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First off, if I'm on-line you can find me in the chat bedroom.
I enjoy chatting in real time and if you enjoy it as well then we already have one thing in common. Feel free to stop in anytime and have a chat about anything from apples to sex. Personally i love movies, music, sex & science and would like to meet a woman that shares some of my passion for all of them. I do not expect to find many woman that are all that interested in science, but it would be nice to find someone that knew who Carl Sagan was. I also admire Joe Campbell, Alice Miller, Noam Chomsky and Rod Serling.
Now about the twilight zone, I'm 100 % reality based and if you are entertained by horoscopes, horror movies and reality Television , fine, but they have nothing to do with reality and are of no interest to me. There are a few other topics that many people believe are also real that have no basis in reality. I try not to ever even use the term " believe " and I try not to enter into discussions where the term needs to be used because so many people today it seems confuse believing with knowing. So if you know that ghosts, aliens & "gods" are human constructs , Please by all means find me and let's see if we are compatible enough for each other to enjoy some type of relationship together.
Three of My favorite movies are Casablanca , To Have & Have Not & V For Vendetta.
i love any movie that has a time travel theme.
I love Rock & Roll, Jazz, Disco & Jimmy Buffet.
I don't drink or smoke but I'm fine with people that do.
I don't have a lot to say about sex but here are a few things that may help you decide If an interest in me is worth any effort.
I'm very open minded but realize that when a fantasy meets up with reality the mind can have second thoughts.
I love looking at nude women.
I love chatting with smart witty women.
I'm interested in making Love not having sex although I beginning to think if I'm to have any further sexual contact with any woman I'm going to have to compromise on this.
If a woman's mind appeals to me then I'm more likely to be interested in them sexually regardless of what society thinks of their outward appearance. If the mind is not interesting then I'm not going to be interested sexually no matter how hot the body is.
I'm not much for e-mail except to verify & exchange info.
I'm not into phone sex at all.
I'm not sure what cyber sex is although I think I have done it a little.
I don't kid about sex on-line much, that is I do not say I want to do something sexual with someone unless I would actually do it with them in person.
A few more incidentals, I have a cam & it is usually on & I am usually nude except for the keyboard & I have it so you can see my whole body. I usually don't do closeups but will usually grant most requests.
Anyone may view my cam & anyone can PC me but only females and couples are guaranteed a response to a sexual inquiry.
I chat with several people in the room at the same time, if you want me to only chat with you when/if we PC just let me know & I will give you my full attention.
I have music on almost all the time, if you don't like a song that is playing just say so & & I'll skip it, likewise if I skip a song you like speak up & I'll go back and let it play for you.
Finally you can ask me anything as long as you won't be offended by the answer or lack of one.
Remember that an ad ....
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How to tune your cam in chat
Friday, February 20, 2009
1. Click on the " Options " Tab at the top right of the chat window The Options window should open with several Tabs along the top. 2. Click on the " Tune A/V " Tab to the top right hand side of the window You should now be seeing the Tune A/V choices There are three video improvement options A. Video Capture B. Input Video Quality C. Frames Per Second There is a bar to the right of each of these options & there is a small pointer showing the current setting. 3. Click at the far right hand of the bar so the pointer is all the way to the right end of the bar. Do This for all 3 video quality options. You can watch the " As Received " image to see how your image is going to appear to others online. 4. And this is very important, close the window by clicking on the " RED X " close button at the extreme top right hand corner of the Options window. " DO NOT HIT THE " OK" BUTTON AT THE BOTTOM OF THE WINDOW TO CLOSE THE WINDOW " If you close the window with the ok button your settings you just made will revert back to what they were before you started and none of the changes you made will be saved. Hope this helps, so many people seem to have cams that are less than they could be and this is what people mean when they say in chat " Your Cam is pixalated " or " Your Cam needs tuned " Thanks & happy Viewing.
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Is you is
Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Who Are You ? Something to Think about. " Respectfully offered for your consideration " Who are you ? What are you ? Where are you ? How sure are you ? Bring your imagination and think about what you would do if your future offers you this choice. Imagine if you will a time in your distant future when you are at the very end of this mortal coil. Your time is nearly at an end after a satisfying long life. The doctor tells you what you already know, your aged body has done it's job well but in a few hours maybe a day at most you will doze off peacefully and never wake again. Your family and friends have gathered around and all have said their goodbyes. In this future moment you now have a decision to make. Technology has made many advances between now and this future time. A process has been developed that will allow all of your brain's information, memories and capabilities to be transferred into a computer type device that will leave you self- aware and in a state of conscienceness very much like the one you are in at this very moment "seeing" this screen and "communicating" with an input device similar to the way the keyboard or mouse does now. You are not the first person to accept or decline this process. The process is safe and has never failed. The process does not affect your body's orginal time of expiration. People who undergo the process may opt out at any future time. The process does not promise immortality but no one has yet been lost from the process once they have entered into it. The process does not protect those who have undergone it from any of the more drastic accidents that people are subject to. Major Blackouts, fire, earthquakes and other natural disasters are still capable of resulting in the big sleep for people in the process if their particular hardware happens to get damaged. The only two senses you are aware of are sight and hearing although people have reported the "sensation" of all 5 senses during infrequent and brief periods of what are best decribed as dreams which have always been pleasant if not pleasurable.. So here is your choice. Do you ..... Undergo the process and spend some additional time interacting on planet Earth. Decline the process and pass peacefully into whatever the unknown reality happens to be ? There is no riddle or trick here, no right or wrong answer, no larger issues to consider, no answer is required at all. It is merely the musing about one possibility that could one day be available in a future that may not be as implausible or as far off as some might think. --
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