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Mature CD in need of cock.
Men seeking men
I am a bottom CD with a very clean tight ass in stanwood area. I am a non-passable cross dresser that likes to be topped so far it has been only a fantasy I like to make it a reality. I love to have a cock in my warm welcoming mouth and have it cum in my mouth like to feel the warm jizz dripping from the side of my mouth while trying to swallow the rest. Love to get penetrated in my boy pussy, start slow then fast and hard till you make me cum. I enjoy wearing lingerie, nylons and heels while getting it and have my legs wrapped around you. I would love for a group of men to take turns on me and make me keep up with them one can fuck me while I'm blowing a couple others. I am a slut and I love it. I like men to take control of me and have me be his slut be 45 and older practice safe sex and be DDF.
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Cold day in NW and I am waiting for someone to warm me up.
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Need to find a man
Tuesday, December 29, 2015
Why is it so hard to find a Master for this Chubby sex hungry CD slave?? I am so in need a Master to serve not sure what to do anymore, I feel the blues, sex blues that is. Every night I go to bed with my imaginations running wild to the point of having to get up and riding my toys to the point of ultimate self pleasure as i imagine having a cock in my mouth while riding another and giving a hand job to two others and having all of them cumming at the same time cumming in my boy pussy, my mouth and all over my body feeling the warmth of sweet cum in me and my throat and my breast makes me cum over and over again to the point that I scream from pleasure.
I want it, I want to be used and abused, I want to feel that hard cock all over my body.

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Waht an Amazing night out.
Monday, September 23, 2013

At work one of the guys was retired and we all went out to a bar type restaurant to celebrate his retirement, everything was normal we had drinks followed by food and more drinks. I was so wasted by the time we had to leave that I could not drive so he offered to take me home, I said no it is OK I will call my place and I am sure one of the room mates will pick me up but he said that it was too late and he will not mind to take me. I agreed and got in his car, he asked me if it was OK to stop by his place so he can freshen up and have a cup of coffee I agreed so we drove to his house we went in and he was going to the powder room when he asked me if I don’t mind make some coffee for us I said sure, I was making the coffee and had my arms on the kitchen counter and felt like I should not have drank so much booze holding my head in my hands I felt like something is behind me, I turned around and there he was naked and a boner, I tell you I never been with a black men and always thought all the talk about how big they are is just you know talk but here it was in front of me long thick black cock, He came towards me and held my arms and as he was pushing my hands towards his cock told me he knows I like it and that he has seen it in my eyes, He started to hold me and I was just thinking this is not happening its like a dream and that’s when I felt his hard cock in my hands it was so warm when he realized I am not pushing back he came closed and felt my breast he started squeezing them and I started to feel the warmth in my body he kissed my lips and my neck licking my neck and ears, He was holding my head is his hands and slowly started to push me down on my knees before I know it I was licking his big balls and taking his massive cock in my mouth, He was so big that I could not take the hole cock in my mouth I felt like gagging. After few minutes of this he held me up and pulled me toward the bed room I started to take my shirt and under shirt off and that was when my breast just exposed it self to him he started to kiss them and lick them and suck on the nipples oooohhhh it felt so good I was so hot, He started to take my pants off within few seconds I was all naked and feeling his hot body against mine, we got on the bed he started to kiss me every where my lips my neck my breast licking my till he got to my tiny cock and he started to lick it too I was going crazy could not believe any of it but it felt so good he started to suck my little gurly cock after a few seconds he got up and asked me to get closer to the edge of the bed so I did he pulled me more till my head cleared the bed and then he got his cock in my wet hat mouth and started to stroke very slowly I was enjoying it felt so good then he started to push it in more and more with every stroke I felt more of his cock in my mouth, my eyes where tearing and I was gagging on that massive cock but I liked every stroke of it so let him do it to me he was fucking my mouth and feeling his cock in my throat at this time I was slobbering all over my mouth was full of spit and pre cum my eyes where watering as if I am crying from joy, When he realized that I am enjoying it he started to part my legs and started to stick his finger in me at this time my ass hole was like a door wide open he lifted my legs and started to slap my butt chicks he had big hands and it was pain full but I was some where else at that time I was all his to do as he pleased, I was still sucking his cock when he told me to lay on my stomach so I did he got on my back and had his cock laying on my ass he slap it with his cock then started to lick my ass pussy ooohhhhh he was so gggoooooddd, I was begging him to fuck me I was moaning fuck me big daddy fuck me, He shoved his fingers in my ass pussy I was so hot and horny I want it in me he got my ass pussy wet and started to push his cock in me little by little he was getting more of the cock in me I could not get up he was laying on top of me when I felt like a baseball bat just got shoved in my ass pussy I screamed and asked him not all the way its too big but he was on top of me and in control he was fucking me so hard I could not move he was holding my arms and whispering to me its OK baby its OK, I felt the entire cock in me and that’s when he was right my ass pussy opened up and now I was loving every stroke I laved it and wanted more of it he was not shy about it he had me get up on my knees and held my hip and fucked me even harder I felt his balls slapping my ass then all of the sudden my ass pussy got warm so warm I screamed out yes baby cum in me yes baby. When he was done he pulled the condom off of his massive cock and let me drink his sweet warm juice. It was a night I will never forget my boy pussy is still sore from last night.

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What to do? What to do?
Monday, September 17, 2012

I meet this guy at work that is just the type I like, He is husky, Dominant, Older and from what I can tell by looking below the belt he is well hung and likes to talk dirty. Love to have him all over me. He talks about his encounters with the women he dates and how he likes to show them who is the boss and all that time my mind is putting me in those situations with him, want to tell him do it with me I will be your sex slave just take me and do me good show me what a real men is all about fuck my warm mouth and my aching ass cum all over me and fuck me more, slap my ass and my tits as I rid you and take your hard long thick cock in my ass. But who has the balls to do so not me.

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Want some hony
Wednesday, January 18, 2012
It,s JAN 18th 2012 and its cold out decided to stay home and in the bed I love to be in the bed all naked and have the covers wrapped around my naked body. The onlything  missing is a sexy hunk in my bed with me, this is a perfect day to have sex all day I miss sucking off some juciy cock till its all hard and erect then sit on it and ride it till it cums in me and warms me up the way I like to be warmed up.
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great ass , very nice dick !! we could have fun together
Added: Saturday, September 12, 2015 7:54pm
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