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Hi there.. So here goes. I am a really down to earth "guy next door" type that loves to laugh and have a good time. I am open minded sexually and enjoy exploring my fantasy's. Initially I am generally the shy silent type until I get to know the person and then I am very open and conversing. I do have bisexual fantasy's an have played, safe only, with other guys but my greatest fantasy is to share a bisexual experience with a fun couple. If given the chance to live out my fantasy it would go something like this.

We return to your home from coffee and we settle down for a drink and to watch some porn. As the porn starts to play the woman indicates that while "you guys" watch your porn "I'm going to get changed." Moments later we hear the shower start and that is our clue to start some action ourselves. You reach over and slowly start to rub my cock through my jeans, slowly unbuttoning them. As you begin to rub my cock I slowly work your tool free from the confines of your own jeans and slowly start to stroke it. As we continue to play we loose all sense of time and before we know it your wife is there staring at the two of us playing but before you see her (maybe you do but don't let on) she heads to the kitchen to fix herself a drink. With a drink in hand your wife returns to the couch and joins us positioning herself between the two of us. We slowly sip our drinks and watch some porn and slowly you begin to play with your wife's breasts. In no time the two of you are lightly making out and gradually exposing more of each other along the way. When you pause to watch some more porn she places her hand on my cock and gently strokes it. Excited beyond control we dismiss the concept of watching porn in favor of playing with each other. Your wife slowly starts to lick the tip of my cock while you gently rub her clit. Positioning yourself between her legs you begin licking her pussy as she begins to suck on my cock. We then trade places and I begin licking her pussy as she goes down on you. You then sit on the couch and lay partially back so that she can easily sit, back towards you, on your cock and she slowly begins to rock back and forth. I position myself in front of you both and slowly start to lick her clit as your cock slides in and out of her pussy, occasionally sliding all the way out allowing me to suck it before sliding back in for more. She then raises off your cock and kneels before you and I begin to rub my cock on her pussy and ass. Slowly I slide into her hot pussy and begin to thrust slow and steady deep inside her pussy as she sucks your cock. Wet with her pussy juice I slide out and you both begin to suck on my cock. We both take turns eating her pussy while the other sucks our cock until we are all ready to explode. You slide your cock deep inside her pussy again until you can feel your cock ready to explode and you cream her pussy while she sucks me to the point of explosion, allowing time to cum on her tits. Together we clean her and each other up and call it a night.
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What is the most important act for MMF 3sums
Ever wonder what couples find the most exciting or important sexual act when engaged in MMF 3sums? Let's find out.
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Most important sexual act for MMF 3sums
Tuesday, June 30, 2009
What is the most important sexual act a person should be willing to do in they are engaged in a MMF 3sum?  Aside from the obvious, he must be bi, what is it that turns the woman on most?  Is it watching two guys pleasure each other?  Is is the fact that such acts are considered taboo by mainstream society?  For the men is it a man knows what it feels like to receive a hot blow job and therefore can perfrom one better than a woman?  Maybe it is just that fact that the bisexual activity turns her on and there turns him on as well?
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