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my punishment
Dressed in an emerald green bustier trimmed in black lace ,fishnet thigh highs with seems even down the back, matching thongs and black stilettos ,,,,,, looking in the mirror I put the final touches on my makeup and hair …reaching to the jewelry box I remove my final pieces of my attire….. I slide on my bracelet ,put in my earrings and loving buckle my collar (the item I love most as it marks me as yours ) around my neck attaching a silver and gold and bronze 6 strand leash to the hoop in the front then thru the hoops on my wrists one strand of each color on either side hanging an glittering against my alabaster skin…. Glancing once more to the mirror I’m ready and I walk steadily out the door down the hall and into your presence you are standing with your back to me looking at the stars from the balcony, the French doors standing open with the breeze rustling the sheer curtains, your silhouette outlined by the fullness of the moon……. You are wearing only a pair of jeans un buttoned at the top, feet and torso bare and as I gaze upon you I still shiver with longing and anticipation of things to come… un consciously I moan, wanting to touch you, you turn and look me in the eyes and smile knowingly ….. I bow my head in reverence and glide down to the plush carpet on my knees as you walk forward and touch my face rubbing your thumbs across my full lips, my lips part and you slip a finger in an I suckle you, looking into your dark mesmerizing eyes …..“awww My baby wants to play tonight don’t you?”…… I nod…… you other hand grabs my hair and pulls my head back ……….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yessssssss I moan…….. You smile……..”my baby’s been a bad girl.. Haven’t you?” again I nod…”Then my baby needs punished doesn’t she?” “PLEASE sir” I beg in a breathless whisper….. Pushing me gently to all fours… you secure the strands of the leash together and begin to lead me to our play room……. You lead me to what looks like a gymnastics horse but lower to the ground( just perfect for what you have in mind for my punishment tonight) and the handles aren’t in the middle they are on the sides but on the front you gently but firmly command me to bend across the horse … hands grabbing the handles … legs spread wide… you cuff my hands and legs in position and grab my hair and pull my head to one side lick down my neck tracing my spine to the edge of the bustier and back up and then bite down hard marking my neck …….. I scream in painful ecstasy………… you suckle my neck soothing the pain .... As always with the pain you give pleasure.. You begin to unlatch each hook and eye on the back of my bustier and you kiss every new piece of flesh bare as you part the fabric of my bustier …my back is now bare and you trace a line with your fingers down my spine to my thongs … bound in stilettos, thongs and thigh highs you suddenly snatch the thongs and rip them off…And slap down on my ass cheeks hard leaving hand prints clearly outline in pink ….I squeal in surprise…..gently you rub……now you reach for the almond oil you have on the counter and warm it in your palms then you slowly sensually massage it into my shoulder my back my buttocks spreading my cheeks wide you pour some my crack and spread it with knowing fingers along my tight anal opening massaging and pressure massaging and pressure you reach back to the counter and get a finger vibrator and put it on your other hands finger …. Pouring more oil down my crack you continue to massage and then reach the other hand to my clit with the vibrator on slow…. Leaning and whispering in my ear ……… do not cum until I say u can…… now you insert a well oiled finger in my tight anus….. I moan…… “my baby” you whisper “ I ve waited long enough.. Your anal virginity is mine to take tonight an take it I shall” …. Yes sir….please sir I want to feel your hard cock deep in my ass sir“… I beg as the vibrations running through my clit almost send my to orgasm……. “oh no my baby …. that’s the beauty of your punishment …….by the time my cock fills four ass you’ll be begging for more before it begins “ some where along the line you had rid yourself of your jeans and was naked as the day you were born and you stroked your cock along my slit and up to my anal opening pushing the head gently in “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so tight “ you withdrawal and then replace your cock with something hard yet smooth and the pressure builds as you slowly insert a small but plug deep into my rectum “ OH GOD” as it pops into place you caress my clit with the vibrator again almost sending me to orgasm……NO .. you command as you feel the pulsing of my pussy against your finger as you now push the fingers of one hand deep into my as the other vibrates on my clit….. I’m begging PLEASE… you stop and smack .. Smack . Smack. On my ass the blows jarring the plug in my rectum….. You then stop and move away and come back with two metal balls which you place into my vagina “ now my baby be a good girl and don’t let those fall “ my muscle tighten and pull them in they clang together and send vibrations shooting deep into my pussy almost sending me over I scream…… and untighten they fall I tighten hard to keep them in again. Everytime it begins again and again…. Then I feel your body against my back as your cock joins into the torture sliding against my clit and my asshole….. You reach down and pull the but plug out, pour some more lube down my crack and replace it with yet a bigger plug….stretching my rectum to accommodate …. The pain pleasure