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Nylon is my friend
Women seeking Fetishes
Right now I am really into a nylon fetish. I have several items on my list.
Have hot sex , outdoors, while wearing my one piece swimsuit. I would love to rub up on a woman wearing a Lycra one piece. Work my way all over her body, them slide the suit aside and bring on the pleasure.

The other thing I would like to experience is sex in pantyhose. Go out to dinner in a nice dress and only pantyhose underneath. Spend the dinner time thinking and talking about the feel of nylon on my skin. Whne we get home, just slide up my dress and take me , tearing right through my pantyhose.

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Call-back Fetish
Sunday, January 25, 2015
If you have read any of my earlier blogs, you know I work in the IT field. I provide support to small and mid-size businesses for a small IT firm. Occasionally we are called in after-hours to fix clients systems.  

I had just finished an aerobics class when I heard my phone ringing in my gym bag.  I glanced at the screen and recognized the bosses number. She just received a call from a small CPA firm that they had a power failure and their systems were down. I agreed to stop by the clients office on my way home and look into the problem.

This was a newer client and I have never been to their office. It was a two story office building in a shopping center.  The door was answered by a distinguished man in a business suit, about 50 years old.  John was the owner.

I apologized for the workout wear (sleeveless blue leotard and white tights). John explained that some construction workers accidentally knocked out the power to the office and the UPS units didn't last. He walked me to the server room and asked if I needed anything. I requested a bottle of water, and started checking the servers.

 This looked like a simple file system clean-up and reboot. I would be out of there in 45 minutes if all went well.  The server room door opened to a large open office space.  John sat at a cubicle just outside the server room door with a view of me. 

I quickly started the file system clean-up, then decided to look at the UPS units to see when the batteries were installed.  I was on my hands and knees looking for the batteries dates, when I noticed John staring in my direction. I didn't think much of it and went about my business.  

With the file system clean-up running and the battery information written down, I had nothing to do but wait for the clean-up to finish. I decided to give John a quick update on the situation.  He was intently staring at the monitor when I exited the server room and didn't notice I was walking towards him until I was next to the cubicle. I startled him, he quickly rolled his chair under the desk and turned beet red. I knew he was doing something and was embarrassed he might have been caught. 

I ignored the awkward incident and provided a quick status. He was appreciative and said he had to get back to his work. I went back to the server room and decided to see what web pages he was surfing.  It was easy since only one connection was active. It was a nylon fetish site.  Tons of ladies in leotards, swimsuits, tights and pantyhose. Was this his normal kink, or did I inspire him? 

The clean-up was finished and I decided to show John the process so they could handle it the next time. I was also going to tease him a little.  I asked him to join me in the server room. It took him a few minutes to "wrap up" his work and he joined me in the server room.  I noticed a bulge in his trousers. I made him sit at the terminal and I proceeded to talk him through the clean-up process. I made sure I touched him with my body, purposefully reaching around him to type a commands. Then I decided to show him how to check the battery status on the UPS. On my hands and knees, I pointed out the test button and the display. He was right behind me.  

Then the unexpected happened. He asked if he could masturbate while looking at me exercising. He was married and didn't want to cheat on his wife, but he had a nylon fetish and this chance would never happen again. I was shocked and flattered, being the exhibitionist/voyeur I am, I agreed as long as I could see him stroking his cock. No hiding behind a desk. 

A quick trip to the ladies room, where I pinched my nipples to make sure they were noticed and back to the office. John was in a chair, pants down, in the middle of the office with a handful of paper towels. I started some stretches making sure I exaggerated moves that would show off my nipples and buns. I was only a few minutes into the show when John stood up grabbed my hips, rubbed his penis on my leotard covered buns and exploded.

Needless to say I was shocked. He apologized profusely and started crying. I had no idea what to do so I started to laugh. I wasn't upset, just shocked.  He was sitting there with his penis out crying.  I settled John down and told him everything was OK.   

I excused myself and went to the ladies room to peel off my leotard and clean up the mess.  While there I decided to take off my tights. I was going to leave them for John, 

When I returned wearing only my leotard, John was actually in his office. He offered me some extra pay for the call-in, I politely declined. I'm a sensual animal, not a sex worker.  I tossed him my tights, told him to enjoy them and left.  No follow up calls. 
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Watched by the Watchman
Sunday, June 30, 2013

If you read any of my blog entries, you know I work in the IT field. Many times we perform upgrades for companies at night or on weekends to minimize disruptions.  Most of the time it’s a team of co-workers doing the upgrades  and things move fairly fast.  In this instance, the hardware was complete and all that remained was reloading the systems.  This is a one person job and very boring.

