TS/TV/CD, 53   United States
Pearl River
Louisiana, USA
3,369 mi from you
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TS/TV/CD seeking TS/TV/CD
IM open honest just a none passable CD looking to meet a passable CD TV. For fun and adventure and what ever might come from it.Tell me when to meet in chat room and I will do my best to be there loves love lace.
Remember that an ad ....
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i came here in hopes of meeting people near me to be friends with
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side note to new blog
Friday, March 28, 2014
hey thank you all of you that went out of your way to send me a card or made a comment on my blog and pics sorry that i was not around to respond in a timely fashion hugs.....
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time to up date
Thursday, March 27, 2014
ok so like i have not been here much...who knows why and who cares that much really...i am on here to meet people near me,,that are open minded and do not mind that i cant spell and my grammar suck more so due to cant spell...i like to learn just not spelling...but that is why i will chat with any one on meeting up well i might meet just to fiend friends and to just hang hooking up well than its very easy do not be a person looking for a fun fast fling,,,be a cd or tv ts women lol,,,be clean shaved 80% or more...on my journey down this road of life i have learned a few things one what i am and what i do i do for me i know im not passable and with out big bank roll ill never be and i am ok with that when i go out dressed i do it so i can enjoy being me not to try and make people believe that i thank im all that or or that i pass....on that i do not pass as a male ,,,i have allso learned that theres a lot of people out there willing to do all most any thing to just have sex if thats you move on its not me,,,i learned that a lot of people love to live in side there fantasy if thats you move on,,,,i have learned that a lot of people do not read peoples pro files or are not willing to learn about some one....there so much i learned but cant if you want to make a friend be a friend and i will be the rest of ya good luck happy hunting and be safe........
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one year latter
Sunday, July 12, 2009
my blog has been there for a year know and than some. no one left a comment. that in it self says a this last year i have learn a great deal.i steel do not know if im ready for sex?alltho sexads like to bost and blow there owen horn on how many people they have brought together it has not worked for me.i have not meet any one not from this site or any others. i have meet some in clubs before i thing i learned was if you just want to get  layed if your not than your just not trying...i posted an add on another site in it i stated that i was looking for frienship and hoping to meet a nice gal. i posted a pic and even stated that i was a mistack when i entered the post i put that i was a female...i got 23 responces in 2 hrs.from guys wanting mainly to get layed.lot of them even after i told them that i was a male cd steel wanted to do me...most of the women that replyed where just out to make a buck.they will tell ya that you need to go to some other site to view them and chat with them and that its free but when you get there its not free,so its safe to say there getting payed to bring people to the site.i all so learned that cd, a hole lot of them ether want to live in there innternet world or that they want to meet with someone that is 100%passable. well that in wich i just said is not to say that ,that is not true of all just what i have been finding.......
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

i was told not to come here from a good life long friend she said i would only get hurt...i came here because i wanted to meet people that where near me so we could go hang i could see how life could be... i dint know if i have made that or not some times i think i have and than i just don't know... i do know that people should read i have ask (no men) but if it wasn't for them bugging me than id not get much mail or tickles....people have made fun of me because i cant spell and that my gramer isn't good i do work on it. i ran in to some one that knew i was at one time on here a lot .this was on a different site.i could not believe that she knew what she thought was so much about me from others judgment in here its funny ...we don't ask yet we know....i have talk with some that i have enjoyed but so few of them look me up if I'm not here.. you will not find me in chat i need more than the bs that goes on in there that i find i knew some of you aren't  and it works for you so you have fun and if you want to see the real me its not going to ease for you send me a tickle or leave me a comment and i will find it and return it  unless your a man than good luck and happy hunting.....and if your looking for sex might look some where Else I'm so twisted up i wouldn't know what that is or how it works or if it dose....... if you read this Ty you don't know how much it means to me bye bye 4now lace a.

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 I really love your pic collection !
Added: Friday, January 28, 2011 9:23pm
Thank you very much for the heart felt comment Lace, Since the writing of the blog you mentioned, I have found that which I though was so elusive for so long. Hence the name change  :) This has really been my year!!!! I hope you had a great holiday, and have a happy new year :) 
Added: Saturday, December 26, 2009 6:48am
lol...Thank you...
Added: Thursday, July 23, 2009 3:13pm
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