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Hey everyone!
BBW seeking Friends
I'm just looking to make some friends. I have made a few very good friends on here and would like to continue the trend. "

I am wickedly sarcastic which is one of my greatest strengths and greatest flaws. If you understand that, we should probably be friends.

I love my kids. They are my world. I love football (GO REDSKINS) and professional wrestling. Huge music fan, the louder the better I love to laugh. I dig cooking shows and one day would love to have a huge kitchen that I can tinker around in.

Want to be friends? Hit me up. I pop into chat when I have the time.
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About Me
Hey Everyone! I'm Jen. Mom, friend, sarcastic sidekick. Whatever is needed. I'm here to make friends. I love to chat with people. I'm a huge music fan. the louder, the better. I love movies and football and professional wrestling. I live every day just being ME. Because I am pretty fucking awesome.
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Thursday, June 30, 2016
I haven't been on here in forever. I think a part of me forgot all about it. Life gets in the way sometimes. Oh Well. What can you do?

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Ummmm Spring? We need to chat
Monday, March 25, 2013
Seriously Spring.. You need to get your shit together. No snow all winter.. Then a few days after you come around, we get a few inches?? I don't know what happened to you while you were on the other hemisphere trying to spread a little sunshine, but I refuse to let you take it out on us. If I want to deal with mood swings and out of whack hormones, I will try to have a conversation with my 15 year old daughter. I don't need it from you too.

Sooooo if you could just calm down and take a few deep breaths and just let your happy side out, I (and many others)
would appreciate it.
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Sunday, March 10, 2013
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I'm back.. Sort of :-)
Sunday, March 10, 2013
So I have been Missing in action on here for a good while. ALOT of things happened and i needed to focus on other things for awhile. but i missed people. My friends.. People I used to joke with and flirt with and just talk to. So I am slowly easing my way back into this whole Sexy Ads thing. I pop into chat when i can. Just to say hi, see what has changed. Nothing Thats good to know. That no matter what else happens, I still have this place to come and be myself
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Cleaning out.....everything
Monday, March 19, 2012
Took tax money and got a new loveseat, recliner, tv and tv stand for the living room. Was just going to do the usual cleaning of the area where the couch used to be, running the vacuum, cleaning the window etc. It turned into much more than that. Turned into a major living room furniture overhaul. I am trying to minimize the clutter in there.
So I took the whole minimizing the clutter routine and cleaned out my email accounts. Everything that I saved that seemed important at the time, I went thru and was like "Why did I keep this?" lol
It also meant getting rid of all the emails from him. THAT GUY. The one that I thought loved me and wanted a life together. It wasn't that hard really. I have accepted that he went from telling me he was taking steps toward our new life together to blocking me and deleting me from his life in a day. I have dealt the best I could. It actually felt good to get rid of the emails. Nothing left of him anymore.
However, I had a friend tell me that she found out that he did all of this because of another woman, which is what I figured, but hearing it still hurt for a min or two. Oh well onward and upward as they say. That whole experience has made me skittish when it comes to trusting anyone tho.
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Added: Friday, September 28, 2018 4:10am
Added: Thursday, September 28, 2017 2:35am
Added: Saturday, September 28, 2013 2:29pm
This holiday season and the year to come I pray for much laughter, fabulous food, a multitude of blessings, and most important--many-many loved ones and friends for you for the year to come. 

Much love,

Added: Saturday, December 24, 2011 4:52pm
Added: Wednesday, September 28, 2011 3:25pm
Thank all you ladies for your comments, support, and most of of--HUMOR.  I loved it.  My head is much better, still a big achy and foggy, but no complaints here after yesterday.  Like I said--my heart goes out to all who experience this on a frequent basis.  I have had megga migraines before--but nothing close to like I experienced yesterday.  geez

metalmomma:  Thanks Hon.  I do get achy headaches too with the weather.  I joke that I am like a human barometer, lol. 

I adore all you ladies and again thank you!

Have fun,
Added: Monday, May 9, 2011 8:06pm
hay sexy hows it going ?
Added: Monday, April 25, 2011 2:33pm

 ~ Wishing you a wonderful Easter ~

~ naughty ♥
Added: Friday, April 22, 2011 10:51pm
whats up was fun chatting today 
Added: Monday, April 18, 2011 5:37pm
hi how are you today?
Added: Friday, March 18, 2011 10:42am
we keep passing like ships in the night - when are you usually on?
Added: Friday, March 11, 2011 3:10pm
Thank you for your friendship and support.  I am sorry to hear about your experience.  Thank you for sharing with me.  It is lovely how supportive everyone has been with me and share their experiences with me.  Deeply toughing. xoxo

Much love,

Added: Tuesday, March 8, 2011 10:19am
Added: Wednesday, February 2, 2011 3:17pm
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