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The Beach
Monday, February 16, 2009

We are walking along the soft golden beach, listening to the squalling sound of the gulls as they fly overhead. The sun tortuously hot on our sun-kissed flesh and the sand warm as it presses between our toes. It is so very sensual here.

We are walking along the waters edge and looking out to the ocean. It is so bright and clear, so strong and commanding.

I point out to sea and whisper to you, 'See how the sun reflects and sparkles on the water surface?'

'see its beauty and raw power'

You look and follow my gaze, feeling the waves lap at your ankles, enveloping you in coolness.

I take your hand and turn you to me, to look deeply into your eyes. Smiling at you at what you are about to experience from me, a half smile that plays erotically on my lips.

Feel my fingers lightly caressing on your cheek as I stroke there; my lips glinting in the sunlight with moistness as I lick across them seductively for you. I see you watching me and I can taste the my own saltiness.

I want to taste how salty you are too!

Watch me now as I move my face slowly closer to you, placing my cheek on yours, rubbing lightly and whispering in your ear. Letting you know just how I am feeling for you right now.

Listen to my voice so sultry, husky and honeyed in tone.

I feel your indrawn breath, as my hands move now insistent on you; and I pull you closer, with one hand on your right hip, warm and strong, electrifying.

I feel no resistance in you, only excitement as I watch your breasts rise and fall.

Yet now your hands move on me and touch my feminine curves my lover

feeling my sides and thighs.........my skin silky and smooth for you..

so very inviting and femme, as I sway my hips gently.

One hand moving on your back to stroke the length of your spine, making you quiver slightly as goose bumps invade your body

Feel the harshness of my nails as I scrape them up your spine and press my palm firmly on you shoulder to draw you to me

my face moving now so I can look into your eyes once again....the reflection of the sea and the sun in my pupils...pupils so dark......dilated in passion for you

Danger lurks there...dangerous desires and wantoness, as my tongue flicks now to sensually taste you

I explore you, my nervousness and inexperience apparent, my eagerness and desire overriding me

Feel my tongue on your lips, warm and sultry, to delve and plunder in loves embrace as I stroke it along the roof of your mouth then suck deeply to inhale your scent

to learn, to explore in curiosity and passion, to love you....your scent intoxicating my senses such are my desires, my wants and needs

I now feel your eagerness and your tormented desire as you pull me roughly to you..

your hands firm on my naked butt.....the skin taught and smooth beneath your touch, my muscles clenching...

We are naked you and I...just the two of us on this secluded beach

with no one to see us.....just you and I, the sea and sand, the wind and the sun

and the gulls flying overhead....such serenity and tranquility, broken only by our gasps of pleasure and desire as our bodies scream for sexual release

I can feel your nails on me, hard now...and I gasp with pleasure

I am so incredibly excited by your touch....

and so sensually aware as the water continues to lap cooly on our feet, inviting in its grip.....

I whisper to you again

'Let us lay down in the surf my lover.....'

and you agree with me honey...I smile at you as I watch tht predatory gleam in your eyes

We slowly lay down in the soft surf, the water now lapping our sides as we face each other and gaze on each other in mutual admiration

no inch unseen.....I am blushing slightly under your gaze

Watch my teeth gleaming white and strong though as I flash a quick smile at you again, before I move my head slowly to capture your lips in mine once more

My hand caressing your sides and hips, moving from thigh to knee and back again.

I dip my fingers in the sea and trail cool droplets on you...letting them trickle over u, tickling the fine
hairs on your body........the motion of the surf as it ebbs and flows, swaying us closely together .......
gently rocking us

my kiss deepens and I feel you biting on my tongue, capturing it....ensnaring and holding me

and then you suck and our tongues entwine in a kiss full of fire

I press my hips closely to you and we move as one in rythhm, my right leg lifting to circle your waist...long and firm, to hold you tight, seductively

My thigh so strong and firm and young...quivering with excitement

Feel the juices of my pussy as they slowly press on you, so warm in contrast to the coolness of the sea

our clits pressing closely against each other, and rubbing in harmony

your hands strong on me now; strong and insistent..becoming feverish and demanding as you pull me to you quite roughly

Our breasts pushing in close, our nipples raised from the cool water lapping sensually on them

I am writhing in your embrace, begging for you to take me and make me yours and my hips are moving fluidly on you.... pushing closer, begging, wanting....