exquisite in its intensity……….. Again you bite down on my shoulder and neck suckle and bite marking me as yours.. Yet low enough to just tease another if they catch a glimpse of my marks and make them wonder if they really saw teeth marks Or if it was a trick of light……the sensations in my puss y of the beng wong balls clanging together has me panting and begging for release again you slide your body forward and your cock slides partially into my wet cunt and my cunt welcomes the invasion with hard cinch that almost drops me to my knees and if it was for my weight on the horse id be in the floor…. You slide out and un do my bonds and carry me to the bed where you place me in the center and begin to massage the front of my body removing my stilettos and thigh highs…… spreading my legs wide you remove the beng wong balls and replace them with your tongue but only for a minute when I beg for release……. You then sit back bringing me over you now pleasure you man you command but DO NOT cum my lips find yours and we kiss passionately as i tell u how much I love you…. I lick and suck and bite my way down to your cock and take you deep down my throat in one single motion…… your hand reach to my hair and force my mouth up and down faster and faster as you fuck my face making me gag and choke yet not stopping my pussy is unconsciously riding along your leg drenching you in its juices … you stop and command me to clean u I lick my juices from you now ride me but mind you DO NOT cum…. I straddle you and slide down your length you grab my hips and slam me onto you cock I scream as my body begs to bring for the its release I beg you to s top as you slam up into me OH SIR please let me cum let me cum now” You hand come down hard on my ass smack smack smack I tell you when to cum…….smack smack jerking my hair back you piston into my dripping pussy and suddenly when I think I can hold no longer you stop………and slide me off whimpering in frustration……… “ spread your legs u command play with your self not your clit calm yourself ‘… while I do this you look on jerks your cock with each stroke of my pussy … face down u command…… I comply immediately arms wide legs spread….. You place a pillow under my lower regions and slip a remote controlled vibrator with a clit stimulator under me into my vagina and against my clit ….. You retrieve the oil and and massage more onto my anal opening as u slide the p lug out yet again… inserting two the three fingers you finger fuck my ass as the vibrator was set on internitten to come on and off every few seconds you oil your cock and stroke it my orgasm is building to a frenzy now I’m begging pleading for release and as I feel you cock slide against my asshole I know I cant hold out I beg you to fuck my ass a you slide your cock into my tight virgin ass you whisper “ CUM NOW baby “ and you fuck my tight ass hole hard as I orgasm my tremmors sending you over as well your teeth clamp on my neck and my body explodes with yours…………………… finally spent ( for the moment) we lay holding each other…. You whisper your punishment is not over yet my baby” I smile ….. I LOVE YOU
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perfect night
Wednesday, November 17, 2010
Strains of a soft sensual music drift into the room, I walk around the room lighting fragant candles
setting the scene of seduction.Soft restaints have been attached to the bed , chair ,and to a
ceiling hook . Feathers, massage oils , body paints/brushes and various pleasure enhancing toys
are placed around the room. The bed is covered in black rose petals over a blood red satin
sheets, the patio doors are open to let the sound of the ocean waves crashing into the room .the
wind making the curtains billow and the candles flicker, champagne and strawberries chilling... I
step back and observe .. perfect.
Now I walk to the bath that takes up the corner of the room .. mirrors everywhere... I turn the
water on and pour in some neroli oil the floral citrus scent a seduction in itself permiates the
room. i remove my robe twist my hair into a knot and step into the bath slowly washing my
body, shaving my legs, preparing my body for my lover's return.I hear the door open and look
up as he enters the room .. a slow smile spreading across his face as he takes in the scene
before him. As he crosses the room undressing as he goes he steps over to the wine bucket
and pours a class of champagne. He picks up a ripe juicy strawberry and bites in to it as he
walks the last steps to the tub and takes a sip of his champagne as he watches me stroke my
skin with my loofah the bubbles trailing down my breasts. He reaches out and traces the path
the bubbles follow and when he reaches my nipple he pinches softy... I moan... he pinches
harder ... I moan louder...... he stops and steps back leaning casually , naked against the wall ,
the only sign of his arousal is the ever harding of his beautiful cock... looking him in the eyes I
stand the water cascading off my body the balls of moisture still clinging to me as I step from
the tub... his eyes ever following my movements and I see his cock jerk in aproval . I reach for a
towel but he is already there holding it out for me.... I step into his waiting arms and feel like I've
just stepped into heaven, god how I've missed his touch. He towels me dry and then reaches for
the oil ....pour a generous amount into his palms and begins to massage it into my skin ... his
large hands slidng
eroticly across my body missing nothing .. our eyes never leaving each others as he leaves evry
inch tingling with need when he is though......
