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September 2, 2019 - minus my head and 5 limbs
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4 days ago
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Stallion seeks articulate filly
Men Seeking Women
I dream of the desolation of a desert
where I may dwell free and unfettered
away from man and away from beast
and if I must to find greener grass
I will graze far from the herd
and yet I a yearn for a fine filly
lithe in limb perhaps mature with time
so I need not graze alone.
Really, out in the desert, far far off,
leave civilization. let it be far far away.
If even for a weekend for a stallion
seeking an articulate filly.
Men seeking penpals
As a personal preference I much prefer in-person relationships. I have never achieved much of anything on the Internet, but I thought to try for a couple of weeks this time. I know there are women out there who haven't had much good fortune in finding a guy who listens and knows how to communicate. Got something on your mind you would like to load on someone? I have a pretty good load capacity. Try me. And I promise not to mention the word sex unless you do. There is much more to life and much more to women. I put this in the penpal category so as not to limit myself geographically, and anyway the whole planet is my stomping ground.
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my first blog ever
Been hearing about blogs for years. Hope I don't screw this up.
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back after a 2-year hiatus
Monday, September 2, 2019
Another 2 years and still grazing alone, well not really grazing much where I am, just cactus needles out there.  It's the desert after all.  Though I consider the body all important (no body then no head no anything), it has been pointed out to me that people simply have to have a head shot and I guess I ought to show my tail also (not much for a horse but well . . . ).  All along I have been showing that torso shot from way way when I first signed up, because I thought suppose somebody recognizes me?  But dumb me, that somebody is certainly here for the same reason I am, so what's the big deal?  So okay I now post 3 additional photos to finally get with the program (after, gee, 10 years here? not dumb just super slow to catch on).  One from last January showing both my head and tail, then I had a weight loss (what horse gets fat off cactus needles?) so okay a current one from a couple of months back again with both my head and tail, and then one taken 5 days ago with my head but no tail but I still do have one and it hasn't aged one bit all these years - just that no one would mistake it for belonging to a horse.  Another thing is why do I call myself a horse?  
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5-year hiatus
Saturday, June 10, 2017
Been gone 5 years and the stallion that I am been grazing far far from familiar pastures, encountering a filly now and then, and what do you know my profile and blog are still on sexyads.  So why do I come back, well looking for a green pasture and simply no grass it seems on match and okc and pof so here I am.  I see cobwebs (?) have obscured some of my profile - I am not 35 and do not live in New York.  Need to fix that.  Phoenix now and not much grass here either, just cactus, needles all over the place and ow! my hoof just picked up one and oh that torrid heat and it will only get hotter. but I did spend some time this afternoon west of town in the White Tank to get that tan of mine on track. So I just got here, I suppose things are active, a green pasture or at least some hay, and there has to be filly here somewhere who might entertain this stallion of a headlesshorman with an articulate greeting.  I shall have to look around, see what is here, and then write some more.
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perils of free expression, perils of sex
Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Venturing here on sexyads in addition to wherever else I spent my time and presenting thoughts on a blog, as in the rest of life has its rewards as well as its downside.  I write things which may set me apart from others or at least so I hear.  In response I may hear words of admiration as well as critique and other points of view and that includes my brief stay on sexy-ads.  And there are those who attack others, which points to a reality that we really do not have free expression, that is, being able express thoughts without someone attacking us and thus inhibiting expression.  It is like being free to go about the streets at night, but we are not free if we know that we may be clobbered.  So it is characteristic of human society that we do not have freedom of expression anymore than freedom of movement.  That will always be the case until human society evolves to a sufficiently high level where there is some sort or universal respect and understanding.  I recognize the comment a couple of blogs back was no big deal but still unpleasant.  So what does all this have to do with why we are here on sexy-ads?  Well everything.  We live in a sexually repressive world.  Sexual activity has its rewards and punishment.  Society tantalizes us constantly for mercenary gain, but then clobbers us when we seek to partake of it.  Institutions exploit and sully what can be very beautiful, and individuals deceive and disappoint us.  One needs to be clever to enjoy that which is good and avoid that which may harm us.  That is why I graze apart from the herd.  I have succeeded in finding fine pastures.  I shall be here just so many more days and then retire back to these pastures.  But not alone.

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(maybe this will do something for me)
Sunday, July 10, 2011

Got up this morning and found my sexyads mailbox empty as usual (one short mail in 7 years!!), so I figured I should do things differently and then see what happens. Seven years ago I created the stallion persona thinking of interesting email exchanges. It is a metaphor. I am really not a horse nor a headless horseman. The latter (from, uh, the Legend of Sleepy Hollow) is in reference to how it's the bad guy that gets the girl, or equivalently ladies love outlaws. On another site a rare respondee commented “dumb down, sex and intelligence don't mix”. Well, yes, for her and a whole bunch of others, and I think most all men (that's where “far from the herd” comes in). So I differ. I don't mean book stuff or maybe even being articulate, but the utilization of common sense (and some brain) can make any part of life much better. Not all men behave like rats, lizards, and porcupines, and I am certain some women seek much much better but are not so fortunate in finding it. I hope that “lithe in limb” is not a problem or necessarily eliminates the voluptuous mare. Rather the more well-built mares prefer a stallion to match, and recent trials and tribulations have taken pounds off that photo I posted seven years ago. If a filly (well a woman actually) knows about trials and tribulations, that may make good fodder for us to graze over. If she has been reduced to bones but still breathes, then all the better.

I may split my pasture over Arizona and southern California and I am not adverse to email exchanges from anywhere on the planet. Those who have found whatever they are looking for don't need one such as I, but someone who has found finding someone compatible downright frustrating and who does not mind or rather prefers the utilization of common sense and some brain might find it interesting to exchange thoughts and feelings about things with me.

Some pertinent info about me. Respectful if to a fault, easy to be with, and intelligent enough not to appear so. I can come and go as I please and the world is my stomping ground. Also, single and never divorced. Never (yet) had a relationship go sour.

This is my first time to post in a blog. I think this is the right place for this. I may delete it after a few days if they allow it. I am not terribly Internet literate.

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I always live in the wrong place at the wrong time lol..I used to live in Phoenix a very long time ago just so you understand what I meant lol..Good luck in finding what you are looking for..
Added: Tuesday, August 9, 2011 8:18pm
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