I was working a weekend at a clients office, reloading the new servers,  This client was located in a nice business park, on the top floor of a six story building.  It depends on the company, but normally we have a company employee with us when we work after hours.  This particular business just handed us ID cards that would permit access to specific rooms.

When I arrived on Saturday, I was greeted by the security guard in the lobby. He seemed very startled.  I signed in and told him I would be on the 6th floor working.  He was a college age "kid"  with blond hare and deep blue eyes. He barely squeaked out a "hello" and "OK" as I headed towards the elevators.

After an hour of working on the servers, I was at a point where software was loading and there’s nothing to do.  I pulled out my phone, checked e-mail and surfed a few websites.  As normal, when bored, I went to my favorite masturbation sites.  In just a few minutes I was heading for the restroom to freshen up.

I crossed the 6th floor lobby, heading for the bathroom.  I noticed the security camera pointed at the elevators and the restroom entrance. 

I normally wear jeans, sneakers and a comfortable top when working weekends.  As I was cleaning up, I was lamenting the fact that I couldn’t easily flash the security camera on my way back to the office. I had done this before, just for the thrill of it.

On my way out, I accidentally  push the 1st floor button, vice the G  button.  I realized this just after exiting the elevator and decided to walk down a flight of stairs to the lobby.  As I opened the  stairwell door to the lobby, I was directly behind the security guard.  I noticed he had his penis out and was stroking it while looking at his phone.  He heard the door close and immediately straightened up in his chair and rolled under the counter.  It was too late to hide it from me, but I pretended I didn’t see what he was doing. 

I said goodbye, signed out and  left saying, " Have a good evening".  As I entered my car, i started laughing at the situation and thinking how embarrassed he must be.  I also knew why he was so startled when  I  first signed in.  While driving home I was thinking  of the security guard and all the naughty teasing I could do the next day.

When I dressed on Sunday, I purposefully wore a nice outfit that could be adjusted to show more or less  skin depending on my mood.  I started with  my favorite cream colored lace  bodysuit. This shade was perfect to accent my nipples , then  stockings and a garter belt.  Stocking tops are a great show when visually teasing people.  Next up was a short silver mini skirt with leather trim and zippers on both sides.  The zippers zip from the bottom to show extra leg, or make a quick skirt flash possible. Finally, so I didn’t look like a total slut, a nice black jacket with silver trim. I wore my favorite silver and black boots. Just before leaving, I checked out my outfit in the mirror, adjusting the zippers and jacket buttons to see how much would be on display.  The outfit would pass for sexy business, except the boots screamed slut.

I left the apartment and headed to the business park. I was really going to enjoy teasing this kid, all day long.  When I walked into the lobby, I was relieved to see it was the same security guard. This time he was not surprised.  I signed in, but used someone else’s name from the previous days log. I told him I would be working all day  and I would call before I left, to give him time to zip up.  He turned beet red .

After starting the upgrades, I decided it was time to start the tease. I went to the restroom, with the zippers and jacket in full modesty mode. While in the restroom I undid the jacket buttons and zipped the zipper on one side to show the stocking tops. I checked the mirror and it was the perfect tease setting. Just enough lace, but no nipples, and the top of a stocking, just barely showing.

I left the restroom and made sure I dropped a paper towel in front of the elevators. I gracefully  picked it up, without showing the camera much.  I decided to show a little more each time I went to the restroom  or vending area.  After the third visit, I removed my jacket, my nipples were clearly visible. I zipped the skirt to show the bottom of the garter belt on both legs. I returned to the office to start the last upgrade and had a difficult time concentrating. . I was fantasizing about the security guard.

On my last visit to the restroom, I stopped and flashed my butt to the camera, by flipping up my skirt. I freshened up and headed back to the office. As I left the restroom, the security guard was standing  in the lobby. He told me he had the video of me saved and would show it to all the other guards if I mentioned I saw him masturbating.  I laughed and said, please show it to them, I love teasing  men.

