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Men Seeking Women
Hi I am a good looking professional male, CEO of a company in the music recording business. My interest are: Travel, outdoors, good/wild sex and the company of people I like. I believe the best way to get know some one, is through a sensual massage (doesn't have to include sex) Lets get together and explore the possibilties.
Slow Motion Sensual Full Body Rub
Men seeking couples
Had a hard day and need to relax??? I are a very outgoing man and love to have fun and make sure the company I keep has just as much fun!!

Awaiting you is a blissful experience that will take you away from everything else in your day and allow you to focus your thoughts and relax every inch of your body......After work, before bed time. This is a great way to pamper your body, mind and soul! You will be treated with gentle hands by this sexy, caring massage provider.

I am attractive and modest (lol), with over 20 years combined experience in massage, energy work and tantra.
Massage will be at your house or hotel room !
This is a free massage, I offer it because I enjoy giving massage.

Please note: even though this is a sensual massage, I respect any boundaries you might have.
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her first massage, she didn't pay for it either
There is nothing more exciting than to feel the warmth of a woman’s body as you stroke her skin. To hear slight moans of pleasure as you rub her back, neck and shoulders. As you rub her back you know you are helping her relax and take away the stress built up over the day. Working down her body massaging her lower back feeling the knots melt away with each stroke. Feeling her get warm as you rub her glut and inner thighs...notice her getting wet from you stroking her checks in a circular motion. To feel her hips begin to grind into the table without her even knowing, as she starts to get excited. To feel her breath quicken as my hands accidentally touch the area between her thighs, not lingering there just enough to peak her curiosity of how it would feel if another man’s fingers actually were to explored her. Massaging down her legs taking miles of walking away, Rubbing her feet and to know I am taking away some of the stress from the long week. Then she turns over, as I arrange the towels to protect her modesty. I see her naked body, her breast her erect nipples. I want to massage them and tease the nipples with my fingers, but I can't, I have to keep in mind this is for her and I want her to feel comfortable and not threatened. At the same time feeling my erection grow, my manhood becoming harder. I ignore my own excitement and remember the task at hand. I begin to rub her temples her face seeing the tension leave her face, massaging her ears, working my way down to her neck and shoulders. I start stoking her chest just down to the top of her cleavage not going to far but just far enough. Rubbing her stomach...letting my fingers tease and go as far down on her body as I dare. To watch her once tight held legs unconsciously begin to spread, her hips begin to pulsate up and down. I stop the massage for minute to look for two pillows to place under her knees; I softly explain to her it is a way for me to massage her inner thighs and lower legs. She closes her eyes, I decide to be daring I slip off my shorts, I am now completely naked. She doesn't notice because her eyes are closed. I place myself at her feet between her bent spread legs and begin to massage her left inner thigh, again slightly brushing the area between her legs. I work my way down her legs and massage her calves and ankles. I bend her leg up to her chest as I do the towel that was once neatly placed around her waist is now crumpled around her stomach leaving her pussy completely exposed. She makes no attempt to replace it. I continue to massage her right leg inner thigh, calves and ankles. My now hard cock touches her leg, she moans, not sure if it’s because she now knows I am naked or from my touch. I notice now that there is moisture around her lips. I move behind her and tell her to sit up I want to work more on her shoulders. As she sits up the towel covering her chest falls to the floor. Her breast are now fully exposed and she makes no attempt to cover eyes catch the fullness the erect nipples and I begin rubbing her shoulders but can't resist this time, I reach around and start filling my hands up with those gorgeous mounds. Squeezing them searching for her nipples playing with them. I begin to kiss the back of her neck...kissing all the way down her back. I hear her moan as I press my cock against her back. I ask her to lie down again. I begin kissing her neck...working my way down her body....stopping at her nipples I lick them running my tongue around in circles sucking on them to make sure they are fully erect. I continue licking and kissing down her body. I kiss her inner thigh...teasing her. I take my finger and start stroking her clit. I take my other finger and insert it inside her looking for her g-spot. I find it. I feel her body begin stiffing she begins to climax. But before she is finished I thrust my head between her legs and lick her clit to a second orgasm. She rest for a moment and then sits up and says my turn. She grabs my now throbbing cock and stokes me till I cum. I come so hard I squirt all over her breast.
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Home work isn't all bad !
Saturday, August 20, 2011

I was in Milwaukee attending a weekend class on energy work and massage.  I decided to get a hotel room at the location of the class.  My thinking was if class went long I didn't have to drive an hour home and I would be fresh for the next day.    


