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This might be a nice Heading don't you think?
Men Seeking Women
Well I must say I'm here to have some fun. But I would say this if I find someone and the conection is there, this profile gets closed for holydays.

I like sex and the foreplay involved on it, love to lick U up really good till U get wet, love to rough and destroy a few lamps... eheh... love to cum and love to make U cum rest for a while and do again...

Very open minded... hey I only live once so got to try it all.

For good conversation and good company count me in.

But seriously what should or should not is not my concern, my concern is happiness and those around me. What other people think is does not wheight in my mind.
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Well I love to write and I will be writing a bit about me and some stories ehehe...
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011
/Me puts the teacher glasses and looks ultra intelectual....
Ehehehe lets see todays class is all about anatomy... ehehe.... oh my what can I say i'm an hands on person, like my job, love to build, love legos, love cooking I just love the feeling of my hands getting "dirty" eheheh, then I go to the 4wheel trails and return covered in mud, I got stuck and had to dig, but still a big smile on my face...

You must be asking WTH are u talking about, LOL, I know I know, I'm sorry, let's see I'm a Boobs person, sorry ladies, just being honest, and just now I was remembering my last "Real" girlfriend and I got horny and hard instantly, I addicted to Boobs.

Must I see a doctor? I'm unable to love someone with small breasts? Am I sick?

Well I don't think I need to see a doctor, first is normal that man do have a over the top love affair with breasts, well it's true we have a fixation in that particular part, some man do get over it and hooray to those. I'm unable to love someone with smaller breasts? Well my first girlfriend was not that developed in those terms but we had some fights a few years after we break up, the stupid jealous arguments like "oh I'm doing so well in my life see what you lost" etc etc, well I must say I figure my boob addiction got me at a very young age cause one of her sentences was "My boobs grew, you would love me more now" I got floored... Am I that obvious, and she explained that was one of the things I did love the most to touch, feel, lick, bite and look at... Lol... My fixation was strong and unbreakable since then... Am not unable to love someone with small breasts truth is I'm gonna make the girl with small breasts feel self conscious about her cup or size with my fixation, not that I say "Oh you could do some implants" or "I wish they where bigger" but sometimes actions speak louder than words and some actions we do not have a single shred of control. Am I sick? Well you can say that or you can say I am a human still, with flaws and not flawless, I feel bad about what my ex-gf said, you know, I feel bad for the girls small or big, you know, some girls with small say they are always getting in last because man don't look at them and the girls with bigger "guns" say man get rude towards them besides the health issues that causes, I really feel bad about it, it's wrong we go for breast size and not smile, well I did a bit of meditation about my modus operandi in relationships lately and did figure out that I got myself going for girls with bigger assets, my last real gf had them so good that I go crazy just to think about it, guilty as charged, don't call me a pig, well I do love boobs but I know where your eyes are girls, I fight the urge to look at your "rack" with all my strength, sorry... Just Being Honest....

Well am I starting a list of assets I look in a girl, making a prototype of the perfect girl? I hope not because I have so much room to grow... But still lets recapitulate, Great personality in the top of the list, followed by Smile and Voice, those two are just so essential these two make the hair in the back of my neck stand up and ovate, ehehe, and now "Boobies", hummmm the plot thickens...

By the way is there any girl with these attributes that don't mind to date a pig like me? Eheheh kidding....

Seriously contact me... I hope to go back to Canada in the end of the month...

Kisses and Licks hope to get your nipples hard ehehe
Bye Bye
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Love your sweet voice...
Saturday, August 27, 2011
Hello for those that are probably wondering where I am, well I'm in Portugal, had to come back, got a new job in Canada just waiting for the paperwork lots and lots of red tape...
Hummm what to write this amazing morning?

