are not shy about their sexuality, but aren't dominatrices either.

If you've read this whole ad and you haven't taken exception to anything I've said, I hope we can chat. If you've read this far and are uninterested, you should still drop me a line and explain why you kept reading if you weren't interested. Thanks for at least taking the time to look at my ad, I may write a better one once I get the hang of this. Oh.... and suggestions are welcome :-P
Just for Fun ;-D
Men seeking phonesex
I'd like to clarify, despite the ad category, I'm looking for more than JUST phone sex, I'm also looking for anyone who just enjoys talking from time to time about anything at all. I DO enjoy the sound of a woman enjoying herself, and would love to find someone to have a little fun with.... honestly, is there anything hotter than a woman moaning and calling your name? ;-) but it's something I prefer to work up to at least a little bit.... I'd like to know what your fantasies are, what you enjoy, what drives you wild? I'm not exactly picky, and I'm very open minded, I'm just saying I'd like a little more than just your phone number if you're going to message me ;-) I really look forward to hearing from you!
Remember that an ad ....
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The blog of a Fallen Paladin
I was a knight in shining armor once, would you like to see how tarnished it's become?
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Something new
Friday, October 24, 2008

I've added a second story to the bump and grind for anyone interested called "A Night Together" any feedback is always welcome

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Just a note for anyone browsing my blogs:
Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I added one of my drawings to my gallery, just to be ...well, odd really. Also, if you've enjoyed any of my blogs and want to see a more practical application of my writing, I've just posted my first story in the erotic stories section, It's listed under "An Imagined Dream" It's somewhat short, but hopefully it will entertain anyone who happens across it. As one might imagine, as it is posted in an erotic story forum, the content is totally family friendly. No, not really, please do NOT let your children read it.... that would just be.... traumatic.

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Unlikely Beauty
Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Death comes, as a gentle messenger of mans mortality. She reminds us of our own fleeting existance and reminds us also to value each day as our last. Love death as you love life, for without her, life has no value, no beauty. Live each day as a celebration of the life within you, live knowing that you die without regrets only if you dare to truly live.

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A Fond and Unfulfilled Dream
Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Someone who smiles, just for me... who likes listening to me complain when I need to, because they know it means I trust them. Someone who never worries about complaining to me because they know I understand it is because they have faith in me... Someone who likes hearing my attempts to be creative because they know that they inspired it.... Someone who will cry with me, without even asking why, because they know I'd do the same.

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The meaning of life
Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In life, nearly anything can be worth dying for, a few things can even be worth fighting for... but only a few of us ever find anything truly worth living for. It is the search for those things that gives meaning to all the suffering we must endure. It is the hope that we will find those things that motivate us to meet each day, even when we think we can endure no more. It is when these things are lost that our will to live leaves us, and we stare into death not with defiance, but longing, a desire to be filled with the emptiness of the grave, a desire to be filled with anything but the pain of loss.

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