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Women seeking men
This is bt0005 writing for koni. At this time koni has no computer and is using her phone for internet. She has been on here in the past but left for a year or so. I have set up her profile and it is correct, to the best of my knowledge. She is a good friend of mine and I can attest to her charactor and lifestyle.
The photo's,if I can ever get them posted, are of her less than two years ago. I know because I am the one who took the sexy ones. She weighed 135 at the time. She now weighs about 100. I hope to see her next week and I'll get more to post.
She has had a pretty rough couple of years and all she wants, and deserves, is a good man to care for her. A man with a job, vehicle and his own place.
I'll amend her profile as I find out more. And when she gets a computer, she will, I'm sure, have much more to say. She may be willing to swing. She has in the past. She may be open to a women. Not sure about that. She does swallow.
If you are lucky enough to get to meet her, she may be with me. I have assured her that I would go with her to meet someone if possible. Her safety is my concern. I'll not interfere and will leave on her request.
If she were fifteen years older or I that much younger, I wouldn't be writing this. I'd be after her myself.
More later, in her blog.
Remember that an ad ....
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Koni's Korner
I am setting this up for Koni. I'm not sure what,if anything, she will post but I will keep it well supplied with nasty,filthy,perverted,degenerate trash.
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Koni is on the way.
Thursday, January 12, 2012

If the good Lord's willing and the Creeks don't rise, the next blog or comment will, actually, be from Koni. I'm going to pick her up later today and she will be staying here for a while. Looking forward to the company and, hopefully , finding someone worthy of her.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

For all you patient folks who have been putting up with this third party profile, thank you. I hope to have Koni out here soon and she can get on here herself. And for the one lucky guy who has her phone number, it wont be long.
Actually, I am having more fun with her profile than I ever had with mine. She gets replies and mail. I rarely do. But, then, I am not a goodlooking, thin female.
I'll keep posting photo's of her until I run out. By then we should have a lot more. I am hoping that the next batch will be a little more erotic. I have a video on Videarn called "Erotic on the Mind" that is all, what I consider, erotic photo's. I'll let her watch it and see what she thinks. I do very little of the posing of her. She seems to have a knack for it so I just let her pose. As a man and pervert, posing to me means,"Spread em, open that thang up and stick your hand in it." There is enough of that on the web already.
So, be patient folks. She gets all the mail and, I think, she may have already answered some that have included e-mail addresses.
Here's another photo.

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Koni and I actually argued over this photo. She likes it and I don't. Actually, I like anything that gets her naked with me but this is probably my least favorite. I try not to say much when she is posing because she is a natural poser.
My reason? She has a great butt. And this photo would tend to make you think that her butt is flat. As you can see from other photo's, it is not flat. I promised her that I would post it so I am posting it. In the blog. I have fulfilled my promise.

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Koni's Profile Explaination
Thursday, January 5, 2012

Looks like I am going to have to explain a few things again. I am managing her profile and writing her blogs because she has no computer. Her phone does e-mails so that is how we communicate. I copy and paste your messages and remarks and send them to her e-mail. Maybe the next time I get to Manchester, I'll be in a motel where the WiFi works and she can get on the computer herself.
Someone suggested that I buy her a laptop. A couple of reasons that I don't. First, I am retired and on a fixed income.  Although I am not in anyway in bad shape financially,not that it's anyones damn business, I cannot just plop down four or five hundred dollars on any given day. Especially during the Christmas season.
Secondly, she lives with a bunch of family and their friends and hangers on. Some of which don't concern themselves with the rightful ownership of items that they pawn or sell. She has had computers, TV's and many other items that somehow come up missing. That's the other reason I don't get her one.
For the guy who want's to know,"What's with the gun?" Not that that is anyone's damn business either, I carry a gun. It's my right under our constitution. I was naked while taking the photo's. I had to put it somewhere and I was not going to put it where you are probably wanting me to put it right now. So I laid in on the dresser. And for the guy who seems to appreciate fine firearms, it's a Sig Sauer P220 .45 ACP.
And to the couple of guys who have suggested that her and I should get together.
We are best of friends and really are scared that we would spoil that.
Too big of an age difference.
Her ex is a friend of mine and he, and his present wife, lives in this town. That would create a great many problems. I want to remain friends with all of them.
And we are after different things. She wants someone who she can get to know and slowly work up to some of the things that she has thought of trying. She told me once that she would like to go to a clothing optional resort. But it would have to be with someone that she knows well and trusts.
I am looking for what most would call a slut, although I hate the word. Although Koni can be slutty, she is no slut. She will try a good number of things in time. I am looking for someone who is doing them now.
Not that Koni doesn't excite me. She does. She keeps me harder than a mother-in-laws heart. I came very close to shooting my load several times during the photo shoot. And I was leaking like a cheap garden hose. So it's not that at all.
I hope this clears up a few things for some of you. And if not? I tried. I'll not explain again.

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More on Koni
Thursday, January 5, 2012

Still managing Koni's profile. Getting lots of views and mail and she appreciates every one, so far. Some are on the raunchy side, to say the least, but they are still appreciative.
But, to reiterate, she is looking for a long term relationship. Not casual sex. I look at the mail and views and,using copy and paste, send some of them to her. The one's that I send are the one's that have "Long term relationship" as a "Looking for." She could be open to other things after comfort and trust are attained but that would be at a later date. I do send her all the cards and mail because she needs reassurance. And you folks are giving her that. 
She will be a bit reserved when you meet, but she will warm up as she gets more comfortable with you. You can see by the photo's that once she gets comfortable with you, she isn't the least bit bashful. I'll be posting more photo's as time goes by and they will get, progressively, more daring. And she genuinely enjoyed the photo shoot. I have a copy of the photo's with out the distortion and she is smiling and laughing in about all of them. She is no prude but is careful
But, if you are not looking for long term, you have little chance. One lucky guy already has her phone number and she wants to meet him. Here's another photo to peak your interest.
More later.

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BT dear? PLEASE read my comments in Koni's blog!! Feel free to contact me with any rants or....questions
Added: Thursday, January 12, 2012 11:01am
Happy New Year :)
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