Slowly I press my body against his and kiss his shoulder and begin licking my way down his
body as i slide to the floor on my knees.... looking up i tease him with my teeth and tongue till
he grabs my hair and forces me down on his cock choking me in his hast.... tears come to my
eyes as I'm forced down on his member gagging me but I take him deep..... his yes close and
his head falls back as he begins to fuck my face .... hipps pistoning into me hand holding my
head giving me no options but to take him... harder deeeper ... I take him all... sucking as hard as
I can licking ... stroking his balls..... with one final deep thrust he spills into my waiting mouth
filling it till it spills from the side and slide down my chin I glup and swallow as much as
possible..... " You are such a bad girl wasting me like that.... Now you must be punished my
love .... "
Holding out his hand he helps me to my feet and leads me to the center of the room where the
restraints hang from the ceiling and he restrains my hands above my head.... " Such a bad lil
He spreads my legs as far as I can stand " Do not for any reason close your legs unless I say
you can"..... " yes my love I breath" ..... slowly he begins to caress my body making me whimper
in need as he slide his fingers along my clit and pinches.... slap his hand comes down hard on my
ass then he caresses the sting away......... again..... again....... my pussy clinches with every slap
sending gushes of moisture now running down my legs..... he reaches out and gets the nipple
clamps and places them on my nipples closing them slowly ... I moan ... he opens the
clamps ... I moan again ... and snap he releases them on my nipples and I scream as pleasure
invades my body..... Do not cum my love not until your pussy is wrapped around my dick..... I
whimper.... oh and that will be a long time coming my darling.........he gets the feather and begins
his torture again ....... me begging and pleading to cum but he is relentless in his task ..... over
and over he brings me to the point of esctasy only to deny me ..... I'm limp with sexual frustation
when he leases me from my restraints only to lead me to the bed where he ties me face
down .... and begins again teasing my asshole gently readying me for his cock to replace the
toys hes using ….. again. he brings me time after time to the brink only to deny me..... he raises
me up placing pillows under my stomach and begins to enter my tight ass inch by inch he enters
me and begins to fuck me tender flesh reaching under me he rubbs my clit harder and harder
making me begg to cum
........... alll the while he whispers in my ear you wanna cum my bitch........ beg daddy... lil
whore..... I beggg and beggg ..... yet no he wont relent harder and harder he fucks my ass....
then suddeny he stopps and gets off me... NO i scream plzzzzz he undoes my restraints and
rolls me over stands over me and jerks his cock in my face looking in my pleading eyes .......
"masterbate for me slut" he stops stroking his cock and walks to the table and gets the nipple
clamps again and comes back and places them on my nipples and begins to pull on them and
says rub the pussy bitch.... i rub my pussy ...... fingering myself pinching my clit trying hard not
to cumm with each stroke he grabs my hands and stops me and raise them to his lips and
begins to lick my juices off my fingers my pussy feels it right to the core clinching tightly with
each stroke of his tongue ... finally he moves between my legs and rubbs his cock against my
hole it coats his head with moisture as a wash of juices gush out at the touch of him against my
clit ..... Ready to cum whore...... yes i whimper plzzzz... barely the head goes in the he jerk out...
I scream in frustration and he falls over me his body touching mine from breast to hips his cock
teasing my clit as he slides up against it time after time after time ... me begging for release.....
he looks at me and then bends his head and licks my neck then in one long swoop he says now
CUM for me my lovely lil slut... and bites deeply into my neck as his cock slams into my wet
I scream in esctasy as my body convulses in orgasm after orgasm washes over me as he slams
into my wanting pussy over and over until he too screams in pleasure....... Thats my beautiful
bitch........ spent he pulls me into his arms and turn til he's half over me looking into my
eyes...... I LOVE YOU we both say at the say time......and we both know forever will never be
long enough........
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Thursday, October 7, 2010
Folding laundry in the back room where I work as a hotel desk clerk , a loud noise startles me and I glance up to the cameras to see if I see anything out of the ordinary. Noticing nothing I went back to folding and I heard I again so this time I went to investigate. Walking slowly down the first hallway nothing , the second again nothing , third the same but when I came to the fourth hallway the safety lights and the hall lights were out so now I know it was the bulbs popping that I heard. Still a bit aprehensive. I go to the utility closet to get my supplies and then go to change the first set of lights
Walking slowly down the dark corridor my mind is racing, my heart starts pounding , it is like an instinctive warning of danger that I just know is there. Suddenly out of nowhere an arms snakes out and grabs me from behind, a hand clamps over my mouth, dragging me fighting into a room.
