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Need a friend,who undestands.
Women seeking Friends
Me, I"m over weight, not the prettiest on the block, but I am a good friend,
and really thats all I'm looking fo right now. FWB, hasn' t worked vey well, with me. All have left, and either gone back to wifes, or divorcing current
wife, to be with another. So what I need, and want right now is a good , trusting, honest male or female friend. I am in age 70's. but don't feel it, more like 40's. I have a strange sense of humor, I love to travel, campout, I like to fish, shop. like yard sells, public auctions, flea markets, never know what you'll find. I am a packrat, I also bring home strays, and find good homes for them. I love to do crafts, still can't knit, etc. Pretty good cook. If interested let me know, can always start as friends, and see where it goes from there, never know unless you try. oh, yeah, I don't bite, unless it's called for, and I speak my mind.
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I'm almost back
Hi everyone, I am getting closer to becomin a vip, again, which will happen around first of month. I have missed so much, and have missed all my friends on SA. I thought I could make it with out sexy ads, but guess what, no can do. Things have been happening since I've been gone, on here, and at home. First, my daughter has finally gotten ridden of her a--h--e, boyfriend, and is now with a really great guy. He beat the shit out of her old boyfriend for beating on her, Yea!!, and they are planning on getting married soon, so her children will be able to live with them soon. She is much happier, and smiles alot more, and he does work,a nd take of her. Now what has been going on with me. Let see, been staying home, taking care of the kids. Have had a lot stress, and it finally got to me here a week ago, I start having pain in arm, chest, stomach, headache, which it did scare the crap out of me, and sure enough when I got to hospital, I was on my way of having a heart attack. I had to stay in hospital a few days, but I am doing great now. Can't keep this old bird down for long. lol. I'm just thankful, I had watch Dr. Oz a few days before on the subject, and so I knew what was happening. I am the same person I was before, still missing sex, which is a bummer. Still married, in name only, he has really gotten down,health wise, I have to help him get dressed, put his shoes, and socks,and now He is losing sight in one eye. So I will be here till the end, which a wife should do. He still sleeps in his room, and I sleep in mine. Now all we do is pass each other in the hall, touch hands, and as was that as good for as for me. I still have my sense of humor, mouthy as much as was before. So that is about as much you get out of me for now. Love ya all.
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Jail ? Me?
Friday, January 18, 2013
The last two days has been very interestng for me., and family. Yesterday I was home minding my own business, I thought, and lo and behold a knock at the door. Of course foolish me has to answer the door, in stead of peeking out. Standing there, a short, heavyset woman, iin a Jeffeson county sheriffs office uniform. They finally caught up with me, 6 warrents, I thougth only three since 2011, My mistake. big time. ,400.00 mistake, oops. So off to jail I go. In the back of a 2013 Dodge Dart.  Get jail, handcuff me to a seat, sat there for an hour, before being put in a holding cell. They fed me, made sure I ate, I am a diabete. Finally got to use phone, called daugter, she loves me, They took me to finger printing, and pic tken area, lovely pic, yeah right. Then off to the shower, what a fun ordeal, lady officer watching, couldn't hellp myself, did a fanny shakin', of the did frisk me before the shower, then had to lift shirt up and pull bra up. Guess making nothing else was there. Get to cell block, and of course it's up stairs, I climb the stairs, with blanket, sheet, and mat. And behold, I knew most of the girls, all old friends of daughter from her dope days, lucky me. They were reallly nice to me, took care of me, gave m a bottom bunk, got me water. Oh, yes, my uniform was, orange stripes, flipflops, and underwear.  Will not cause a rush on the fashion runway. Didn't sleep most of night, the ladies, chatted till 1:30 am, got quiet till "Goodmorining ladies, time to line up
for the shower. Oh Great!!!  Then lay down for awhile, at 4:30 am , Its chow time, which was oatmeat, package,(small) of milk, and 2 peices of bread with a slap of ham, and water. Then locked in cell till around 8:30am, to head for court. Got handcuffed, and shackled, then long walk down hallway, put in holding cell, and then it happens, I need to use bathroom badly,u know #2, so I ask the guard if I could please use restroom. The Guard from Hell, screams at me NO, I said please, or I was going to end up making a smelly smell in my pants. Yep!! sure did, she said I still couldn't, and as she started shut door, I call her a Bitch, that didn't make her
very happy, she got in my face and asked did I say, I told I called her a Bitch. Wentto court, and got released, and a payment plan, she wasn't too happy, and said she would make me pay before I left. Hahahha. Got back to cell, asked if I could take a shower. and clean up, Guess what her answer was, right , NO, so I sat in bunk for three hours waiting to leave, and was no allowed to leave cell at lunch, had to eat by self,  she put me on lockdown .that was ok, I just hope she likes the surprise I left for her, The imates loved it, I was famous, not good place to be famous. Hope I never go back, but it was interesting.
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No trouble
Monday, January 14, 2013

I guess there are some people on SA, that are afraid I'll cause trouble for them.I have no intention of causing them any kind of problems. What happened before, is over, and I am going on about my own business. I wish all the happiness to both of you, and hope a long life for both of u together. I am happy that you found each other, I love happy endings. I am where I should be, raising my grandkids, which I think their dad will be home soon, and he will take over, then maybe I can tend to my  self. My one granddaughter has gone to live with her mom, who is now with child. I am going to start crafting again, and that along will keep me out of trouble, for a very long time. So I will be headed to Little Rock , to Hobby Lobby, my favorite store of all time. Now I can start painting plates, decorate hats, and found a new thing to do, Make picture frames, and take photos, and fix them like antique. Can hardle wait. I will still have time to visit SA, and find friends here. I love doing these things, I think sometimes better than sex. roflmao, nothing takes the place of sex. I don't think anyway. And since a new baby is on the way, that should keep me busy too, One more grandchild, greatgrandchildren, more to love. I have lost count on how many I have, I lost count at 22 grandchildren, and greatgrandkids. So folks, I really am a nice person, sometimes I get drepressed, but most of the time I have a great sense of humor, a giving heart, and am a good friend.  God Bless Ya'll.
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What a year
Thursday, January 10, 2013

Well things have changed in 2012. some good, and some bad. My daughter has finally gotten her life straighten out, she no longer on drugs, and gotten a good
job, and a house to live in ( one of my houses ), and her children live with her now.
She is doing good, and seems happy.
I have been in and out of hospital, a few times, the last , thought I had a heart attack, pretty much scared the crap out of me, and family, They did find blockage, in
main artery, put a stent in, so now I am doing real good. Also found out that my whole body has arthristis,but I'm not giving into it. Have to much to do, and things to see, and try. Still have my youngest girl with me, she is now a teenager. Lord help
me. Have to keep a close watch on her, or any boys she speaks too.
Now I 'm in the dark as to what has happened on here since I've been gone. Would
like to hear what I've missed. Anyone want to let know, any one get marryed, or anything else.  Have a wonderful day.
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Alone again
Sunday, January 6, 2013

Today I found out that someone who I really cared and loved, has left me for good. Guess I shouldn't have , but it happened, and I must live with it. No more following my heart again, I'll just keep on going the rest of life alone. Good bye love, have a wonderful love with another. And no, well maybe yes, feeling sorry for my self. But I'm strong, and will put my big girls panties on. And to hell with Truckers, ..............My kids are living with their parents, and I am free. that is funny.
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Added: Sunday, April 8, 2012 11:45am
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