I could tell he didn't believe me, so I turned towards the camera, pulled up my skirt, slowly licked my finger, then ran it along my pussy. I finished by licking my finger in an exaggerated style.  I turned, looked at him and said, now you have something to watch when stroking yourself. I didn't give him a chance to respond, although he was likely too stunned to respond.  I swiped the access card and  returned to the clients offices.

As I was finishing up my work, I was thinking what I could do before leaving.  I decided to strip completely naked and walk to the restroom, stop and put on a little show for the camera. Thinking about the guards watching me really turned me on and I was looking forward to some relief.

I peeled off my skirt, bodysuit  and panties and placed them in a pile in the server room.  This way I wouldn't chicken out.  I grabbed the access card so I could get back in, and headed to the restroom.

I was in the bathroom, working up some relief for my horny disposition, when I heard the bathroom door open.  I immediately thought it was the guard from the front desk, looking for a little more than a peak of my naked body on the surveillance camera.  Then I heard a woman's voice saying "Anyone in here".
I replied "Just me".  A few seconds later the stall door opened and I was looking at a gorgeous brunette, college aged woman in a security guard uniform.

She wanted to know if I was OK. She saw me naked on the camera and thought something was wrong, I giggled and told her I thought I was putting on a show for the guard at the front desk, I spent the next five minutes telling Ann about my earlier experience and the tease show I thought I was putting on for the other guard.

I sensed that she was getting excited by the situation, It only took a few minutes before she suggested "we" put on a show.  She returned to the front desk and start recording the camera in the elevator lobby.   My juices were flowing as I thought about the plan, and waited for her return,

Finally the door opened and Ann came in with a grin from ear to ear.  The plan was to handcuff me and parade me out of the bathroom  into camera view,  Then she would frisk me and feel me up.  After that we were going to take the elevator,  She would stop the recording and I would return to the office and get my clothes.

When we arrived at the lobby, she pulled the emergency stop, ran over to the guard desk and stopped the recording.  She ran back to the elevator and off we went. I was wondering when she would take off the handcuffs, but not really worried, more excited than anything.

My pussy was literally dripping as we rode the elevator up. I exited the elevator and expected Ann to unlock the cuffs. A quick glance at  her eyes and I could tell she had other plans. 

Without saying a word, she swiped my access card, pushed me through the door and into a conference room.  Suddenly the door slammed and I heard Ann push a chair under the doorknob.  I was naked, handcuffed, locked in and extremely excited.  My mind started to think what was next. Would Ann leave me here for the early birds tomorrow? Was she calling a boyfriend to take advantage of my situation? Was she calling a bunch of friends? The thoughts kept running through my mind and I was excited about the possibilities. 

My questions were answered when Ann returned about 20 minutes later with a small duffel bag and a impish grin. She slowly opened the bag and started removing sex toys. Dildos, vibrators, clips, feathers and lotions. It was her midnight shift relief kit and she was preparing to use it on me. 

I can't recall how many times I came, or how long we enjoyed each others bodies, but I do know we left the scent of sex all over that office.  

I never did return to that client, and my boss never said anything. I still have a occasional laugh when I think about my juices all  over the conference room table, floor and chairs.  If the bored people in that room only knew the pleasure experienced there. 
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Elevator Races
Saturday, April 27, 2013
This is a quick one.  I work in the IT industry doing upgrades on workstations. My team works nights to swap out desktops after the clients have left for the day.
we have eight people on the team, three women and five guys. I'm the oldest , most of the team is mid 20's.

Working at night in an empty office building can lead to interesting antics.

We we in a 30 story building, working on the 25th floor. our access cards would only let us travel from the loading doc tothe 25th floor and the snack area on the 12th floor.

There is always flirting going on when we are working. One night a guy suggested we have elevator races.  We would see who could make it to the loading dick fastest.

After several runs the guys wanted to bet.  They immediately suggested the loser loses an article of clothing.  The other woman opted out, but I was game.  After all I do like showing my body.  After the first four races, I was completely dressed and several guys were in their underwear.  It tooka afew more races until one guy was at the moment of truth.  If he lost he was nude.  I bet him that I could strip and dress before the elevator made if from the 25th to the loading dock. If I won, he would stay nude the rest of the night.. I would have to stop at the 12th to verify was nude.The other women agreed to be the judges.