The room is in total darkness and I feel a knife to my throat( so afraid for my life ) I stop struggling and whisper please dont hurt me . Hands begin pulling at me at my clothing ripping my skirt, my blouse, my panties, evrything off of me.
I'm in shock just standing there doing nothing as this man ripps my clothes off me.
Forced to turn around facing the wall I'm slammed against as i feel his hard muscled body mash against mine. feeling his hot breath against my skin he begins licking my neck biting my shoulders running the knife down my spine and up along my throat where he pricks my skin and blood seeps to the surface . He tastes that and a growl come from his throat .My body betraying me begins to moisten and as he frees himself i feel him slide against my wet slit to tease my clit with his cock. he smiles as he feels my wetness and teases me more until a suppressed moan is released from my lips.
he suddenly steps back and releases me and without his support i fall to the floor where he immediately graps my hair and jerks me to a kneeling position in front of him rubbing his cock along my face slapping me with it he rubs it against my lips his tip leaking precum and coating them trying to force him way into my mouth i clamp my lips shut tightly but he just grab harder on my hair yanking back till i open my mouth in protest. taking advantage of my open passageway he forces his way into my throat deep on the first thrust gagging me again and again he forces his way down my ever spasming throat my muscles tightening and untighting on his thick cock

he fucks my face .pulling back just short of actualy choking me i begin to get used to the rhythmatic thrusting of him when he jerked out of my mouth and began to cum in my face shooting it on my face then back into my mouth i swallow as not to choke.
hearing his ragged breathing and his hands loosing in my hair and hearing the knife tink as it fell from his hand
i think thank god its over when jerks me up and forces me face first on the bed. he smacks my ass hard as i lay there again "SMACK" up he growls get that fucking ass in the air bitch. "Smack" I crawl to my knees and he pushes my face down sliding his sweat coated body along my back he whispers " Now my lil slut I'm going to fuck that pussy till you cant walk " and he slaps my cunt hard with his hand the guides his still throbbing cock to my embarassingly wet hole teasing it with just the head in and out in and out i cant hold it back i whine plz
Please what BITCH he growls i say nothing he pulls back and slaps my cunt again
I said please what you fucking whore as he slides back in just the tip
i finally give in and say plz fuck me and start crying as he ramms his cock deep in my glistening cunt and i cumm on the first stroke. evry thrust gets deeper and deeper making my orgasm hit wave after wave after wave he brings me never letting me fully relax until i'm once again coating his thick cock in my cumm over and over my pussy quivvers as he rides me hard i fall on the bed and he relents and rolls me over and pulls my legs apart and puts my legs on his shoulders as hhe now slowly enters me easing into me he begins gentle love like thrusts youd expect from a lover again i begin to cummm screaming this time with my release as i feel his hot seed bath my womb intensifiing my orgasm he falls forward onto me and whispers in my ear " Whose your master now beautiful?" I reply " you are my love ... YOU ARE.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010
Slowly you come awake as you feel the warmth of my mouth caressing your feet licking an sucking your toes moving up your to start to reach for me but you cannot as you notice that your hands are handcuffed above your head …... you yank ..”wtf is this”...... I lick my way to your lips..... “payback is a bitch darling” I whisper........ “now lie back and take it like a man” see the wicked gleam in my eye as I get back to licking your lips , down your body to your hardening gorgeous cock licking teasing you scraping my tease over you as I slowly take your length deep in my throat my throat muscles clinching and unclinching as I deep throat you up slowly......down hard...... my teeth scraping along your long hard length...........i get rougher and rougher with my teeth as I know you love the slight pain …... I bite... then sooth with my tongue..... again and again.... I bite down your length...... you moan loudly ….... and jerk on you bonds as you buck against my mouth “let me loose”..... I stifle a laugh.....”when You learn your lesson my love”...........again I continue to pleasure you then I feel you swell so I stop......... and lick more and more along your body biting soothing sucking … moan....... I rub my wet pussy along your leg letting you feel my moisture....... I turn my body and climb across you... just out of reach of you tongue and mouth.... displaying my dripping cunt and ass to your view as I continue to lick and caress your body.... I slide down you and place my pussy right over your cock..... sliding it along my pussy teasing you and myself as I stroke your cock between my pussy lips my juices flowing over you and coating your cock .. you moan in frustration..... your body begging for what your mouth wont say....... you growl deep in your throat........grrrrrr..... finally I slide down on your dick and slam down til your legs hit my ass... leaning forward I ride your cock reverse cowboy as u strain to watch my cunt take you deeper and deeper …........ you throw your head back in ecstasy.......aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... and on my next pump I rise totally off you...............NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.......... and I look over my shoulder and grin.......... oh my baby not satisfied yet.... poor darling …......... and I turn and sit between your legs my legs spread wide draped across yours I reach down and beginning stroking my dripping cunt I pinch my clit …. looking straight into your eyes I pleasure my self......... your teeth are clinched........ I reach for your cock and tease my clit with the tip.... I cummmm ….... my pussy pulsing against your cock.......... I stop and turn and slide my body up along........ mmmm that felt so good and I curl up on you... my leg straddling you your cock right at my the opening to my still pulsing cunt............. I snuggle my face in your neck and lick and bit your shoulder...... I hear you whisper..... pleasssse......... you feel my smile on your neck .. I sit up and plunge my body down or your rock hard cock YESSSSSSSSSSSS u scream as I ride you like there is not going to be tomorrow your cock jerks and I feel the hot splash of your essence as it baths my womb and forces me to climax as well our screams filling the air....... I reach and undo the cuffs as I roll to the side and you pull me close spooning against my back your pull my hair to one side and lick my ear …. whispering........mmmmm my baby....... you are soooo soooo in trouble nowww.............. I glance over my shoulder and our eyes meet …. oh my love I 'm counting on it.........
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The glare from the street lights shine against the windows of the stores as I walk past. The echo of my high heels sound harsh in the silence of the night. My steps get ever faster and faster as I sense the presence of another following behind me. Shaking I look into my purse for my keys as I scramble up the steps to my apartment, safety only a few precious feet away. The key turns in the lock the scrap of the tumblers seem so loud as I push the door open .Suddenly I feel hot breath at my neck I snap around to find nothing. Funny what the mind does in the shadows of darkness. I enter my apartment turn on the light and close and lock the door behind me. A sigh of relief mixed with a tinge of disappointment escape my lips. The thrill of walking the streets alone sending shivers down my spine, a nervous laugh falls. Slowly unbuttoning my coat I shed it and hang it in the closet and start removing my clothing as I walk though the apartment to my bedroom . I turn the lamp on and the stereo( a nice slow erotic song) and light candles to give the room a nice relaxing scent . After all the candles are lit , I turn the lamp off and continue to shed my clothing slowly piece by piece my body swaying sensually to the music that is filtering though the air. The scare of being followed tantalizing my already aroused body . I walk to the balcony doors and open them wide. My naked body glowing in the moonlight I stand and arch my back as a breeze blows caressing my limbs, my nipples tightening to hard buds in the slight chill. I see a red glowing ember across the street rise and fall as I stand and stare . Someone is out there watching me. My adrenaline rises my body's arousal peaks and I rub my hand up and down my skin slowly touching myself arousing myself to a fevered pitch knowing that I am being watched. My hands move lower and I begin to finger myself as I watch the glow across the street rise and fall faster like my arousal. I begin to pant as I get closer and closer to climax my moans echoing into the night. Louder and louder . Faster and faster . Oh yes now! I cum...hard.... my cries echoing into the night. I think I hear a mirroring cry from deep into the night . I smile turn and look back over my shoulder then return inside. Walking sensually to my bed .I slide between my sheets. The coolness feeling wonderful against my heated skin . Silently, sedated I fall asleep. Startled a wake I feel something or someone is here in the room with me. I try to rise only to realize I am bound to the bed. I struggle and gasp “Who's there? Why am I tied? Let me go.”nothing, the silence piercing Again, I strain against my bonds as I notice candle by candle being extinguished by a shadowed hand .As the darkness closes in on me my anxiety rises . I feel the bed dip and I start to scream . A hand closes over my mouth and a cold sensation is pressed against my neck. A slight sting and a whispered “do not utter a word” do you understand?” I nod and his hand is taken away yet the steel blade of his knife remains cold against my skin. The slide of my blood running down my neck persists. He bends forward, his hot breath covering me as he inhales me; like he's memorizing my scent. I feel the sand paper of his tongue as it darts out to taste my skin . I feel him licking the blood from my neck hear his moan from the metallic taste of me like he is drinking ambrosia . The knife slides down my body encircling my nipples the tip drawing a line around each aerole making them tighten and pucker unconsciously “mmmmmmmm” now his teeth graze them bitting until they sting then licking soothingly.