Ahah got it, something that does not cease to amaze me, the human, this great machine of love and destruction, for those who know me a bit, you know I'm the class clown, the joker and very ironic, well but you may also know I'm a sweet guy and I'm lots of fun to be around with, this late days my confidence as been so good, I feel amazing, relaxed and my smile just naturally shows. I'm not super model beauty but I do have some looks and all the great things I said before, and yes I have flaws lets not go into that this is the feel good post, ok that put aside, when you feel great you go out you talk to people you don't know, make some new friends, flirt with some girls in all of that I found something amazing, there where 3 girls in the bar, so I'm in a group with 4 men and a couple, my single friends saw the girls, one of them tall blond, not a lot of tits and ass, kinda shy well lets call her "not Heidi Klum", the other 2 well, lets compare one to Beyonce and the other one with J-Lo, you get my drift they were really hot, so me and my single friends just going bananas with B and J, and ok I know is wrong to lust something just because of the looks of it, but I have eyes, what I will say is just this I also come with a HEART and MIND from factory, so we met J, B and Not Heidi Klum, and I just got floored, you know, J-lo is hearthless, cocky bitch, and my friends digging every inch of BS she was giving them, for me J-lo just got ugly, B, somebody went met her and got her to an hotel room, lets say even hookers talk to you more time before getting in bed with you, so I was there talking to my friends the couple, all the single guys that came with us talking to J-lo about how life is unimportant and you need to enjoy it, BS,so I was just getting so so bored, when "Not Heidi Klum" that was quiet the whole time, seeing me in my corner quiet too, my friends making out no one to talk too, she says "hi", there I was, J-lo bsing away, and Not Heidi Klum shows a sweet amazing german voice speeking in plain english, she just got rated up from Not Heidi Klum to Heidi plus Seal in the end of the night I just wanted her to sing me Love's Divine, she is an amazing girl, great heart we shared our own stories and talked for hours and her sweet voice and all around niceness where getting me inside, I was amazed, there are so much better atributes than tits and ass, show me your soul, show me your smile, show me yourself, I will not care about your weight, your bra size or the brand of your clothes, this is real and there are men around that come with Heart and Brains out of the factory, don't fucking think man are all the same, don't commit that mistake because like you are not all the same, you are not all Beyonces or J-los, you can still be my Heidi Klum witouth really need to show your g-string, yes J-lo g-string was very visible, well if the example I gave you was not very explicit think about the amazing story of Heidi and Seal, he does not have the looks, but man he must be such a great guy and that voice omg, I would go gay for seal, like myself I'm a not Brad Pitt but get to know me and maybe I could be or not I would be just Diego.

Ps.: Her kisses are soooooooooooo sweet too! And because she says I'm a good kisser you know what kisses to you all... 
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No title
Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Well how can I explain this... Im lonely... don't feel sad for me c'mon, just saying, I've been beaten by life more times that I can imagine, now I see myself facing the possibility of having to go back to my country Portugal, been here working for a sometime now but my temporary visa is voiding and they say that they probably not gonna accept a new one cause of some issues with my employer... Well nice... Some people said to me... oh get a girl and marry her... lol that goes so much against my own ideals so I've been taking things slow in Canada... first I can't say no girl I go out with, you know what I'm Portuguese and I'm working as a temporary in canada, she thinks right away that I'm with her for the papers and runs away.... second that has become a problem in meeting people... well people don't really want to be associated with someone who is about to go... take makes me very lonely and here I am in the online world looking for an escape, not out of my government issues my loneliness one, cause up till now, I did not know I had the paper issue... I'm just speaking to this blog page... I don't really got anyone else to speak serious... I like to keep my image as a fun guy and tend to hide my feelings... Now here I am open as ever... Karma is a bitch...
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When does the circus end?
Saturday, August 6, 2011
Oh my thank you so much for the comments, thank you, I hope you keep enjoying what I write, well today I want to talk to you about messy relationships... Hope you got your sit belts on, because I'm about to drive this car very cautiously around the block... eheh

Well Love is for me the definition of messy and peace and future and laughter and many good things, for you the ones that read my last post, don't worry I did not change my mind about the beauty of it, but to fully understand it one must know how messy love can be and still love to love it's only because the good most of the times is greater then the bad, I will not go overboard discussing it to you most of you somewhere in you lives found love and know how good can it be, and I bet once again because of this website well some of you found a partner in crime being in crazy orgy's or swinging parties and why not love as the potential for so much, but I want to talk to you about the rotten in love's apple, well how can I begin?

