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Passion for Jananese gardens.
Monday, May 2, 2011
At the weekend we attended a garden party at a friends over in Lincolnshire. It was quite breezy but sunny so all concerned seemed to have had a good time.

A lot of the talk was of the royal wedding and as is often the case at these gatherings there were a few that thought they were better than others simply because they were actually at the event in London. 

An amusing moment occurred in the afternoon when a lady took great delight in telling me that she had just seen my husband heading off towards the Japanese garden with a very elegant looking woman. When I expressed no concern she suggested that I should keep a tight hold on the purse strings fearing they may be torn from my grasp. I have been married to his Lordship  for a number of years now but unless you actually have the right blood running through your veins one is always regarded as an in-poster. It also turned out that this woman who was so concerned about my well being was a good friend of his Lordships previous wife and so there lies her motive. Either that or she wanted my chair.

I find it quite amusing how people place such restrictions on their marriages, it's no wonder that so many fail. The way we view it is that we are there to meet each others demands and anything left over should be shared. If I'd gone chasing off in to the Japanese garden with all guns blazing we would probably have had an almighty fall out and spent the weekend sulking and all for nothing. As it turned out this woman was actually the designer of the garden and was giving him advice on what it needed to make such a garden in our own grounds. Had there been advances of another nature then he would have told me about them just as I have told him about the encounter I had with my young admirer - we actually have very good sex after discussing such encounters. So whatever anyone thinks about us being so liberal it pays to play and not fight over it.
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A young man's fancy.
Friday, April 29, 2011
It would seem that I have a secret admirer - well actually not so secret anymore. It must be nearly two months now when one evening I was on my way to the kennels which are round the back of the stables on the way to which one has to pass by the gardeners bothy which is now rented accommodation due to the fact that we no longer employ as many gardeners as in times past. Anyway sitting on the wall as I passed by was a young man extremely engrossed in some seemingly wonderful gadget. I think I would have passed by un-noticed had I not chosen to politely say 'hello' and add 'that looks like a jolly absorbing gadget you have there'. It seems I push all the right buttons all in the right order because for the next ten minutes I was given a full demonstration as to what can be done with a Tablet PC which apparently is how all laptops are going to be in the future. When he said this it reminded me of something that was bothering me about mine and more in an attempt to break free of the very informative encounter than to request any sort of action I mentioned to him that I kept on getting this error message on my laptop. He said it was probably something or other that made heads nor tails to me and that was it, I was soon on my way to the kennel's once more.

Then the next day Coleman (my husbands man) came to inform me that there was a young gentleman at the door enquiring if I would like him to take a look at my computer. We do have a guy who sees to the computers in the office so I was going to let him take a look next time he was here, but being a bit of a soft touch and not wanting to disappoint I said for him to show the boy from the bothy  through to the drawing room. Surprisingly he had the situation sorted out in no time at all and totally refused any recompense for his troubles.

I didn't see any signs of him again until last Monday when I'd drained the windscreen washer reservoir trying to clear pigeon poo from the windscreen. I was round at the stable yard where the cars are garaged and as the guy who looks after my car was away I was attempting to fill up the reservoir myself. Once I discovered how to get under the bonnet it was pretty straight forward locating the right opening as they all had pictures on the caps. The problem came when trying to remove it and I was just about to give up when I became aware of someone behind me and so I turned to see Colin (the boy from Bothy Cottage). Once again he sorted me out and even reeled in the hosepipe.

