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A little about my husband and I
Well a few years back when SexyAds was a small little site my husband and I joined. Well it has been a few years and I thought what the heck we will try it again, we met some great people before and are still friends with some of them. So move onto my blog if you want to know more. TY
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It is me....
Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Hello it is me again,

First off let me say that I have had a very hard time on this site so far. I keep getting booted and I have asked a few of you that have wrote if you also get booted easy but No one tells' me if they do.

I also talked to someone and told them that I would get up a sex story soon. I am looking to publish some of my short stories but I am still in the works of looking into it and I have not finished the one I want to send.

I am a Open person and I do enjoy to make friends and I love to learn new things and to have talks about more then just the weather.

I am also a sexual open person, this does not mean Please write me with every Dirty thought you have. This means Sex is a Great thing and we should enjoy it and not be scared to talk about it...that is just silly. So sometimes I'm a bit more open then some girls but I don't mean to be stepping on anyone's toes or make anyone think I will F....anyone that walks by...
Well I almost don't want to stop talking because so far Sexyads is not booting me to much today but let me end this and get a few things done and then in hopes that I can get on later and add a story.
Thanks all for reading
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Its me is it you?
Sunday, September 19, 2010
Hello it is me is it you? Well I will find out how this site works again and I post  stories and such and it would be nice to find a place to some  get some feed back on them. They Are Rated XXX So I will let you know so you don't find out when you are reading it in case you are not into that sort of thing.
I would also love to meet some New Friends, Male or Female...Female would be great because it would be nice to talk to a girl  with like mind as me and not have to be someone else if you get what I mean  then I'm sure we would get along great. You don't have to Bi or anything but I will be honest that would be great but not a must. I am a Very Honest Person and Pretty Upfront if You can't tell but I  also like my time alone and I do not need someone to entertain me. It is a Must to keep my husband and my life's Private and I'm sure you would like the same and to be honest I kind of hate to have to add this into this blog but I find it must be said. So thanks a head of time.
Anyway I am sure my husband will sign onto the site sooner or later and Yes he does know I made it and I am the One who filled out the Likes and Dislikes so you must ask him what he likes you can just address it to Husband or something like that.
Anyway I hope to talk to you soon.
Thanks So Much Intofunsex
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