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Looking for a friend, Confidant and hopefully lover.
Worked on cruise ships and passenger liners for 29 years. My other employment U.S. government for a classified digital map project called "Tiger". Was a Primary investigator for corporation. Owned an interest in a Historical Map Company before retired. Born in England, have an accent. Health is a priority in my life. No Social diseases. Married twice. Definitely not a slob. Always clean looking. Not unattractive. INTERESTED?
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I am living a full life.
Monday, October 15, 2012

Originally from Britain, so I guess that I still have a Southern English accent. I am a naturalized citizen. I have been married twice, but on great terms with both ladies.  My second spouse lives in Indiana with my young son, who has low spectrum autism. Currently I live with my first wife who I met on the TV "Love Boat" (Island Princess on a Mexican Rivera cruise. Most of my early years were working on cruise ship and the huge passenger liners. Originally from England, so I have that I still have a Southern English accent as I was born south of the River Thames. I am a naturalized citizen. I am very much a world traveler, as just about every country you can name I have been there. Over 23 years working on cruise ships and passenger liner, that include the great ones as the HM: Queen Mary (now sitting quietly in the dock at Long Beach) The flagship of the Peninsular Steam and Navigational Company (P&O) SS: Canberra.  HMS: The Queen Elizabeth II that was a beautiful passenger vessel. I have been around the world 12 times, traveling to exotic Orient, stopping in such places as Hong Kong, Shanghai, China.  I was employed on ships cruising through the Caribbean, Fiji, and Montego Bay, Jamaica and then off to Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania.  There are many stories I can tell of these voyages crossing the Pacific and even being caught up in a Typhoon in the East China seas, when all hell broke loose.


 Dissimilar to most co-workers I wanted to advance my education, so I entered the Seafarers Education Service and gained eventually a PhD in Journalism. My minor was in Commercial Art and Advertising. My early schooling was pretty uneventful, but I did qualify for 3 General Certificates of education, including an “A” level in Art. Eventually I gained admittance to a Secondary Modern school in Dulwich.


  My Mother was house proud, so I took after her passion for cleaning and so I am very domesticated. My Mother was house proud, so I took after her passion for cleaning and so I am very domesticated. I enjoy cleaning, scrubbing floors as I did aboard ship and keeping the house ‘Spic and Span’. I cannot abide leaving the bedroom without making the bed. I have become very systematic in my lifestyle, a routine which tends to get tedious. Most days I climb out of bed and after my one of two cups of coffee of the day—walk the dog. This is generally a few blocks in the morning, but Saturdays I will take a long stroll with our little mix that is three years old dog. After that it’s a day of a drive to the 7-11 stores Monday or to the Plaza where the bank is, the dollar store, the CVS pharmacy, subway and Starbucks.


After leaving the nautical world I was able to get a job with the U.S. government and drafted the first digital map, called the ( TIGER ) project. Worked as a floor manager in Las Vegas and finally was hired as the principle investigator for a large corporation in Vegas.


I Lived in Queensland Australia for around 16 months, employed as a Junior Surveyor and lived with a nice family who I met on the HMS: Queen Mary. I was recruited as an assistant surveyor and worked drafting crude copies of the road systems, which was almost none existent on the Atherton tablelands. I ended up treading in a stinging ants nest, rushed to hospital and afterwards then returning to the ships and England.


Finally I settled in America, which is a story in itself. Just recently I sold my interest in my company, after I retired. To be honest, I am bored with sitting around. My day is a drag, just writing political articles they publish in the national and rural press. Hopefully I find a job that I can do, instead of vegetating. . After leaving the nautical world I was able to get a job with the U.S. government in the Department of Commerce and drafted the first digital map, abbreviated the (TIGER) project. I tried my hand as a missing heir Investigator and made good money at this line of work. I have been employed as a floor manager in Las Vegas, Nevada and finally was hired as the principle investigator for a large corporation in Vegas.


A Physical assessment of me is that I still have young appearance a young, strong body and weigh around 200lbs. I am not narcissistic, but pay great attention to myself in hygiene and health matter. I am very clean, straightforward looking. Only once had long hair whilst on a treasure hunt to the Yucatan Mexico, looking for a Spanish gold location.


