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Need a strict daddy to put this lil girl in her place. someone who is caring,loving,strict and will be there for me when i need him..don't need or want any headgames. Tired of being hurt.
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Hold me now I'm 6 feet from the edge And I'm thinkin Maybe 6 feet ain't so far down
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With the jeep, finding our way on to remote territory was no problem. The closer we got to the treeline the more we anticipated our open air secluded play time. My hand slid over to your leg and down to the juncture of your thighs.You let your head fall back and your legs open so my hand could easily find you mound.As i let my fingers find your center, and slowly stroke your slit through your clothes, you smiled as you could feel me gradually pull your skirt up inch by inch and tease you as you waited for my hand to find the bottom of your dress and the wettness than waited underneath. The rough road and the jeeps ride was giving your ass a bit of a bumppy ride, but the good news was that it made my hand and your pussy find a kind of rythem that was really pleasing. The end of your skirt reached above your waist, leaving your panties the only thing between my hand and your raise your hips and my finger find the edge of your panties, pulling it to the side, and slideing up and down your dripping wet pussy. I see our spot, and drive us to our destination parking on the hill my finger now fully imbedded in your cunt. END OF PART ONE....................................  I pulled my self away just long enough to get out, walk around to your side, open the doorand in one fast move cuffed your hands together in front of you. The cuffs were special made velvet lined, and with the exception of it being a little scary, they felt so soft that you felt your nipples rise and  your wetness increase. Uncerimoniously i leaned over putting my hands under your bottom and lifted you over my shoulder. holding you there with one arm, i  pulled your dress up with my other hand and swatted your ass 1, 2, times. Just enough to give you an almost electric charge that ran through your loins and settled in every erogenous zone ending with a buzzing sensation. I carried you aroud a little stand of trees and down a slight incline, you couldntsee where we were going,only where we had been. Stopping i lowered you to th ground, stepped behind you grabbed the cuffs and lifting your arms above your head proceeded to attatch the cuffs to a hook that lifted you to your full stretch. You laugh nervously now as i am not saying anything, and you dont know what i have in mind. Before you know what is happening, you feel something being pulled over your  head. It causes you  to jump, but your mouth is'nt covered or your nose, you cant see a thing though it covers your eyes so well it is pitch black. Wth you stretched at full height, you feel my  lips as they are a micro meter from your, my breath and yours all the noise to hear but not for the wind in the trees and the birds singing. I lick your mouth and you feel me run a finger along to top of your dress pulling it down to release first one breast then another. My lips trail a path don to your bare neck and lick and nibble along to your cleavage, and the pushed up rise of your round tits, until it comes to reast on the first nipple. You feel my tongue circle it and then my lips suck it in and pull on it till it slips out and back. you gasp at the action of it all and the tingle it sends through your loins breathing out agin as my mouth moves to the other side.After repeating the pull and release this time you feel a clamp enclose and then pinch your very erect nipple till the pressure is just enough to make you squirm, but also you feel an immediate and corresponding wettness develop between your legs.The second clamp follows and the pain pleasure is balanced as to make your head swim with both excitement and anticipation of what is next to come. You realise that the clamps are tied together? to something? as you feel them being pulled away from you and slightly upward. Then something is being put in your mouth, it is connected to the clamps you quickly realize and you hear the first words i have spoken, "dont let go" you nod, but ever so slightly because every move of your head pulls your nipples a little towards the uncomfortable side. Something you will find later has a very benificial effect on the intensity of the play.END OF PART 2     My hands now have found their way down to your waist, then your hips and you feel me bend to catch your hem and begin to lift it up.There is no way to take the dress entirely off, and god i love that dress, so i lift it up and gather it above your waist and below your breasts, ah, another clamp might come in handy here as i pull it to the side and fasten it in a gather. it will need to get wrinkled i'm afraid, but must be out of the way......the panties on the other hand are not so lucky to get special treatment. you feel both my hands fingers on the inside and thumbs out, grasp your panties tightly, and with one quick and decisive move rip them totally clear of you. You gasp again as the whole thing took less than a fraction of a second. One minute they were there, and the next they were gone. Your breasts tingle and rise and fall with your increased breathing as you sense me step back to look at my work. Silence....... and then cool and wet, no slippery...hand full of gell covers and spreads a lubricant all over your pussy , inner thighs,and reaches between your legs to find your ass slipping a finger in a little, then