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Not looking but like to write :)
BBW seeking Friends
I like to exchange topics, taboo or not and write about them, i love being inspired by individuals on muses all of you ;)
Not looking for anything more..maybe a few stalkers but that's another story :)
Remember that an ad ....
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Hello Everyone
Im Lolly and I like to write ;)
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Happy 4th Everyone!
Tuesday, July 4, 2017
It's early I know but I still wanted to say it.

Unfortunately I have to work at my day job this evening during our independent festivities. I have a feeling it's going to be extremely busy, my feet are already whimpering :(

So finally finished my porn binge I recently blogged about. It should tide me over for a couple weeks at least. One thing for sure I should really not watch porn before going to bed..ITS NO BUENO. Especially when you are single. We ladies may not have man boners but we have lady boners and those are more emotional, mental than physical. I mean we get twitchy coochies but nothing as raging physically as men do. OK well maybe it's just me.
I dream very vivid and surreal and now add some porn in the mix.

You can imagine the outcome.

Anyway this will be a short post tonight as I am trying to keep a good word count. Plus I downloaded scrivener to help with my workflow and still adding handwritten notes and such. P.s. I love the software.

I have been planning on dropping some snippets in here, I have some "Lolly Quickies" I've been working on over the last few months. I may have to alter some because of SA's TOS and I don't want to step on anyone toesies.

Anyway my lil darklings have a great 4th and don't set shit on fire with irresponsible firework handling!

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Lollys Fantasies..
Friday, June 30, 2017
So lately I have been on a porn binge, I am not afraid to admit it. I am a 35 year old female that watches porn. I am not ashamed. I like unwinding on the hub and just randomly scrolling. Lately its been older men with thick dicks, especially chubby older men with thick dicks. For some reason it's so arousing more than usual I just wanna reach out and play with it for a little bit.
Oh and May/December vids too. I'm not much on receiving oral but I love watching older men do it. Maybe I'm very wound's been a while since I've been violated or violated anyone..I need to go on the prowl again soon.

When do I hit cougar status again? Am I still a puma?

Anyway, and also as always I am a big fan of gangbang, forced skull fucking videos. It brings me peace of mind. I also enjoy ruined orgasms to the max..I enjoy those a little too much sometimes lol.
Anyway I was just posting real quick because it was on my mind. I probably should get some work done..yea that'd be good.

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I suck at a lot of things..hoover suck..
Friday, June 30, 2017
BUT..I suck more at this blog right here. It's been months!

Hello my darklings!

So my tablet I was using before went poop, so I was without one for a long time. Finally was able to buy a new computer yay me! After all those months of saving from ghostwriting gigs. So I have yet to publish due to setbacks in personal and professional life. I am closer than I was before so that's good.

Dating is still the same game, I've backed off for a while and just concentrated on other things. If Lolly is gonna get some booty it'll happen eventually, in the meantime its ToyTime! No complaints here..well except kissing..I love kissing and its the 2nd most thing I'm good at.
Anyway, now that I have this up and running again, expect to see me more often, ugh and I need to put up more pics.
Ill write again soon ;)