( Dear lord I think to myself as I feel myself getting wet. Wetter than I've ever been what is wrong with me?)The knife travels further down sliding down down down. Now it is sliding between my nether lips my moisture coating it . He follows and I hear a satisfied grunt come from his mouth as he acknowledges my arousal. I feel him smile against my cunt as his breath and the knife caress me sliding between and almost into me Suddenly he bites my clit and I scream as I begin to cum. Cumming harder than I ever have begging for him to stop begging him not to. So confused, so terrified, so aroused. Before I even begin to cool down I feel him entering me, the long hard length of him pressing into me deeper and deeper harder and harder my body stretching to accommodate his size. Fucking me life his life demand it the knife pressing into my throat cutting me yet again he begins to suck on the wound making it bleed more and more biting into my neck as he pounds into my body the pleasure is pure ecstasy. I cum continuously begging him to stop never wanting him to . Over and over he pounds himself into my battered body bringing me to heights I've never reached before He reaches and unties my hands and I claw his back and I hear his echoing cry as I cum for the final time before I slip into unconsciousness . My body having had more than it could take and it needed to shut down........... Sunshine filtering into the room as I awake and stretch my muscles complaining sore to point of almost agony .I look around no one. Was it all a dream? I drag myself from the bed and turn when I notice on the pillow a single rose... a single black rose.... its meaning of pure devotion not lost on my mind. I pick it up and rub it against my skin remembering the most amazing night of my life.. …. I reach for the telephone and it rings before I can dial a number startling me. I look down and smile .. answering I say last night was amazing my love...... a wicked gleam in my eye........let do it again and again.





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Added: Friday, September 29, 2017 3:16am
Very sexy  :)
Added: Friday, July 27, 2012 4:54pm
love your photos, love the tits , and ass shots , u have a hotttttttttttttttttt body, really  like picture of your hi heels , and feet , u r very fine, nice hair  you put me in the mood. would love too kiss your hole body very slowly till u shake. all over
Added: Sunday, April 8, 2012 6:54pm
A woman of MANY looks ,ALL of them STUNNING!.1 time I wish I was in Va. lol Hope 2 chat soon.
Added: Wednesday, March 2, 2011 12:52pm
Wow! Simply amazing!
Added: Tuesday, March 1, 2011 3:47pm
Added: Tuesday, March 1, 2011 1:12pm
Added: Tuesday, March 1, 2011 1:06pm
hi sweety would love to have you here joining hubby and i love to be licked by a women and lick a women love the taste of a women
Added: Monday, February 28, 2011 1:21pm
Being in this tiny town for a work assignment was bad enough, but the lack of activity was almost too much to bear. Eating at the Diner for the third night in a row and not seeing another customer war just weird.  Only 2 more nights to go he thought as he strolled back towards his hotel. Passing the same alley again and expecting nothing, he was slightly startled by the sound of giggles as he stepped from the curb.  The sound stopped him in his tracks and his quick glance revealed 2 girls in the shadows, They were looking his way talking to each other and acting like he possible could be the first man that they had ever see. Against his better judgment, but bored stiff, he walked towards them slowly smiling and saying “hello” The two cautiously stepped forward into the light, and he was able to see them for the first time. Both were old enough he realized, trying to justify his sudden thought of naughty activity. The first was fair and in a light cotton dress the kind you might see on and Midwestern woman that lived in farming country, Her dishwater blond hair was just past her shoulders, and slender she was .The small bumps on heer chest that were in the right spot to be breasts were accentuated by a visible nipple that shown beneath the fabric.18 maybe 19 he said to himself, again trying to let his mind believe there was no trouble lurking here for him. Girl number two was a bit more fleshy, having some nice womanly curves to go with her jet black hair. She was a little shorter and also wore the same type dress as the first. “hello” he said quickly trying not to look or sound weird or aggressive to them . His impression at first was that they were timid and would simply be inclined to scurry away if they sense any forwardness at all.  On the contrary the first stepped directly toward him declaring that her name was Clair. The second followed suit, and  her name was Sharon. “What brings you to town mister?” Sharon ventured . Work he said and you can call my Flynn. Clair had moved closer as if she were the aggressor and as she reached his side, she let her body press against hi and she took his hand in hers .Clair simply reached out and rested her hand on his chest..”this town is so fucking boring, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” which immediately brought giggles and laughter from both.  