With the ladies stationed on the 12th I started down, at the same time as the men. they were supposed to go to the loading dock, but I expected them to be at the 12 th leering at my nude body.

As the elevator started I was naked in about 30 seconds. It's easy to pull a dress over my head and peel off my panties, pantyhose and bra. I prepared my pantyhose and panties for easy  redressing.  When the door open opened on the 12th, there were the guys.  I pressed the close door button, se;ected a floor. I knowing all them were going as fast as possible to the loading dock. I pulled my panties and pantyhose on,  hooked my bra and slid it into position, and slipped my dress on.  it was actually very anti-climatic.  When the door opened on the loading dock, I was posed with my head back, hand on hip and did a hair toss.

Jeffery was the loser in the elevator bet and was quickly shamed into stripping nude. It didn't take long, he was in his underwear to start.  Several comments were made about his penis size, but in reality he was average. 
When we returned to work, Jeff was my nude co-worker.  He carried his tee shirt  around to sit on and occasionally wipe the pre-cum off his penis.  By the end of the night it all seemed very normal in an odd way.

No I didn't screw him !!

Several people asked how long it took me  to strip. If I'm wearing a dress, panties and bra, the time for the doors to close and open one floor later. If I'm wearing jeans, it might be a little longer.  Going from naked to dressed is way harder. Best case is the dress panties and bra, about two floors. Worse case is stockings garter belt skirt bra and blouse.
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Penis Parade
Friday, March 8, 2013
I work in the IT industry doing outsourced support.  Most of the time I am working in other company spaces providing support or working with a team to replace older workstations.

Several months ago I was assigned to a new location. On my first day I was shown around the office and introduced.  The only open workspace was at the entrance to office. It wasn't exactly a great place, because of all the traffic walking in and out.

On the second day of work I noticed that the men's restroom was across the hall.  I thought I saw a man standing at the urinal when the door was opened. There is no way someone would design a restroom where the urinals are seen from the door. I started to pay more attention to the restroom door and sure enough I could see the urinals when the door was opened. There was a full length mirror that provided the unexpected sights.

The door is equipped with an automatic opener that holds it open for about 10 seconds after someone leaves. The next few days, I would stop my work and stare into the restroom when I saw the door open.  After only a few hours, I saw my first man using the only urinal I could spy on.  There wasn't much to see as his flaccid penis was rather small and hidden in his pants and I was 30 feet away.   I did get a small thrill from the show.  As the days went by, I had more and more opportunity to check out the male staff, but it was only a glimpse here and there.  Then it happened, one day the door was propped open by the cleaning crew, and nobody bothered to close it.

All day long I had an uninterrupted view of one urinal.  I saw man after man unzip pull it out, pee, shake and tuck it in.  The penis' were still hard to see but the situation made me very wet.  At lunch I went to the ladies room and relieved my sexual tension.

I waited for another day with the door propped open , but it didn't happen.  Then I decided I would arrive early and prop the door open when nobody was looking.
I opened the door, quickly flipped the doorstop down and stepped across the hall into my office, undetected. 
I was enjoying my voyeur session when I noticed someone standing behind me.  It was one of the office staff.  in a deep voice he said," I see you like the view". I was mortified and frozen, I didn't know what to say.  He just walked away, into the restroom.  He pulled his penis out, stretched it a little, urinated, turned to face the mirror and stroked it, before tucking it away.  I must say I was completely wet by the time he returned to the office and winked.

He must have passed the word around because several more of the guys put on shows as they used the restroom.

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Toy Story
Saturday, April 7, 2012
I have a varied selection of sex toys that I use from time to time for self satisfaction. I also used them with a partner to enhance the experience.  I was traveling for business a few months ago. The night before I left, I worked myself into a total; frenzy. I normally start by fingering myself with lube.  After that I fire up the small vibrator and circle my pussy with a little extra time around the clit hood.  Next up, my anal stimulator.  It's a relatively small penis looking vibrator that slides right into my bum.  After I insert this, I'm off to the races.  I use a dildo to fill my pussy.  With the anal probe humming away and the dildo pumping in and out, I fantasize I am the center of attention at a beach orgy.

This night I did what I normally do after a good healthy session with my toys, I put them in the dishwasher, added just a little soap and some bleach and started the dishwasher to clean them.

In the morning I packed and rushed to the airport. I never thought about the toys in the dishwasher.

