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Full Body, Erotic Massage
Friday, October 1, 2010

Anyone who enjoys a full erotic, body massage, will love my technique.

I would have you lay naked on either a bed or table tummy side down.

An application of oil would be poured on your back and I would start at your neck and shoulders working your muscles gently not deeply. This method after time will cause you to relax, as there will be no muscle pain.

From your neck and shoulders I would gently work my way to your shoulder blades and back in circular motions working the muscles and slowly going down to your lower back just before your glutes. At which point I have been fantasizing about your glutes, my favorite area to massage.

I would pour more oil on the gluteus maximus muscles and ask you to open your legs just enough so that I can fit my hand up your inner thigh to the edge of your vagina, again at this point fantasizing of eventually licking and tonguing, stroking your inner and outer vaginal lips and clitoris. Writing this, I’m so horny. Back to  the massage, my hand gently going up your inner thigh and back down towards your knee. In a gentle circular motion I would rub and massage your glutes and at the same time, my penis would be throbbing to my every heartbeat.

More oil would be poured for your legs and calves and of course massaged.

At this point I would ask you to turn over and lay on your back and open your legs enough for my hand to eventually massage your inner thigh.

My heart would be beating faster and my penis would be throbbing at every beat and be so hard and would be slightly oozing some semen for you.

Admiring your beautiful breasts I would pour oil on them and watch the oil drip from your nipples and areolas down the breasts and I would begin to rub gently the oil around especially the areola and nipples. I would be watching your nipples becoming hard and all the while fantasizing on licking them. More oil poured for your tummy and rubbing it in and eventually making my way down to the pubic bone, across to the inner thigh at the vagina, yet not touching it, however, there would be enough of a tease to possibly increase a climax. Your legs would be massaged back and forth up to the vagina repeatedly.

That was the beginning of foreplay. The vagina would eventually receive it’s due massage. Ever so gently stroked with my finger on the clitoris in slow circular motion with my face slowly moving in so close to your vagina that I would feel the heat and smell the lovely aroma of your hot wet vagina. At this point I would orally enjoy your hot, wet vagina and my tongue gently working your clitoris to the point where I would watch your vagina come to orgasm and pulsating.

Now, I’m ready to cum.

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