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Friends are a welcome commodity. I am intrigue by a person's wit, a keen sense of decency, and respect. I owe much of my personage to a single male individual who has been closer to me than any member of my own family.

I am rarely even on here anymore. This is in large part due to my busy schedule. I am fiercely independent, and dependent only on someone I label my life coach.

Happy hunting!
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Whenever time allows, I'll exercise my liberty of showcasing what I'm thinking. Noteworthy for some, boring or perhaps utter nonsense to others.
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A Time For Everything
Wednesday, November 23, 2011
Borrowing from the Bible's Ecclesiates 3, in the famous words of King Solomon, "there's a time for everything." This time, it is to give thanks. As such, I am thankful for all the many blessings that continue to pour into my life. I count them, and they are great in number. I'll be forever grateful to those who have supported me and took great stock into my well-being. I am happy, humbled, and simply thankful. 

A Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. 
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Snow in Texas
Friday, February 4, 2011
As infinitesimal as it may be it's snow and I almost missed it again. Traveling home from the airport last night I kept thinking how I much preferred being chauffeured in the shuttle than driving myself home. To worsen matters, the weather accounted more for freezing rain and ice on the roads than snow. Just glad I'm safely home. 
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A new experience
Tuesday, December 14, 2010
Despite my bitter disdain for this horrendous cold weather in D.C., I got to experience my first snow ever. Back in Texas it probably snowed only a couple times in my lifetime and I was never around to see it. Who knows where I was those times. I stayed up half the night just watching through my hotel window, then got dressed and went to meddle in the snow for about ten minutes. 

Actually, my good friend called me and told me I had to get what he calls the "divine experience," whatever the "heavens" that means. He drove all the way to my hotel, in the night, and convinced me to drag my ass outside. I was then greeted with stinging snow ball attacks and a dare to hit him if I could. I got him with one straight in his mouth. I know I should have been a "markswoman." I was then wrestled to the ground and rolled over and over and over again into the snow. I was told this was my snow baptismal. Cute, isn't it. 

Well, needless to say, I had a blast and quite a memorable experience. I still prefer my warmth though. 
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A rude awakening
Monday, December 13, 2010
I am on business travel quite often nowadays and this time I'm back in D.C.. I have never been here for the winter and so I packed my usual sexy Texan girlie spring wear.  Well, what a rude cold awakening I got this morning as I took a cab from my hotel to work. Good Lordie, I almost froze my ass off in my sassy sexy dress.  

Thank goodness the mall was nearby. By lunchtime, I had me a full winter makeover, and now I'm seriously re-thinking my desire to move here. I am definitely not a winter gal. I called my man (well, he's not really my man, I just claim him to be) and told him this damn 28 degree weather is not for me. God bless ya'll who work in these frigid conditions. I would rather be tanning on the beach somewhere, lol. 
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A recent disappointment
Monday, December 6, 2010
Recently, I wanted to bless a dear friend who has been more than generous to me for over a decade. Almost instantly, there was a vehement refusal. I persisted, but the refusal resolve was strong. In one final attempt, I shared my heart felt reasons for wanting to, which led to a most disheartening comment. The remark was that if I gave the gift, it would have then been given away to a particular individual - an individual who utterly disgusts me. 

Needless to say, I was filled with rage, and yes, very hurt, because I knew this was said to demonstrate the seriousness of the refusal. Yet, I realized there were other sorry implications attached. Since then, we have patched things up quite nicely, but I still get a wee bit upset at the very notion that the probability of this happening could have ever been greater than 0.
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