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Wholesome looks with a naughty side...
Women seeking men
PLEASE read and reply only if you fit the criteria....

I'm looking for a longterm relationship with a SINGLE or DIVORCED man around my age or younger (30-50, give or take a couple years on either side). I'm NOT looking to sleep around, nor do I want cyber sex or phone sex; I want a monogamous relationship with a man whose libido matches my own. PLEASE don't bother me if you're attached, married, and/or looking for just a random encounter. There are more than enough women on this and other sites who are looking for that stuff.

My girl-next-door appearence makes me someone you can take home to Mom. Your buddies and their wives/girlfriends will also approve. I'm capable of fitting in in just about any situation, whether it's a formal occasion or a casual night at the sports bar shooting pool. We don't need to be joined at the hip, but I'm looking for that man who is happy that at the end of the night out with his buddies he is glad he gets to come home to me.

If you're a REAL cowboy, please jump to the front of the line. There's nothing that turns me on more than a tip of the hat, a "Yes ma'am," and a perfectly fitting pair of Wranglers (hence my nic). I'm a big fan of the sport of bull riding, and that WILL be watched in my home before any football, baseball, basketball... game that my be broadcast at the same time! And yes, I can tell the difference between a guy playing dress-up and a real cowboy. I also have a thing for men in Uniform, whether he's a Cop, Firefighter, EMS, or Military; so this type of man, too, can run to the front of the line. While I don't have an absolute physical "type", I tend to gravitate toward tallish (5'10"+) athletic (not boney) or slightly beefy (like rodeo steer wrestler-types) men. But really, the only type of man I would NOT get along with would be the type who supports PeTA--the ignorant vegan animal rights nut who is anti-hunting, anti-rodeo, anti pet ownership....
Only Those Who Read and Fit the Criteria Will Get Replies!
BBW seeking men

Hi there! If you're looking for a woman who is wholesome enough to take home to Mom, ornery enough to match wits with your beer-drinking buddies, and who has a naughty side that will have you wanting to stay home, you've found her!

I'm a reasonably intelligent, hardworking, opinionated, independent woman looking for a longterm relationship with a man who will challenge and tantalize me in every way. I've been blessed with a great career, wonderful family, good friends, and beautiful pets, but I'm looking for that one missing piece to my life's puzzle: the One whose presence will both calm and excite me at the same time!

PLEASE READ! I am very specific in what/whom I'm looking for! The ideal man for me is a bit younger or around my age (30-50, give or take a year or two either way), hardworking, intelligent, funny, loves animals, likes country/western music, is capable of committing to one woman, and has a sexual appetite that will match my own. He's looking for a woman who looks like Betty Crocker but has a healthy dose of Mae West in the mix.

We don't always have to agree on everything, nor do we have to be joined at the hip in every activity, but our differences should compliment and balance one another, rather than causing serious conflict. And we should want to at least try indulging in each other's favorite activities, yet realize that we can have seperate interests, knowing we GET to come home to each other.

I'd just like to add...
I'm a major fan of professional bull riding, so if you're an animal rights advocate, we probably wouldn't get along. If you follow the sport and can name at least a few riders and/or bulls, you'll score big points with this cowgirl stuck in the city!

BONUS points if you can name the Chris LeDoux song I borrowed the Betty Crocker/Mae West reference from. Double bonus points if you can name three more Chris LeDoux songs!

And I'm all yours if you look good in Wranglers and a cowboy hat! :-D

Remember that an ad ....
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Does anyone...
Monday, May 26, 2008

...actually READ profiles on here? Or am I the only one?  I am very clear about what kind of person I'm looking for--whether it turns out to be an LTR or a friends with benefits situation.   Yet it seems that most of the messages and/or tickles I get are from the ones I specifically say I'm NOT interested in.   For a 50+ year old married man to send me an email is like me sending messages to a man who clearly says he's looking for a tall, slender woman.   It's pointless.  EVERYONE has his/her preferences, and thank God we all come in different packages and have a variety of interests for being on this site.  This world would be a very dull place if we were all the same.   And for every person on here, there is probably a match on her looking for the same thing and likes their look and/or body type.   So why waste time trying to "convert" someone who clearly states that the type they're looking for is NOT you? 

