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Life is too short....
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Life is way to short to go thriough all the red tape and rig-a ma roll that has become our way of life. If two people have some chemistry just go with the flo and let your senses take you away.
It is sad that so much has to be put into just enjoying one another's beings. Why can't we just share the magical moments and have no crap involved it wasn't meant to be like this , life is to be lived to the fullest or you are just wasting a precious gift clinging to the things that you dispise. If you are not getting the love and feelings you should than you should move on and enjoy someone that does appreciate you.. So many hang ups , so much disappointment, so much waste of time... Let's just get together and have a great time with what time we have.
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I get so tired of ll the red tape and bull that goes on today, can't do something or say anything because it's politicaly incorrect. Well I say cut all the politically correctness and just enjoy life.. The 60's were good years in that people didn't cower under the establishment, it wasn't totally aout drugs as I did none.
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Whatever happened???
Monday, March 16, 2009

We true hippies didn't need any drugs to realize we were suppressed y the establishment. Now those same people who used to supposedly attle the oppression are part of that same estalishment that held us down.

  I have no prolem with eliminating harrassments and the like ut to take away al my freedom of expression and fun , well it's just rediculous.

    Suppose you're on a train or in an elevator or somewhere you would normally feel restricted anyway, and you feel a strong attraction to this other person, ( preferably the other sex) and the only thing that should hold you back is the possiility of eing charged with indecent exposure, well why can't we persue that person, not stalk them, but just try. If they say no, so be it. Yet if they say yeah baby then no reason to withhold.  Political correctness has taken a strong hold over our very senses and has destryed the open freedom we once gained from the "tyranny'

  Well I say if I choose to like someone I don't wish to imply someone elses ideas on them ,but only my own.  I don't imply my religious eliefs on ohters, I don't apply my moral standards on others and I don't apply my political or other beliefs on anyone , unless of course they ask..  It just isn't right to make everyone the same, even God Himself made all of us very different for some reason.  illions of us and their are no two truly alike unless you consider twins which still have differences of course.  A few trillion roses in history and not one of them exactly matched another, what does this tell you, we were meant to be different. y the very nature of creation.   So no one has the right to try to make me conform to the supposedly right ideas.

  Unless what I do breaks a law, and infringes  on someone else's life then I give those forces al l the credit for correcting me.  But mutual , sexual and other feeling can not e controlled y a small minority of extra righteous people...  and especialy not y a governing force,  Government was designed to represent the people not to contorol  them in evcery thigng they do... 

  Hmmm I just want to be ale to break through all that red tape that we have created and if someone out there needs a little pleassure and I can provide it then they and I have every right to puresue each other and make the connection. don't let these rediculous rues stand in the way of enjoying what littele life we have..  You will only live once, contrary to popular belief so enjoy it...

  I offer to have a relation to make two people mutually happy here myself and whomever, if that's not what others want then they shouldn't e looking here or any other location that refers to open sexuality and mutual enjoyment...  Don't look on a website for something that is not there.!!!

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