His immediate reaction was to think What have I got to loose. But caution still made him ask, “ are you 2 old enough to be playing naughty games?” “”We been for some time now mister said Clair “ with Sharon saying “ his name is Flynn sily” They giggled again and he was now being pressed on from both sides as the started to turn their boredom into a contact sport… He really was in no shape to walk away from this invitation, and so feeling his cock pressing against his levis. He said “ok we can do that if you like”. The giggled and each took a hand and started walking down the alley. It took no time at all to get to where they were going, an abandon barn at the end of the street. They pulled him inside without hesitation and attacked him with a barrage of hands and moths going after every thing they could get ahold of. His initial reaction was to be a bit intimidated, but the had his shirt pulled off and Clair sucked his nipple having the effect of making him want more now. Sharon had his pants down around his ankles in a blink of an eye,and his cock responded with an instant erection. She wasted no time in taking it in her hand and licking it somewhat like an ice cream cone. He was being pulled along deeper into the building, and had to simply step out of his pants to keep from tripping. The girls made no guess work about their lust and needs as they pulled him to an inside door, swung it open, and turned on the light. Inside was a mattress, a bit lower than normal, but covered with a blanket of sorts, He began to notice that they were not only groping and licking his body, but had begun to let their hand start to unfasten each other’s clothes. He was interested in this and thought he could help so he reached around Clair’s back and unzipped her in one slick move. He was now totally naked, an  the two of them had their bodies on either side and were now pulling their dresses down to reveal what he was getting excited to see. Clair’s breasts were beyond small mosquito bites if you will, but the ended in a pointy yet puffy areola that immediately got his attention, and he quickly reached to touch and then leaned to suck. Just as he did, he felt his cock being encompassed by a warm wet mouth… it was difficult to separated his desire to be the aggressor and the enjoyment of being pleasured. It was also interesting to see Sharon’s hand in Clair’s panties , These too liked each other as much as they liked to have a cock to play with.. Almost as though there had been a telepathic signal passed between the two, they both in unison pushed him onto the bed, following him and holding him down he felt first his left had in some kind of cuff, and then as he started to try and respond they had is right hand in their grip, 4 hands and two bodies pushing  his arm to the side and cuffing it as well. He wasn’t alarmed really, apprehensive would be a better word. He was lifting his head to see what was going on and at this point wasn’t surprised to see the girls in a full openmouthed kiss as the went about the business of finishing removing each other’s clothing. Though the uncertainty of what was going on had dampened his erection briefly, watching the show quickly brought it back to full erection. Clair moved toward him now as he lay there pretty much at their mercy, reaching the top of the bed she lifted a leg over his head and pushed her already wet pussy lips directly onto his face. Finding no other option, and loving the fact that she did it with no hesitation, he eagerly let his tongue reach out to find her wet lips and separate them. This elicited a moaning  from deep in her that Sharon came forward to observe the source of. Sharon watched intently as Clair rubbed her pussy on his face and reached down to hold his cock in her hand as she proceeded to let her other hand first pinch Clair’s nipples, then slide down and join the tongue so she could enhance the activity of stimulating Clair’s clit. To be in that position and feel 2 bodies working him , each other , was virtually maddening. The excitement of the whole thing could only increase as things developed , his hips lifted to find some contact with Sharon’s skin though he could’nt see her at all, he felt her rubbing herself on his leg, and in turn rubbing his cock with her tits. There was this moment when through the dream of it all he could begi to imagine what Sharon was thinking,  her body lifted some and then straddled his hips, her hands reached around to hold Clairs’s tits… she had his cock pinned with her pussy the same way that Clair had his head. But Sharon only rubbed him for a few slippery strokes before lifting again and guiding his cock into her waiting tunnel. The sensation was intense, and the effect on all three of them was immediately obvious as Clair turned her head to receive more wet tongue from Sharon. Sharrons rocking and riding brought sounds of pleasure from Sharon’s lips, and they were not lost on Clair, who lifted herself off of his face and went behind her friend. He felt her as she got closer and closer so she could see his cock as it appeared and disappeared into Sharon’s pussy. Fuck he wished he could see what she was doing, but he could only guess. Sharon leaned forward and putting her hands on his shoulders pinning him even more, her movements increased and her body contorted into this “S” shape as her rhythm began to be predictable. Clair was doing something down there, he felt her hand beneath his balls and then a very wet finger find and begin to penetrate his anus. He was the one