I'm attracted to a tall(ish), athletic-built (not necessarily skinny or a total hard-body), single, and my age or younger (around 25-40 years old) man--and yes, if he is a REAL cowboy (not just a guy who wears a western costume to the bar), or military, police, or firefighter/EMS-type, then he'll really get my heart rate up.   Race isn't an issue; I've dated men of just about every race.  Having said that, though, as a country-music fan, if he's into Gangsta rap, he's probably not going to be right for me. 

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What is sexy?
Monday, May 26, 2008

When it comes to photos, they are a must on any dating or 'hooking up" site.   There has to be attraction, so a face and at least one body shot are imperative.  And with this being a sexual site, more risque pics are expected.   But is it really necessary to let it ALL hang out?  For me, the sexiest pics are the ones that "almost" show the "money shot" but not quite....  I am far more turned on by the men's pics where they have the jeans and/or shorts down just enough to almost see the promised land.   THOSE poses make me want to get with those men so I can see the rest one-on-one.    And to be honest, the pics where the man has a nice big hard cock but his head is cut off in the photo make me believe those pics don't belong to the person who posted them.   I've seen profiles on here, in fact, where the body (chest down, no face pics) shots were clearly NOT of the same person.   When the skin tones in the six pics (and the amount of body hair) don't match, it's pretty obvious. 

But seriously, show me a nice bulge with the jeans partly unzipped and that certain gleam in the eye, and that will give me the best naughty thoughts of helping you remove those jeans.


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This Good Girl Wants to Go Bad
Sunday, May 4, 2008

I've been too good for too long, and if I can't find Mr Right anywhere near me, surely Mr RightNOW is in the vicinity.   Is there a young, SINGLE (or at least unattached) man in the Kansas City area that wants a BBW for a friendship (with benefits) that may or may not lead to more?  The old Battery Operated Boyfriend just lacks that human touch element that I'm really craving right now. 

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Second Chance
Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm giving this site another chance to prove my initial impression wrong.  Surely there ARE men on here who can read and fit my criteria.    Those who are illiterate leg-humpers will be ignored.  I have pics displayed that include both body AND face, and I expect the same from any person to whom I will reply.    I don't think my standards/preferences are unreasonable, and I'm sure the one who meets them is out there somewhere--hopefully within a reasonable distance. 

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Can Anyone on here READ??
Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I have edited my profile and dropped to basic membership because men on this site canNOT seem to read anyway, nor do they actually listen to my words in my voice ad.   I was very clear about the type of man AND the type of relationship that appeals to me....   I stated that I was looking for a tall (5'10" or taller), young man (25-40, give or take a year or two) for a LONG TERM MONOGAMOUS relationship with a man who is 100% available (meaning not married or attached).    So why do I keep getting messages from 50-something year old married men looking for cyber sex???   There are plenty of lower-quality women than myself looking for just that, so why don't the lowlife men who want that go for their lowlife female counterparts??? I guess I didn't realize that on this site, it's ASS-umed that having a high sex drive means a woman who will sleep with countless men.    I am a very sexual person, but that doesn't mean I am a slut who will spread her legs for any available man; I have loftier goals and think much more highly of myself!   I want a monogamous relationship with a man who wants me as much as I want him.   I deserve exactly what I want--both in the important personality traits AND the physical qualities that initially attract my attention. 

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Hey, what's up? I'm in Ottawa.. Would you like to chat, sexy?
Added: Monday, June 1, 2009 9:42pm

Open those big thighs baby and ride this

Added: Thursday, November 13, 2008 7:19am

Hi Luv you are one hot woman, I see we have similar intrests, we should chat sometime

Added: Wednesday, November 12, 2008 11:08pm

Here baby,"LUV" on this

Added: Thursday, May 1, 2008 7:17am

Love those eyes. Wow

Added: Wednesday, November 28, 2007 8:24pm
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