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Great guy seeking sexy woman
Men Seeking Women
I am looking for a partner for lunches, coffee, beach trips, companionship, etc... not interested in many partners, just one. I'm not looking for anything serious but am open to it if it happens. Not interested in drama or anything complicated.

Due to high visibility professional job in a small city, I will only swap head-shot photos privately. I am divorced, have no children, live alone (with three cats), have a good job and good health. Always on a perpetual diet.

I'm extremely affectionate, gentle and kind. I love to be sexy and enjoy the company of a sexy woman. I love swimming and sunbathing in the nude. We MUST be comfortable with each other before anything intimate happens. But when it does, I can be slow and romantic - or quick and to the point. I can spend all day exploring you or make it quick and sweet, whatever the mood. Showering together is great, so is swimming and a hot tub together in the buff. Interested???

Ideal Person: I'm looking for a woman to join me at a nudist resort or nude beach. I won't go alone and need a companion to join me. She should enjoy being treated like a princess, stroked and massaged all over, being satisfied and having all her senses aroused. Enjoying wind in her hair, sand between her toes and afternoon naps a plus. I want a partner who is powerful as a woman, has unlearned limitations, and has the freedom to desire who and what she wants.

I'm also into photography and would love to photograph all the beautiful women out there. If you're using a cell phone self-portrait, give me a call and we'll get some awesome photos of you posted. I also want to try my skills at video, so let me know if want to film some hot action.

I'm not the cutest fish in the sea, I am bald on top, hairy everywhere else and on a perpetual diet. If you can get past that, and you're reading this, then we're a match.

BTW: I absolutely LOVE oral, nothing tastes as good as a wet puss.
Wanted: Hairy Pussy
Men seeking hairy women
I love hairy pussy, hairy armpits, hairy arms and hairy legs. The more unshaven you are, the more I like it. I want to fuck a woman, not a pre-puberty girl.

I'm not the cutest fish in the sea, I am bald on top, hairy everywhere else and on a perpetual diet. If you can get past that, and you're reading this, then we're a match.

Wanted: Feminine TV/TS
Men seeking TS/TV/CD
OK, I'm looking for my first ever experience with a transgender woman (I don't know if that term is politically correct, but you know who you are). I would like to meet someone who is all woman with a mans package 'down-there' and is very feminine. We don't necessarily have to have sex, but I am open to that. I just want to meet, chat and whatever. Please note that I am NOT looking for a guy that cross-dresses.

I'm also into photography and would love to photograph a beautiful, feminine, TS/TV. If you're using a cell phone self-portrait, give me a call and we'll get some awesome photos of you posted.
Wanted: Erotic models
Men seeking couples
I'm an avid beginner photographer with a small in-home studio. I'm looking for women, couples and TV/TS to pose nude. Maxim style to Hustler style is your choice and what you feel comfortable with. Exotic dancers can use these for their portfolios, others can use the photos just for fun.

I can also come to your place and I also do outdoor nudes. Discretion guaranteed, the photos are yours to do as you please and I gain the experience I am looking for to photograph the nude form. All sizes and all ethnic backgrounds are invited.

Wanted: Friend with Benefits
Men seeking Friends
OK, I'd really like to find my soul-mate and lifetime partner but that's just not happening. So I'm very interested in a friend with benefits. I have no kids, live alone, a good education, a professional job, all my teeth, healthy, don't drink or smoke.
I can offer you companionship, good conversation and the best licking you've ever had.
So give me a try while you wait for your Mr. Right to come along.
Remember that an ad ....
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Sex is good
Sex is good.
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For Love of Hippie Goddesses
Saturday, October 17, 2009
I just watched a movie that had some retrospective scenes shot in 1978.  Not exactly the hippie era but close enough that the women, who spent much of their time nude on the Colorado River, had unshaven muffs and unshaven arm pits.

I'm not sure why I am so attracted to unshaven women, but I am and I curse the day that the style for women included shaving everything everywhere.  I love a big hairy bush and absolutely love unshaven armpits. 