Once class begun I was partnered up with a very nice woman in her 40's, she was well groomed and had very pretty eyes, she wasn't what you would call hot, but attractive. There was a coolness toward me and I wasn't quite sure why.  We laid our mats on the floor and the instructor began showing us different energy techniques, which we were to practice on each other.  Every time I would touch her she would stiffen up, as if my touch repulsed her.  During our lunch break I confronted her about it, she told me that she was attracted to me and was afraid she might be tempted to enjoy herself to much, that she's married and her and her husband haven't been intimate in a long time.


I assured her that I am a gentleman and I would keep that in mind, watch my comments and make sure she would be comfortable so she could learn and enjoy the class. I offered to find another partner and she declined and said she was silly and was sorry for "immaturity".  The afternoon session went much better, both us learned quite a bit.  There was a technique she couldn't grasp and it was the only one I understood.  I invited her back to my hotel room I said we could practice before tomorrow’s class, she agreed.   We arrived at my room; I offered her a towel and turned back the bed so the sheets were accessible so she could drape herself.  I then went into the bathroom and took off my shirt and slipped into a pair of running shorts.  I walked out of the bath room and she was sitting on the edge of the bed undress exposing her entire body to me. i said I was so sorry, I thought you were ready.  She then told me not to be silly, we are practicing massage and energy work and it's best done without clothes or draping.  She scolded me for being dressed so I slipped out of my shorts, and joined her on the bed.  


The one problem being a man is you can't control getting an erection, and ole peter was at full attention saluting her nakedness.  I said I was sorry and she just smiled and said let’s get started.  We practiced different stokes on each other’s body that we were taught during the days class.  I erection soon went away as I was concentrating on the massage of her muscles and not so much on the curves of her body.  The last thing we practiced was the chakra test which was to check and find each of the seven chakras....The first chakra is the root chakra...which is located in the pelvic region or the genital area.   I was laying horizon at the foot of the bed face up.  I felt her one knee on the bed then the other knee, my eyes were closed and I didn't open them but I felt the presents of her pussy directly over my face. She started, she put her hand there but the spot was close it was more on my balls and kept it there for an extended time.  I again became very hard.  Instead of finishing our task of energy/charka work, she started to stoke me.  I opened my eyes I saw her body over mine I saw her shaven lips over face.  I looked up and noticed her nipples starting to become erect.  I reached Down to stroke her breast and play with her nipples.  She moaned at my touch.  I began to kiss and lick her inner thigh teasing her as I knew she had a desire for more.  Just then she lowered her hips and head at the same time.  She engulfed my cock in her mouth teasing my shaft with her tongue.  I now had full access to her pussy, I first used my tongue to circle her lips of her pussy just to tease then I found her  clit,  I gently liked her at first then I increased the Speed and pressure. She began to suck me harder and faster, I matched her pace.  I felt her body begin to stiffen I knew she was ready to orgasm.  She came I felt her body quiver with excitement; my mouth was filled with her Increased moisture.  She stopped sucking me and began stoking me.  I continued to lick her as I inserted my finger inside of her searching for her g-spot. I found it she moaned loudly as she stroked me.  I knew it was just a matter of seconds before my climax.  Just then she screamed with pleasure as she experienced a explosive orgasm. Waves and waves of pleasure were sent though her body; at the same time she squirted.  I was also in state of orgasmic pleasure myself not just once but twice. 


We were both amazed of the intense pleasure we both experienced.  We cuddle and kissed while we recovered and then made love for an hour or so.  With both of us experiencing several more orgasms.

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