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I'm here where are you?
Men Seeking Women
So I'm here......But there just doesn't seem to be anyone here for the same reason I am!!

Why are you here? What are you looking for? What do you except from SA?

I'm here for no string attach adult fun!!!!!! To meet and experience new people and their fantasies........ I can host or come to you! If your into meeting talking for little than exploring what is SA is really about drop me A line..... Anytime early, night, late night!!!!!

I really mean it..... Looking for a quick hook up with out all the Bs? Just want to juice all over a man's face after he licks you in to a frenzy? Need to suck on something hard, long, and thick? I'm the guy!!! Always down always hard and always ready!

Are you? so are you here to look at dick pics....are have fun?

ME: 6'0 foot, 175 lbs, brown hair and eyes attractive.
Remember that an ad ....
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Day 1
Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Today is my first day on the site..Don't know what to except! All I really know is that e dating services that you see on TV with the free communication week ends and the 29 point of compatibility test seem lame. The face book of sex seems fake, and the porn sites are like looking back into my past 15 all over again. The bar scene was my bread and butter for a lot of years picking up drunk women but after a while just seemed so sad...... So I'm here
So I've written a AD, read a lot more, Viewed some pics, chatted for a few minutes all this seem like busy work. As if Im desperately trying to get laid! Wow just got my first view...Is their any one on this site that just wants to have sex with a strange? Or is it just another wild goose chase with a whole lot of build up and no reward??

So lets find out. There needs to be a few ground rules 

1. No long email telling people how hot they are.
2. Get to the point...IM here to have random sexual encounters! Why are you here?
3. NO B.S. If I set a date and time I be there. Will you?
4. Age, size, or ethnicity mean nothing to me.
5. Always leave a women pleased.