I so desire a healthy, all natural girl that eats well, takes care of herself, enjoys being outdoors, and also wants affection, love and actually enjoys sex.  I have so much to offer her.  Now, where the flip is she???
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Where is she?
Tuesday, September 15, 2009
I am super affectionate, I have a good job, a good education and all my teeth.  I'm clean, I live alone and have no children or baggage.  All that's missing is 'her'.  I really do want to find my soul-mate and lifetime partner, but so far, no luck,
So in the meantime, I'm looking for a friend - with benefits.
I'll kiss you from head to toe and everywhere in between.  I'll rub your shoulders and massage your feet.  My pleasure is to please you, I'll do the things for you your husband or boyfriend or Ex. never did.  I'm very oral and I'll give you the best licking you've ever had and only lick you if that's what you want.
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What turns you on ???
Sunday, August 30, 2009
By gender... What turns you on when perusing a Sexy Ads profile?  Is it the photos, the blogs, or is it something deeper? 

For men the answer is really simple.  We're visual, we like the curves on certain nude bodies, we look at photos, we get an erection, we're turned on.  The more that's shown, the more turned on we get.

For women, the 'communicators', the first intrigue may be in the photos, a certain hunk shown all greased up and shiny in his birthday suit.  Although some women may get turned on by a photo of a raging hard erection, I've seen many a woman post that they don't want to see that.

Perhaps the fairer gender moves onto the Blogs.  A man that can write a sentence containing more than one word, impressive.  A man that can write several sentences and string them together into comprehensible paragraphs.  Now there's a catch.

Perhaps a woman reads his ad where he claims to be rich, and can fly them off to exotic places, dine in the finest restaurants, stay at the finest resorts, and lavish her with precious gifts.  That could be a turn-on.

Now, what turns me on???  Scent.  I love the smell of a woman.  Not perfume, but the natural scent of a woman.  The pheromones.  The scent that emanates from between her legs when she's aroused.  My hardest of hard-ons is in the 69 position where I can get the full scent of her womanhood.  I love to kiss a womans armpits, where the pharmones are strong.  The deep musky smell after hot, sweaty sex, turns me on.  I love the taste of a woman's pussy after she has cum, and I've cum deep inside her.  That scent, that small, is what turns me on.

So, what turns you on?
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Where are all the women ???
Sunday, August 30, 2009
I just did a search, 10 times as many men on this site as women. I did a search on AFF, 10 times as many men as women. I did a search on Yahoo Personals, 10 times as many men as women. So I'm fat, bald and not so cute, plus I'm outnumbered 10 to 1. I haven't had any affection in 10+ years, what do you think the odds are of finding such affection here? I'd say, about 100 to 1 against. I'd sure like to have sex (with another person) in this decade? I guess I'll go masturbate... again!  

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Are all fat women BBW's ???
Saturday, August 29, 2009
I really love the fairer gender of our species and don't get nearly enough time in the company of a lovely women.  I find especially attractive those that are a little on the chubby side, women you can nuzzle into their soft breasts and wrap your arms around their curvy bodies and caress for hours on end.
But why is it that every obese women classifies herself as a BBW?  Now some heavy set ladies are truly beautiful, I've known many and been intimate with far to few.  I love truly, Big Beautiful Women.
On the other hand, there are many women that are fat, ugly and just down-right gross.  There should be another abbreviation, FUW (Fat Ugly Woman), SUW (Sweaty Ugly Woman), OUW (Obese Ugly Woman), or something 'catchy'.
Now I know what I'm talking about, I also fit in the category of ugly.  When I was young I must have been seriously beat with the proverbial ugly stick.  Plus, I am fat.  I workout daily to stay trim but genetics is not on my side.  I guess that makes me a BUM (Big Ugly Man).  
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Very nice package would love to play with you and see what can happen i bet its hot
Added: Tuesday, November 24, 2009 3:00am
nice package honey love to see and feel it all outside of them shorts mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Added: Saturday, October 31, 2009 2:27pm
 Give me a little tiggle !!
Added: Tuesday, September 15, 2009 9:44am

nice...i would love to meeet u

Added: Wednesday, December 31, 2008 1:29am
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