My legs wrapping tighter to you, as you now kiss me down my neck and nip me there, branding me with your kiss, making me yours

Your hand moving to my breast, firmly, obvious in intent.....searching my nipple so ripe and erect, so large; and you feel it in your finger and thumb and begin to stroke it and squeeze me

oh god... and it feels so good my lover as I arch myself to you more and tell you I need you to take me, my hands moving to cup your buttocks and to rub them....pulling us closer

as I try to lick your shoulders...hotly, fiercely...and my hands are insistent as I move them from your butt to your sides and push them between our tightly pressed tummies....intending to take your pussy in my grasp...

But...our hands come down swiftly to take mine in yours, startling me ...and you push me over so you are on top of me and I am in the surf

You force my arms above my head as you move your mouth down to take my nipple fully in your mouth to suck on me hard

Your weight pressing me to the sand and the water pushing you so you rock up and down on me, erotically sensual....

and now you realease my hands allowing you freedom to onslaught my body, running your hands down my upper arms and along my sides, just brushing the soft curve of my breasts as they continue down to my hips and you hold me tight

My hands are on you, uncertain yet intent on fullfillment and I tell you I want you to turn around now,
I am insistent

I watch you now, my breathing so quick, soft moans escaping me and you turn to straddle across my face

and I can see your pussy glinting at me as I raise my head slowly to take your swollen clit on my mouth

to suck hard and to roll my tongue over its sweet nub

and in the same instant I feel your head bending between my thighs to take me and suck me too, my hips raised high so you are not too deep in the surf, taking your weight now

oh I can feel your hips moving on my face now, pushing onto me as I let my tongue skim and lick you..and I try to press it firmly inside of you to taste you...so sweet, so lovely

my hips rising again now to meet your warm mouth, as I move under you and you run your hands from my ankles, up my calves and along my inner thighs

Feel how I quiver beneath you and move and sway my hips. My legs opening wider for you, inviting you

I can feel your fingers on me as you bite on my clit and suck hard, your tongue licking and pleasing me...tortuous and erotic and the cool water is flowing up my legs and to my warm moistness

Feel with your fingers how very wet I am my lover...and let them stroke and play and tease me to submissionas I continue to lick you and suck you too, arching up so much that my nipples are pushed into your tummy

and I judder and cry out now as you push your fingers inside of me feeling my velvety depths and stroking me inside like fiery rods.......my pussy so wet

my fingers moving, and trembling in their exploration of you as I follow your lead and I play them at your vaginastroking and flicking them quickly as I continue to suck you...pushing my fingers into you now, as my free hand holds your butt still, so you dont pull away

and I feel you bearing down on me as we move, so in tune

fucking each other, tasting and biting....groaning and writhing in the cool surf

fucking and bucking, increasing the speed and the tempo now

our bodies hot and flushed...sweaty in the cool water

our breath and moans as one...as we are tangled as one...as you fuck me hard now

and I respond to fuck you harder

Feel how good it is my lover, so closely pressed to one another

no sounds but us in the sea together, our groans and cries mingled with the gulls as I raise myself now and you thrust into me hard and fast and deep and I cry out your name

bucking and crying for you as I come so fucking hard, sooooo delightfully hard

and I temble now, my legs bucking and my thighs clenching hard on your head

as you lick on my clit, pulsing in your mouth, sucking my juices that gushed with my cumming

and I fuck you hard now...my fingers moving in and out of you so very fast, harder and harder...faster and faster

and I stroke inside of you and play and tease, pausing momentarily...heightening your awareness of me...making you want me, to beg me for release

making you move your hips on me in demand and so I move my fingers again now, firmly, intently...flicking them so fast deeply inside of you and pulling them back to the entrance of your vagina to play and tease some move...my movements fiery now as I become the aggressor and fuck hard again, pumping you, thrusting deeply into you some more

Feeling your muscles tight on me and feeling you as you come on my fingers...........and..... in that same instant I come again and my juices so warm and silky gush to you

and you take them in your mouth again and suck on them hard, drinking me as I drink on you

and now our embrace changes slightly to a tender caress in the aftermath of loving, our flesh still quivering and warmth burning inside of us and between our legs....

our breathing hot and flurried, our bodies flushed with excitement as you turn now to face me, smiling. I return your smile and we become aware of the sounds around us once more, of people far in the distance, as we stroke each other and hold one another close.

We kiss once more.......with our dreams and memories held in our hearts........in loves sweet embrace.