I am certainly conservative to some extent when it comes to sex. My priority has always been to bring pleasure first to the lady in question? It is essential to me that she achieves her orgasm first, before anything else. More than anything else for me is the aroma of a womens body and to lick her all over. I might be a big guy, but I am not into rough sex or anything like that--maybe a few toys, but the selection is up to the women.  I do have manners, in fact that I have acquired over the years the practices of an English gentleman.

I wash my own clothes, run the dish washer , clean house and make sure the bed is made after my early bathroom duties.


I am an avid reader of books on historical maps, genealogy, Science Fiction, Horror (not slasher movies) anything that catches my eye, such as the Rover landing on Mars a few week past.  I have written a number of historical books, which are out of print on cartography. I have written several novels in the science Fiction category, including a manual on locating 'Missing Heirs.'


I laugh a lot, as my endorphins a constantly flowing throughout the day. I have never woken up in the morning in a bad mood. Of course arriving from England, I was initially cultivated that odd sense of humors—such as ‘Monte Python’ then Mr. Bean and of course baldy jokes of Benny Hill. But overtime American humor is special as well. Right now I have turned to “the Big Bang Theory.” And almost every night it’s the reruns of Seinfield.


Guess I watch TV quite a bit, and like to sit down with my evening cup of coffee. I am very much into healthy living since I was 17 years old and have a lay persons understanding of herbs and vitamins. There is so much more to me, but I don't hang around bars and occasionally will drive to a movie. This mostly happens when once a year, unless there is something special to view as 'Avatar' or when my son comes to visit me. One of my only failing is I never learned to cook, but I certainly passionate about good cuisine. 


 I am retired, living with an ex spouse, bored and little to do all day.  Retirement stinks and i need more to occupy my mind and already looking for a job. Very fit as my day starts with numerous exercise routines based on Isometrics. Been taking health supplements, since I was 17 years old and can genuinely say, I can count on one hand the times I have caught a flu virus. I am always experimenting with different supplements, especially from foreign countries, such as India.


I used to go on long hikes in places as Skagway, Alaska. Have a passion for Cartography in my past, but no longer collect historical maps. My television habits are into Science Fiction, scary movies, Discovery, Science and Fox news. Usually in the evening I am looking for something to watch. If nothing else I view C-Span?


I have traveled on many around the world  annual voyages; very few countries I have not visited. I even signed up as the chief steward on a huge yacht to the Galapagos Islands. Guess you would call me a world traveler?   


Spend hours a home writing political blogs, which are published in the mainstream and rural press. Was the principle Investigator for a large company in Las Vegas.

 Yes! I am interested in sex; otherwise I would not be introducing myself. Let’s be sincere as what man isn’t? To me, in any lovemaking the lady always collects all the benefits first, not the overall selfishness of the male. Being honest with any female of interest, they should realize that truly am not that experienced in sex and they may wish to look elsewhere for what they desire? To repeat, with all honesty and being candid, I have only had an intimate relationship with five ladies and two were of my previous marriages. 

 I have become a kind of homebody and generally speaking don’t get out to much except Monday mornings.  I drive my jeep to Loemann’s Plaza to pick up doggy treats or the 7-11 for a chance at the lottery. My retirement is not what I expected it to be and I wish to return to the workplace, for something else to do, before I vegetate beyond hope?


My grandfather used to sit on one of those outstanding horses, outside Buckingham Palace and Whitehall.


Looking for an attractive female, warm, sincere, financially adequate, good sense of humor, & whose interests are more or less similar to mine. However something new would be interesting as although mostly an introvert I am always open to new suggestions? I don't mind if shes single, divorced or widowed, married but unhappy? I want to meet a lady that is willing first to be discreet but most of all I want someone that will appreciate my body and love to use it for sex. But I don't really only want that out of this relationship, but a friend to unburden my heart to? I don't like to say too much about myself because when you meet me you'll know all about me right away that I'm a straight shooter and a strong chap, although sensitive. Don't like to be taken for a ride, so to speak. Want to hear how you feel and not pretend or hide the truth. I don't do it and I don't expect the people I am with to do it either. I was raised in London after the war, when my single Mom brought me and my sister up after its ending. My real Dad died in the war and food for a long time was not plentiful. Being on the passenger liners with long grueling hours, with embarking and dis-embarking passengers is a tough job; spotlessly cleaning staterooms 7 days a week probably makes me the way I Am.? I still have the accent and people out here either hate it or find it endearing. Either way that is me. Frightened yet? No scammer's please,

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