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You're not a whore, you just have a friendly vagina!
Friday, September 23, 2016
And I still love you! Now we got that out of the way..Hola kiddies! I slacked for a day and I feel guilt for it. I could have been doing something productive but decided to sit outside watching the moon and listening to Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack. I love the play, the movie. I hated that Christine went with Raoul, it’s my thing for bad guys I suppose. The Phantom, while incredibly depressed, possibly suffocating and obsessive..he had a beautiful creative mind. Also, being played by Gerard Butler, well that exceeded the hot factor! The things I would do to that man. *wicked lolly grin* Anyway, I am still planning my blog, looking at templates. I think I am just going with premade layouts for now. A friend of mine and I had a conversation about pen names. Since I am writing under different names for different genres/kinks I originally thought I had to separate each one and and have a dedicated site for each name. It would be costly. My friend mentioned to just be upfront about it and just have it all on one site and let my audience know that I do write other genres, check them out bla bla. I have the tendency to overthink details. Maybe this was the case here. We started googling “Lolly Gagger” aside from my web presence here there is a few others that go by the same, I don’t want any confusion. I want to keep Lolly, I like’s perty! We threw up some alternatives and they all sucked. Just didn’t feel right. I googled “Lolly Pop” as a name and another author named “Lolly Pope” came up, I kinda got sidetracked and read her entire catalog on kindle unlimited. She likes watersports...alot. lol Anyway, the pen name is still under construction. Any ideas? Inbox me! I think I am going to go with Crushed Unicorn as a site name..why? Because I like it, it sounds morbid, but I heard a long time ago that Jell-o is made from crushed unicorns, and I love me some Jell-O! Oh and before I forget, an update on my CL Community Disservice Project! After all those messages, that original push..I am down to about 5 messages a day from new pervs a day now. I speak to about 15 of the originals daily now. All via email of course. I caught a few love the internetz. Once again ladies and gentlemen, be sweet and wonderful you! I know the web is a haven for escape, you can be anything you want, but at least do your research and use your head. If you’re caucasian, don’t send a black mans monster weener and say you have a reverse michael jackson syndrome. (True story). Sure people may not waste the energy to call you out, but someone will eventually. Be happy with your penis! Ok, so I think that is all for now, I have some work to do. As soon as my new blog haven is available I will let you know. Out of respect to the Goddess and God of SA, I will not post the link, you’ll have to message me for it. Like I said before, I will still be posting here for my random tidbits. I hope you all have a wonderful night, or day, depending where you are in the world. Love, Lolly.
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Booo lolly cant chat on her tablet!!
Saturday, September 17, 2016
Damn you Android...whyyyy?! *snarls and huffs* Well at least I cant blog..yayyy! So once again I know I have been MIA, I have been working a lot and for part time work it sure is demanding. The good thing is its helping me save for some good cover designs. That's right kiddos, lolly is going into self-publishing. Gonna make some smutbux lol. It's been in process for a long time, but finally getting somewhere. So to give an idea of what I have been doing is creating a catalog of short stories about 7k words each. I was stockpiling them that way I would have content and be able to release in a timely manner. I have also been researching market trends, tactics and even some other unorthodox things to see how the tide is flowing. I have also been slowly weening off ghostwriting for others for a few mainly being they keep changing shit. lol I understand im giving them a basis of a story but cheese and rice at least keep the scene of gratuitous bukkake! Some people..smh. Ive also been looking up cover designs and quality stock art seems to have plummeted a bit, or maybe im not looking in the right places..or im just maybe too nice to stock photographers who need a break.I dont know. OK SO topic change... ---- I did a social activity.. So I had posted an ad on CL asking if anyone wanted to talk to an ssbbw, just to chat and shoot the shit, not meet for sex or anything just message about random things. I posted no pic, said I was pretty average looking and I really didnt want messages about being ssbbw because its really no surprise that im I stated that I was not oblivious to my body, I embrace it, live it, love it and work it! I asked for no feeders and no men obsessed with conspiracy theories, because honestly im tired of the long long talks about how many universes there are, and how we are specs of nothing..etc. Im not knocking it but..I just dont care. I care about whats in front and around me. Cant spend my life always looking up..I'll trip or something lol. I also asked for no weenie pics, middle finger pics and that I prefer fists then said JK! And in conclusion I said I did not want to show my bewbs because boobs are boobs and my milkshakes scares all the boys from my yard. I posted it around 2:30 am 2 nights ago. By 4 am I had about 10 emails, by noon that day 67, at this point now, I have 238 leering at me. No in between work and daily duties, ive glanced over most. We live in an odd world. Most of the responses were men a few females and 2 TVs (yayyy!) Despite my pleas for no weenies, I still recieved them in abundance. (im not complaining) I even got pics of fists from more cheeky I did recieve a few that messaged just to bash me, one in particular stood out. Aside from calling me a trashy ho, he also called me a snob for saying boobs are boobs. But he responded under the anonymous email again just changed the name and was a completely different person (acting) I was like what the fuck? Proof once again people ay not be who they seem. The 75 or so that were decent-ish, ive exchanged messages with. Some are married and there are clear boundaries with that, I respect them. But next thing I know I felt like dear Abby, some began asking questions on how they can get into their wives heads or get them to try anal.. WELL HELL that's right up this trashy hos happy fudge highway! HA! So I obliged my super top secret buttsex tips and am waiting anxiously for results. :) I've done my community service..what have you done today? ------- On another note I am sincerely thinking on opening a new blog, I want to still keep this one open because as I have said before I love this community, I love the people and it's always a part of me. I need to expand anyway especially with the writing gig. So thats also going to be in the works very soon..SOOO damn SOOON it'll make your butt tickle! *I also apologize for my horrendous grammar and lack of apostraphe usage and blatant misspellings, for I am on a tablet and this keyboard is janky yo! So anyway I am going to retire for the evening and fall back into Lollyland I hope you all have a wonderful night, keep on perving, feel free to drop me a line or 2, and remember Mama loves you! Love, Lolly
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Added: Friday, December 15, 2017 3:36am

Hope you have/had a beautiful day.
Added: Thursday, December 15, 2016 10:29pm

love those sexy lips and that sexy smile
Added: Saturday, July 16, 2016 7:56am
Added: Sunday, February 14, 2016 9:18pm

Added: Tuesday, December 15, 2015 3:09pm
Beautiful face and those eyes. Very Sexy !!!
Added: Monday, January 26, 2015 3:38am
Loly - Loly - Loly  Face that is divine and lips that need ...................  mmmmmm
Added: Monday, April 30, 2012 5:32am
Added: Saturday, April 7, 2012 8:27am
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