The next encounter and the one of most concern occurred last night. I collected the dogs and was off along the back lane when I was joined by Colin who said he was off to the village to see a mate. I wasn't really bothered at this point other than I like to be on my own with the dogs but it isn't far to the village so I undertook the walk and the company with good nature chatting mostly about the royal wedding. It wasn't until we reached the gates where we were due to part company that a quite extraordinary thing happened. I went to open the gate to the path I was to take when said with slight hesitation, 'Miss, I really fancy you'.
I turned to look at him and wasn't sure what to say other than question why on earth he would be interested in an old married woman like me. On hearing this it seemed that he felt the need to highlight his point which he did most magnificently by grabbing his penis through his trousers thus demonstrating the extent of his quite considerable fancy for me!. Goodness only knows what had got him so excited, one can only assume he had been playing some form of ball sport as we walked along. Even when he let go of it there was no hiding the fact that he was in a very uncomfortable predicament in the trouser department. I know I should have crushed him flat there and then but I couldn't. I had crushes when I was his age and I can remember the pain and frustration a slap down can be, it can be something that stays with you all your life. So I told him that it was very flattering that I young guy like him finds me so attractive and that he needed to go somewhere and take care of 'that' and think about what his attraction to me would involve not only with me being a well catered for married woman but also his parents landlord. Hopefully when he thinks about it with his head and not his penis he will come to a sensible conclusion.
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Twists and turns.
Tuesday, April 26, 2011
I lay in bed this morning and I couldn’t help but wonder how life twists and turns. When I unwrapped the present from my husband at the breakfast table on Christmas morning I was beside myself when I discovered there was no Gucci bag or maybe some fine jewellery, instead there was this ridiculous laptop that I was never going to use. When returning to my room later I actually flung the darn thing on the bed in a fit of pique my very being so damaged by the thought behind it. After showering I lay on the bed relieving the pent up tension in my body and it was then that it came to me the idea of making sure next Christmas was not akind this one. If things go to plan it won’t bother me what presents I receive. As my feelings came to a climax I felt the touch of the laptop still lying where it had landed and then the idea came upon me to use it to keep a record of my planned journey. I wasn’t thinking at the time of broadcasting it to the whole world, that came later in the day when my husband got me connected to the internet and I searched online for some form of software for the purpose of keeping my diary.
Well the thing is that from those early steps to this moment my laptop has become my constant companion, I even found myself caressing it last night as we watched the TV. Many of my thoughts throughout the day surround what I am going to write in my next entry.
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Mr Busby's Chest.
Monday, January 24, 2011

Today I had Mr Busby come to view my chest. I had already given him entry to the house when Helen appeared huffing and puffing from where ever Helen comes from on such occasions. I had been forewarned of his arrival several minutes earlier so I was able to be on hand to greet him. I have to confess to having been looking forward to such an encounter so as we walked together up the stairs we chattered and I did my utmost to flirt whist he did his best to remain calm and under control. The stairs to the third floor are narrower so I allowed him to follow me revelling in my decision to wear a shortish black skirt under which I wore pantihose but no panties. I could have had the chest taken down for him to view but I suspect the viewing would have been far less exciting or charged with anticipation. I opened the door and showed him through in to the mess amongst which the chest was residing. He was obviously taken by what he saw, in fact he seemed far to interested in the chest so I manoeuvred myself around in front of him and crouched down, his eyes now focused on what they were supposed to be enjoying and not some dusty old leather covered chest. I asked if it met his requirements, he responded with an affirmative answer so I stood up and suggested we talk about the price. I am very English when it comes to bartering so hoped he would just give me the asking price but he did not, only offering half of what I wanted. As the proceeds from the sale of the chest were destined to be used to refurbish my room I obviously wanted as much as I could get for it. He saw I was reluctant and surprised me a little with his next offer,

I realise I am being a little hard so how about I give you 150 for the chest and another 150 to take you over that antique chest of draws”?

Oh Mr Busby, I was beginning to think you were gay”.

To acknowledge my enthusiasm for the new deal I reached forward for his cock which on touching led me to believe that Mr Busby was more interested in me than he had been letting on. He wasted no time in executing the deal, forcing my hips in to the hard wooden surface as he applied himself deep within me. On conclusion he handed over the money, picked up the chest as I made myself presentable before escorting him back down the stairs. If I have any more desirable items that I think he may be interested in I have to let him know.

