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I'm a 24 year old male, blonde hair, green eyes, and a little bit of extra padding, lost 20 pounds since January (185lbs) Still a virgin and looking to find idea a older woman to teach me a few things. Feel free to write ma and I'll send you some pics and we can take it from there.

I'm willing to just have fun, and if it turns into something more cool, if not that's ok too. Really I'm looking for friends with benefit's type situation.

I'm working and going to school still and not looking for a sugar momma, just somebody who is fun.
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My First Story
Friday, June 1, 2012
We decided to go on our first date, I know you said you wanted to go on a date where you wanted to dress up and look real good. So I planned us a date at nice fancy Italian restaurant near you so you’d feel comfortable. I told you and you seemed excited for it, and we set the date, and we talked like we normally do up to the date.

The day of the date gets here, and I decided to go with a pair of black suit pants, with a burgundy dress shirt, with a black and red tie. I got in the car and drove up to you see. It seemed like the longest trip there because I really wanted to finally meet you.

 We decided that I would pick you up, and take you to the restaurant, So I got to your house and knock on the door, and you open the door wearing a sexy red dress. You looked just incredible in it. I could barely get the words out, but I was able to spit out, “God, you look amazing”. You just smile, and we headed to the car.

We get into the car and we made small chit chat, until we got the restaurant, Once we get there I get out, and walk to the other side, and open the car door for you, and help you out of the car. We head in for dinner, and we had great time, we talked about everything and anything. We were there a couple hours, and it was time to head back.

Once we get to your house, you ask if I wanted to come in, Of course I said yes. So you usher me into the house, and tell me to sit down on the couch, and you would get us something to drink. You come back and sit down next me and we start talking again. In middle of conversation, I just go for a kiss. It was amazing, and we started to make out on the couch. I start slowly rubbing and down your leg. After were going through passionate kissing, I tell you I want you so bad. You play coy and you make me say, "I want to fuck you badly."

It was a proverbial switch, once I said that, you hurried right to my zipper and unzipped my pants frantically. You reach in my pants, and grabbed a hold of my semi-hard cock through my boxers. Then you squeezed it nice and hard, and you look up and me and smile. You sink to the floor, and spread my legs open, and your inch your way in between them. You unbutton my fly of my boxers and you take my cock out. My hard knob staring you right in the face as you get down and you tease my cock.

You slowly kiss the head of my cock, and all the way down the shaft. Then you start running your tongue up my shaft to my head. You stop and run your tongue up and down the slip, and then you lick back down the other side of my shaft. Then you slowly start stoking it, as you look at my face. Then you start leaning towards my cock, and you start to suck on it. It feels amazing. "Don't stop baby." Boy you didn't either, you just kept sucking my cock like a champ. I tell you to stop because I know I'm just about to blow, but right before you stop you give my cock one more nice long lick.

Once you get up, I reach up under your dress, and tell you I want to cum right here, as I slowly rub your pussy through your panties. You just let a slow moan out, as I feel your panties moisten up for me. You step back, and slowly strip for me taking your dress off, as your just in your panties. mmmmm is all I could muster to say. Then you slowly walk over to me and I slowly start suck your tits. Running my lips over your nipples as I playfully nibble on them. At the same time your standing there with your hand deep in your panties rubbing on yourself.

When I stop that is when you slide those soaked panties off for, I take a hold of your hand that was buried in between your legs and lick the juices off. Then you push my head back and I'm sitting on the couch with my swollen cock out of my boxers, that's when you come over and straddle me. You position my cock to your pussy, then you hold onto the couch and slowly slide down on my rock hard cock.

Thats when you start riding me nice and slow, see your titties bounce up and down in front of my face. I take my hands and hold onto your ass. Then you start riding faster and faster like a woman insane. Then you shimmer back up my cock, and you bounce down hard on my cock, you do that a few more times. The sensation of you shimmering, and riding my cock hard has me in pure ecstasy. You look me dead into the eyes and tell me I need you to fill my cunt up with your cum.  Then you ride my cock harder. After a few bounces you try to shimmer back up my cock, and I push you back down, and I buck up into you and I explode inside you. I see your eyes roll back in your head, and I feel some your warm liquid start to run down my cock as you cum instantly. 

You lean down and we start to kiss some more. You whisper to me and tell me lets go to bed.
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Your first time?
Wednesday, May 30, 2012
If you read my profile you'll no I'm still a Virgin (24 years Old).... Sad I know, I'm shy and normally I clam up once I get close to sealing the deal sort of speak.

The question is how was your first time? Was it what you thought it was going to be?
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