Well that about it lets just see where this goes.
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The date that was supposed to meet her in the theater, simply hadn't shown,pity he was her type. There she was and he was a no show. The Movie house was one of those old art deco buildings that stayed open by catering to the art, foreign, and cult movie crowd. With that select of an audience, the theater had less than a dozen people in it. She had sat only two rows down from the top so she could see most if not all the other patrons in fron of her. The movie itself was touted as an "erotic thriller" and not more than 5 minutes into in a bedroom scene had got her a little edgy and feeling somewhat aroused. It made her wonder about the possibility os slipping her hand under her skirt for a little extra fun. Before she could however, a sense that another person had entered and sat behind her made her strain her listening to see if she could detect any movement. Certain that she was alone , and with some pretty hot unrestrained groping happening on screen, her hand found its way under her skirt and inched its way up towards her panties. She lightly brushed her other hand accross the nipples on both breasts, as they were begging for attention swollen and highly sensitive, thats when she felt someons breath on her shoulder...Before she could react in alarm, a barely audible whisper saying,"its ok" calmed her a little and she felt a pair of hands run over her shoulders tickleing her neck just enough to add to the arousal she was already feeling. Feeling some what reasured and getting more excited she let the hand between her legs continue its journey toward her now damp panties. The fingers on the neck were seamlessly replaced with a mouth, toungue and nibbling lips that enticed her further into this random and mysterious meeting. The pair of hands working in unison and semetrically, worked their way accross her color bone and fingers began to enter the top of her v-neck sweater. Her breasts were aching now with the need of being touched, so as the fingerseased their way under her bra, she leaned back in an effort to h elp ease the access. It worked well, and the fingers were now hands cupping both breasts simultainiously with thumbs circling her nipples making them almost jump with excitment. Not being able to stand it any more, she lets her hand slide down under her panties past her clit,stopping just above her asshole and with one finger slipping between the lips of her pussy slowly ran her finfer up and down in the wettness. The mouth was back to her ear again sucked and lick for such a quick secound that it almost didn't seem real if it hadn't been for the cool sensation on her ear left by the wettnes of the toungue. The whisper came again, "don't move" it said and then suddenly hands and mouth, everything vanished for a moment.She waited, just slightly distracted by the movie which was having a take me on the floor as we close the front door,clothes still half on fuck me now and fuck me hard moment. Suddenly she realized tha a person had some how managed to come up under the seat ahead of her, and was now between her legs. Again a reassureing touch to her inner thighs kept her from reacting to the surprise.The hands and then the head moved with a new sense of urgengy up between her legs with on hand going directlu to her panty and pulling them aside. She arched her hips for one last touch of her own finger, this time letting herself put pressure on her clit for the first time. It was so over due and ready, that the first from moaning out loud.The minute her hand was out of the way a head went straight to her slit and the feeling of a tounge entering her pussy made her reach down with both hands ahd grasp the back of the head that was between her legs pulling it in so there was no doubt that in could reach any farther. There was a sudden question in her mind as her fingers ran through the soft long hair, Is this a man or a woman? Not going to worry about it now, the tounge was making its way up her slit and then drawing small circles around her clit. Again she arched and pushed her hands up her sweater to grasp each of her breasts with a hand and squeese just the right amount. She lowered her head and stuck out her toungue in a desperate attempt to lick her own nipple , but it couldn't quite reach, so she licked her fingers and rubbed her nipples with the moisture to get as much out of her action that was possible. The feeling of lips engulfing her clit made her quiver and began to start a second wave of cumming that was different from the first and as she felt real suction pulling her clit into the mouth she again had to cover her own mouth to keep from making noise. she was breathless with the overwellming release of it all but one thing was for sure she want something in her pussy now, so she leaned over and whispered quietly "i want you to fuck me now". The answer to her request was meant with a penitration with 1, and then 2 fingers deep and hard, she could help but fuck back which she accomplished by rocking her hips forward to meet the thrusts. Dripping is what she would think to her self as she realized just how wet she really was. Thr 3rd and then the 4th finger were soon to join the other 2 and it was all she could do to keep from comeing out of her seat to get it all. , there was a moment of slowing down and guaging if it would reall fit or not, she was out of her mind by now, and taking deep breathes to relax her self.. Nothing ever felt so good and the shear size of the penetration sent her into an explosive climax that was amplified 10 times over by the continued hard sucking on her clit. Shaking and unable to speak she gently pushed with her hand on the head and let the hand slip out leaving a pool of her juices on the seat. Leaning over she wispered again... this time being more spacific, " I want your cock". With a silent but focused move the person between her legs slid into the chair next to her.The hooded sweatshirt continued to conceal a face, but a firm hand reached over, grasped the back of her hand , and placed it directly on thehardest most engorged pulsing cock she had ever felt. It seeme d to be emerging above a pair of gym shorts... "What to do"?  She thought as her fingers ran up and then down the shaft.  She realized that there was only one way, and she had to have it in her. Trying to keep her head as low as possible and lifting her skirt , she slid over and possitioned her self over his cock and in his lap. Still holding the cock in her hand she lowered herself until entry became iminant. then holding her breath she began to impale herself on the shaft. Her mind was spinning from the intense pleasure, and she stiffled the gasp that sliped from her lips. As she began to slowly rock her hips to feel the movement inside her, a hand came around from the right and went straight for her clit. The suddeness of the move along with the heightened sensitivity she was already feeling almost made here gasp out loud. A second hand can from the left and cupped her breast as two fingers rolled her nipple adding yet another sensation .That was all she could stand and her body began to shake uncontrolably as she started cumming one last time. The hand from her breast moved quickly to her head, Taking a hand full of hair and firmly but gently pulled her head to the side and back. She was being kissed deeply and with an urgency that made her heart race even faster. Opening her eyes, she found a set of eyes staring at her face with total abandon in them. She felt his cum burst into her hot and in great spurts. There was a moment of final release, and then a calmness that came over both. She felt herself being lifted up and over to the seat she had started in, and he was gone. She realized tha the movie credits had started to run, and hurriedly straightened her clothes before the lights came on. As they did. she reallized that there was no one even remotely close by her. The person was gone and she would never know who had given her so much pleasure. On the walk home she couldn't help but laughing a little thinking that tonight had been the best "date" she had ever had. 

Added: Tuesday, March 22, 2011 9:49pm
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