alot into your puckered hole. How to describe what happens next is a flury of senses trying to connect the dots at the same time that every nerve ending is being lit up like an electrical charge. First thing you hear the buzz, sounds vaguely familiar as a sex toy might. And yes now you feel a smooth pliable shaft head toucching your pussy lipps , spreading then, and rubing againgst your clit as it eases its way up and down and begins to penetrate your wettness. As it enters , another familiar feeling become recogniseable... the rotating balls sourrounding the shaft begin to enter your pussy.... when the tingleing sensation of the light weight part of the device reaches your clit, you are sure you recognize the feel of a "rabbit" one of your favorite and well used toys. You feel me put pressure on the insides of your legs, and a whisper"open" tells you to spread a bit more to grant me further access. The extra room enables the next part of the device to come in contact with your pussy and the sourroundind area . It is cup like, you feel it couver the toy and find a resting place on your pubic moung, then seat itself in place as though it was specially designed for the job. You hear a noise and feel the bond around the cup seal and a sucktion pulling you pussy into a vacumn. The resulting feeling of he vibrator inside you while the suction device pulls your pussy together is like nothing youve ever felt. It intenseified the vibrations ten fold.....and your body immediatly responds with an involuntary thrust of your hips and spasms of pleasure. You hear it again... the sound of the pump....more of you is pulled into the pump and again the tightness increases and your clit presses hared against the vibrations."Ahhh" you say out loud, and drop the mouthpiece .. I quickly retrieve it and put it back between your lips. You are breathing hard through bouth your nose and teeth .......pump again.....your hips are fucking the air now moveing against nothing, but unable to stop with the entire center of your nervous system finding its way between your legs. You know you are going to cum hard way before it happenes, but you had no idea.... pump.... you screem as the spasms shoot through your body and goes and goes.... there is no end, you are cumming now and it doesnt stop. your knees weaken as you begin to loose your ability to stand, but there is nowhere to go. I turn the vibration off..... your gasping for breath and i step back again to watch you chest heaving in and out.END OF PART THREE........ You feel my move ment as i am doing something with your hands, they anr being lowered and pulled forward  you have no choice but to move with it. You realize your feet cant move forward at all this causes you to have to bend at the waist, your hands are touching something now, and it allows you to rest your elbows on a surface that gives you some support. You cant raise your head, because it pulls on your nipples...which are not looking for any additional stimulation at the moment. You hear me move behind you and feel me rub my cock on first one ass cheek then another. Pump.... it tightens again, feels like it is pulling your pussy into a bowl. pump....pump.....  tingling and hips begin to move...your waiting for the vibration.. now you think now... but instead you feel a stinging accross your ass that makes you jump, or at least try to, and another, "fuck" you think as the the next few blows cover your remaining ass and leave it hot annd tingling, your nipples pull back on the clamps and your hips move all on their own. It startsl slow the vibe and pump... they work in tandom bothe creating pressure against each other and fucking driving you mad. You hear the buzz even before you feel it.... louder, more, your gasping again as the intensety reaches the level of before....pump.....the buzz gets louder and the vibration is stronger than before...pump the intensity is crazy now, and going higher still. Just when you were about to start cumming agin it slows down... you catch your breath... There is something happening behind you and you know what it is almost immediatly as the feel of a large warm pulseing cock begins to penetrate your ass hole. Oh God you think and the depth of my cock gets a little deeper with each movement you or i make...You feel the vibration start to increase again ...pump..... and my cock is buried. I leave it all the way in and the vibration goes way up very fast....." say out loud and lift your head up to pull on the clamps "fuck" as the vibrations become faster and faster. your hips move again and my cock is being vibrated and fucked by your ass hole you can tell when i hit top speed. the sound is high pitched, and you cant stop from moving your ass. You feel my cock start to pulse and my hips begin to move to meet yours. PUMP..."im cumming you hear me say and you feel your own in your toes then up your legs and straight to your clit wave after wave, passes over you as you feel my cum filling your ass.We are both having difficulty standing mow, and are spasming uncontrolably when i turn it off completly and holding you from behind give one last push and hold you up...The time it takes to undo and release all the ties and pull off/out all the things in all your hole is short compared to what we just did. you lean against me as i carefilly replace your breasts on by one into the top of your dress, and letting your dress fall i run my hand over it concerned and then pleased that its not too wrinkled.    I put my arm around your lower back , lift your lips to mine and say..."lets go eat" The end
Added: Sunday, May 15, 2011 8:22am
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