moaning now as the finger got deeper and deeper into him. He sense a change in the pressure of Sharon’s pussy on his cock, it was tighter suddenly, what was it ? then he realized that Clair had her finger in Sharon’s ass too. She was finger fucking both assholes at the same time… He was going insane with the excitement , the forbidden fun, how long would he be able to hold back? It was all to much for both he and Sharon, the whole thing exploded in convulsive orgasms for them both. They panted to a conclusion as their spasms subsided and Clairs fingers and his cock slowly found their way from their respective locations. Clair pulled Sharon back and out of the way to release him from his bonds. She whispered to Sharon “you know what I want “, “do it and show him what to do”  “Ok” Sharon said with very little uncertainty. And He watched intently as Clair lay back lifting her legs and holding onto them, It exposed her pussy which was completely bald and swollen and wet as it could be… her eyes were almost rolled back in her head as she whispered “do it, do it” Sharon reached for her bag and pulled out a bottle of astroglide and proceeded to cover first Clair’s pussy with it, then her entire hand.  Gently at first Sharon started to slid her fingers into Clair, it was a practiced skill and she compressed her fingers to make them the smallest shape possible. “Suck her tits” she said to him as she twisted and turned her hand to find the right angle to slip all of it in. He jumped at the direction he had been given , but strategically positioned himself to be able to see as he nibbled on Clair’s tits. Sharon worked her hand with skill and know how as the thumb of her hand was now part of the object that she was guiding into Clair’s pussy. There was a deciding moment as the biggest part stretched Clair open a little at a time and without a hesitation on Sharon’s part the whole hand disappeared into Clair. Clair did let out a gasp and began to move her hips vigorously to impale herself on Sharon’s hand. “suck harder” Clair said to him as he was mesmerized by what he was watching. He applied himself to the task with his eyes straining to see the insertion. Clair’s hand came up above her head reached between his legs to take hold of what was a cock returning to hardness. Sharon’s fist fucking pace increased as he sucked harder, Clair pulled harder on his cock till there seemed no doubt that he was ready to go again. “I want both Sharon” Clair said in an almost gasping voice. “Ok” was the reply and Clair went about the business of rolling to her stomach making sure not to let Sharon’s hand slip out. As she reached the position she wanted he sat back watching wondering what she had in mind. Clair raised herself to her knees and Sharon’s hand stayed fully immerged in Clair’s pussy. “now”said Clair and Sharon reached out to him pulling him back to where she was. “ Lift your leg over my arm and put some of this on your cock” Sharon said to him handing him the astroglide. He followed the instructions to the letter, applying a liberal amount of the lubricant to his member he now was astride Sharon’s hand still stroking its way in and out of Clair’s pussy. He now knew what she wanted , Clair reached back with her hand and finding some of the lube she quickly went about the business of sliding 2 fingers into her ass to make sure it was slippery.”Hurry “ Clair said, and grabbed his cock directing it into her own ass. He was dizzy yet again with the lust that this whole image brought to his eyes. He kept the pressure up and he watched as his cock disappeared into her, the feel of Sharon’s hand against his cock was like a catalyst that made him want to cum almost immediately. Sharon’s arm grazed his balls as her hand disappeared, and Clair’s moaning and thrusting became uncontrolled until she screamed out loud, her whole body shaking “I’m cumming” she cried, he was as well no control, no holding back his load shot deep into her ass and she groaned and collapsed onto the floor. It was all he could do to move to the side to keep from collapsing on top of her.  The three of them lay there for several minutes not moving , not saying a word, simply trying to regain a semblance of composure. Clair’s sudden laughter broke the silence…”fuck that was great” she said out loud. Sharon laughed as well” intense “ she said out loud… “mister” Sharon said, you going to be around tomorrow?” “Well he said … would you like me to be”? “Yes” they both said at the same time, and of course more laughter ensued….”Then I think I shall” he said, “yes indeed I think I shall”     THE END  
Added: Friday, February 25, 2011 7:14pm

Mmm...the evil twin is SO SEXY. Your naughty mind and imagination match your curvaceous body and bountiful assets. Quite a combination, pretty lady! Chocolate dipped kisses, HC.

Added: Saturday, January 29, 2011 10:58pm
thanks for the comment hun. nice to hear from u. lets chat sometime SOON!
Added: Monday, January 17, 2011 10:49am
Added: Monday, January 17, 2011 8:54am
MMMHHH!!!  Wow, you do look like someone special:)  Your pics were unbelievably sexy!!!
Added: Sunday, December 5, 2010 6:22pm
Stunning..absolutely stunning..!!!
Added: Monday, November 8, 2010 8:15pm
Tjhank you for the compliment. I really enjoyed reading your blog.Very sexy!
Added: Friday, October 15, 2010 1:29pm
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