A question seem's about wright, do you ever felt that what the one you love say's does not match his or hers actions?

I'm talking about one that says to us, I love you, with bleach white eyes like Is only saying that to shut us up, the fucking outrage they have when they say that to our on eyes and they can see we know it's a lie by the reflection in our iris of our own heart breaking into a thousand pieces, the same sound you just heard, is probably my own heart walking down into memory lane, or probably your own, did you ever felt that?

I must say I felt it a couple of times and I know I will feel it again, humans are filthy egocentric bastards with the gift of communication, and when I say this I include myself into the bunch, because I'm not blameless sometimes I said and did things that shame my own soul, so don't thrust the writer because I can use this words to mislead you, like this people do when they say I love you to trick us, and every time that happens we feel like dogs that just got a treat we can't run from it we gave up partly our loving future to that one lying in our face we are disarmed and not dangerous at all what I ask is this how coward can one be to lie to someone like that, how selfish can that human be that he as to lie to keep a relationship going because it's a safe fuck in the end, and people wonder around saying it's our own fault because we dared to love in a world where are no rules and no conscience, reality bites, fuck yah, then let's try and make a reality that does not bite that hard on us, but then again vain stupid people make reality around us and once more we are abandoned in the arms of society that blame us to dare or to dream higher and do not blame the cunning bastard that smashed our hopes with a simple sentence, he or she had its own reasons, like the reasons for us to fall in love are that hard to understand? I don't get it sorry, and I bet plenty of you will say, well that's how life is, better luck next time, and we die and die again in a cycle of excuses for individuals who are in reality a piece of shit and get away with it. Hey to all of you that got even an ovation, eye for eye our hearts are not a toy, to all of you that got over it I bow, you are the true example of strength, for all of you that are in that kind of relationship I just hope this give the strength to get over or even either way I'm with you...

Hummm feels so good to spill the beans, hey if you are in bed reading this with somekind of marvelous IT wonder have an amazing night...
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Is it me... or is this *bs*
Wednesday, August 3, 2011
Well for many years I've been developing this opinion and I got to the point that is pretty much what applies to me, ok you can come on here and call me a certified bullshitter, but let me tell you what I'm about to say its pretty much what I do feel so hope you ready...

I must say i'm here for a reason, not just because I have to much time in my hands, I work, I do sports and I love to read, listen to music and travel so I have plenty of hobbies where I can keep my hands full, oh yes I do jerk off too and I hope because of the nature of the website nobody get offended, but the point is, I'm here to find something and don't call me promiscuous and vague with this sentence because that's what I feel, I can go out with an amazing person and have some sex and everything is great but I don't feel the connection, and don't get me wrong ladies you do that too so don't start criticizing me on this point, well but I must say, I do not judge on appearance and I don't go only for personality everything has a balance, so when I go out with someone I usually leave the door for something else open, but without expectations on what can happen of that meeting, maybe we see each other and freak out and run, maybe we go out and get some drinks and talk how bad our last relationship where and become friends, maybe we go out get some drinks and end up having sex in the dark alley behind the bar, the important part is when the night or date or whatever comes first is over we say what truly is in our hearts, you know what I want to see you again or not, no judgement, no bad excuses, nothing... You know what if you feel you are allowed to say I love you just like that, c'mon don't be hypocrites just because you should not say that "L" in the first date... People say the most stupid and rude things to each other and the moment someone starts saying I love you you see people running and hiding... It's good feel flattered if someone says that to you... I'm here to find something and the ultimate goal you bet is love, but like I usually say I love to love but a body have needs and a touch or some more between two consenting adults it's not a crime and you fucking bet could be the beginning of something beautiful... Thank you for reading this and believe me it's not *bs*, if you reading this before you go to bed do whatever you want... then have an amazing night
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