The End

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Two Thumbs Up
Monday, February 16, 2009

It's playing....the movie that is. You beg me to come and see it, and it's on the screen. Laughter fills the room, too bad it doesn't include yours. The only thing on you mind is me. I act as if I don't know you are fixated on me and my lusciousness.

So basic torture is at hand. Your nails scratching the inside of your thighs, and your teeth grinding your bottom lip. I snicker to myself, it's funny. Better than the movie, to know you want me right now. Your a real good actress I give you two thumbs up.

I start to realize how impatient you are getting with me. You start sliding your fingers around my neck. Damn You, you always did know how to get me moist in my special place. So I ACT as if this isn't affecting me much, though I can feel the sweet colors flowing down my legs. You lean in for a gentle kiss on the invisible line you have traced on my neck. I melt, I shiver, I just completly die. No point in acting anymore, it's a little bad anyway. I decide to take over from this point.....

Lifting the armrest, I lay you down as quick as possible. You asked for it, yeah; you bout to get it. I try to resist those beautiful lips of yours, both sets, but you asked for it. I lay across to get to the first set, the top. I let my tongue slide across yours. I tongues meet, wrestling, I pin you. You laugh at me. I laugh back. I slowly bite your bottom lip, and move away. You pull me back wanting to devour my lips. You suck hard on my bottom lip, letting me know that you really want it. So I decide to get to it.....

As your blouse slowly gets unbuttoned, the laughter from the movie turns me to the screen. Your moans, quickly aware me of what the situation at hand is. I bring my face down to your now harden nipples, and lick around every square inch of your sweet passion. You shiver and squirm; and invite myself for more. Your body so lovely under the movie's glare. Your moan, an added attraction. As my tongue moves down your body towards your stomach, you get louder and louder. I place my hands over your lips, reminded you that the movie does not include a sex scene at all.

I flick my tongue around in your belly button, and play with the little jewels dangling from it, and nibble on the little hairs you have there. You grab my hair, yea I know that's your spot babi, you don't have to remind me. I slowly move down, and you assist me with your forceful hands pushing on my head towards your moist wett pussy. I finger you real slow, pushing and pulling with gentle strokes. You grind your hips to the movement, real slow and sexy like. I stroke a little harder now, you grind harder. I feel the moistness of my pussy running down my legs, can't hold it back anymore, I'm tired of torturing you, I want it, more than ever now.

My tongue enters you, real steady, real slow. I work your clit like an ice-cream cone. Teasing the little nub, up and down my tongue goes, not caring about anyone or anything but making you cum. I feel you gyrate on my tongue, shit you turn me on. I go faster, and faster. It's like the laughs and claps move to the beat of my tongue. Then everything else just fades out. I see or hear no one. I only feel your presence. Your moans, intoxicating. You moves, vigarating. Your pussy, stimulating. I force myself in to your walls.

I taste your 6 colored insides, every color a different flavor for the picking. A meal fit for a queen and her queen. You rub my face into you, I feel the warmness of your beautiful insides. I crave for more, licking you until I hear your backbone pop. You ride my tongue as I go deeper and deeper into you. I can feel it......can you feel it? Your.....cumin, real hard and fast. Your juices flow, but not farther than my mouth as every drop touches my lips. You sit up fast, and whisper sweetly in my ear.."I want to ride you face, I'm not through with you yet."

Doing as I'm told I lay on my back, and glide your hips up to my face. You sit your wettness, right on my lips. You ride, ride, ride, real slow like. Holding on to the chair as best you can, you ride me face, and my tongue flicks all around on your clit. You slighty mumble my name, and keep.....riding. Then a surprise to me, I feel your hands slide up my skirt. You slide you fingers into me, real assertive like. I gasp and moan out loud. The vibrations from my moan, flow up your pussy walls, and you moan just as loud.

Yous shadow, your riding body, cascading off the back of the movie theater. You want me to cum, cum hard. I feel it cuming, but I don't want this moment to be over. I try to hold it back, but it's kicking my ass. You grind your pussy harder, your fingers faster, my tongue goes quicker, moans get louder, we both get wetter. Then, and then my rolling credits. Signaling the end of me, and that which is sain, flows right down my thighs. You lick me up, finger to finger. I flinch, you sigh, we end, as does the movie. We fix ourselves up, and begin to exit, as best we could, the movie theater. You walk in front me, laughing to yourself..then you turn around, and give me TWO THUMBS UP, and say "when is the sequel"......

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