Some of the people who write to me privately have asked what games his Lordship and I enjoy playing, well the above was the game we played today. Everything occurred as described even the handing over of the cash, the only thing not real was Mr Busby, he was played by my husband. This actually came about from watching Antiques Road Show last night where there was a chest on view similar to the one I had in the junk room. When I told my husband of this he decided he had a use for such an item so I suggested he made me an offer so on the way back from his rounds he called to say that a Mr Busby was arriving shortly to view the chest, I of course new what this meant.

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Last week updates.
Sunday, January 23, 2011
I have had quite a hectic few days since my last post. I started the week trying to get some of the things sorted out in the room that I am claiming as my own but after the discovery of a few items that may or may not be of value i.e. an old computer that no one can get to work because it is suspected that there maybe some kind of disc missing, my husband has decided that before anything is removed I need to go through everything with an expert to decided what is of any value so at the moment I am waiting for the expert who is due on Tuesday afternoon.

On Wednesday we had a shoot. I use the term 'we' loosely as I will be no part of it and usually spend the day out with a friend. By the way I will just point out that 'a shoot' in this instance has nothing to do with my husband indulging himself with his photographic hobby, the shoot I refer to in this instance is the kind where they spend the day driving round the estate shooting Pheasant and such like.

Talking of my husbands interest in photography I said I would try and tempt him to get a few photographs of the shoes and dress I purchased last weekend, well after lunch last Sunday we did venture out in to the grounds although I would not have been so keen had I realised how cold it was, it certainly reminded me of the things I don't miss about modelling.

It was the ribbon feature that attracted me to these shoes.
 How cool is that wall!!
 Rear view.

I think I also promised to tell you about our fun night out last Saturday however the time has passed now and seems hardly worth a mention any more so you must forgive me for withdrawing that promise.

At the risk of sounding behind the time does anyone know what a 'finger pot' is? I thought I did but as with many things these days it now would appear to have a new meaning. We were away visiting friends for a few days after the shoot and they have the most unruly boy you can imagine, he is a positive menace. I say boy, these days anyone under twenty is a boy to me, in this particular case the boy is seventeen but acts more like seven. I always consider my step children to be rather lacking in their manners at times but they are angels compared to this boy. I can only put it down to him being spoilt by his parents which is even more confusing as they are the most wonderful people.

Well I think that has just about brought you up to date with things, I hope you are all enjoying a pleasant weekend.
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fancy a chat?in the bedroom
Added: Wednesday, April 27, 2011 10:53am
hi, from  Hpool, would love to chat n get to know you

Bri xx
Added: Sunday, March 13, 2011 3:50am

Candles, bottle of wine, my sketch pad and you.

Added: Tuesday, February 8, 2011 4:11pm
Added: Thursday, January 13, 2011 12:50pm
Hi Sienna,

Thanks for your blogs makes for interesting.  Write back or come into Chat which is free in here and lets talk in there.  I am tall, dark and mysterious.

Spk soon I hope.

madguy2 xx
Added: Monday, January 10, 2011 12:10pm
Love the coat! Can i stroke your fur????????? mmmmmmmmmm....XXXXXX
Added: Monday, January 10, 2011 4:29am
What does a man need to do to be able to stare into those lovely eyes over a candle lit dinner??? XX
Added: Monday, January 10, 2011 4:27am
wow great pics stunning looking lady lovely love joe xx
Added: Monday, January 10, 2011 2:23am
 a true beauty

would love to get to know you

take care

john xx
Added: Sunday, January 9, 2011 11:13am
gorgeous,sexy, young heart school girl.
Added: Saturday, January 8, 2011 5:09pm
you are beautiful!
Added: Saturday, January 8, 2011 7:05am
not only does whitby have the best fish and chips..it seems, the best looking women as well!!! sy hi soon hun! 
Added: Friday, January 7, 2011 6:34am
WOW! You are Seriously attractive! XX 
Added: Thursday, January 6, 2011 12:00pm
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