I have a cat and arranged with a neighbors daughter to watch the cat while I was gone. Sherry had a very sexy build, large firm breast, a tiny waist and nice tight tush. She is beautiful but extremely shy.  I had few conversations with her, beyond a normal hello.

I was in Colorado for business.  They were having the least amount of snow in years, but the week I was there, a huge storm was forecast.  I wrapped up business and departed two days early to avoid the storm. 

When I arrived home.I took my bags right to my bedroom and got a snack from the kitchen.  When I opened the dishwasher, I noticed the toys , but some were missing. Immediately a warm rush flooded over my body as I imagined Sherry playing with my toys.  I can work at home and since I was not expected in the office, I decided to stay home the next day and surprise Sherry.

Al night I was playing with my pussy as I imagined all sorts of possibilities with Sherry. I made sure the apartment looked the same, so she wouldn't know I was there.  I put on a short silky robe, and went into my office and started working. The door to the office is always closed to keep the cat out.  I barely did any work, between hearing noises that might be Sherry and the anticipation of seeing her with my toys, I was completely distracted.  I finger myself to many mini orgasms waiting for the moment. 

The moment finally came about 2 o'clock.  I heard the door lock click and the front door open, I was absolutely quite. I didn't move a muscle, didn't touch a key on the laptop.  I heard her call the cat,  put the food out, and then start down the hall.  Would she smell me? Did she hear something?   Nope, just headed to the bathroom to scoop the kitty liter.  Now I was feeling stupid,  how am I supposed to confront her over the toys in a fun way? 

I didn't have to think long, I heard her open the door to my bedroom.  It wasn't 3 minutes later that I heard her moans.  She was enjoying my toys on my bed, without me. 

I pulled my robe closed got up and started walking towards the bedroom.  I was shaking in anticipation.  When I peeked into the bedroom, she was completely naked, spread wide open and working a vibrator in and out of her pussy.   What a sight to behold, a naked 18 year old woman enjoying the throws of an orgasm.

I waited until she was done screaming and slipped into the room, standing at the end of the bed.  When she open her eyes, I saw absolute terror in them, then she started laughing. 

After the awkward moment I sat next to her and started talking to her.  I found out she had only had sex once, Sr Prom, and it was not a good experience. We talked for about an hour, her naked on my bed, me in my totally soaked robe.  I told her I was bi-sexual and would love to explore her sexuality with her,  I didn't know what to expect.  Her reaction was a big smile.

We started with caresses and kisses,  but she wanted me to play with her using my toys.  It was an all one way experience- I fingered, vibrated,  teased and penetrated her every which way, but saved the anal and double penetration for last.  She was completely drenched in juice and sweat when I lubed up my finger and started lubricating her rosebud.  She jumped when my finger entered her tight hole.  After a few minutes it was relaxed enough to introduce the small anal invader vibrator.  I licked her pussy,and diddled her clit while the invader was rocking her world.  Without her noticing, I reached for the dildo and waited for just the right moment to slide it all the way in her pussy.  She was absolutely screaming in pleasure.

She gave me no attention, but that's OK, I'm gonna take my time and  groom her to be my sex toy.
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Happy Birthday
Added: Monday, December 11, 2017 12:17pm
You look like your in your 30's not your 50's.....
I do not believe the age on your profile.....
Added: Thursday, May 18, 2017 2:39pm
Added: Friday, December 11, 2015 2:02am
still one of the sexiest women on this site
Added: Saturday, January 24, 2015 1:26pm
Added: Thursday, December 11, 2014 10:31am
you are arguably the most stunning woman on this site
Added: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 2:57pm
great photo's , a very beautiful body , with a gorgeous ass !!
Added: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 12:21pm

Just wanna tell you that I sure miss you. Kisses honey... Hope to talk to you soon.

Added: Friday, June 3, 2011 4:38pm
wow ur one classy lady and u sure dont look ur age age and i love a lady in nylons
Added: Monday, March 28, 2011 9:15pm
thanks for the email nude, however i'm not a vip so i cant read it. pitty ur fantastic looking!!
Added: Friday, December 17, 2010 4:58pm

ageless for all to see

your better then wine

Added: Monday, December 13, 2010 9:29pm
GOSH!....your blog is on fire baby
Added: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 8:39pm
Rarely God create someone extra beautiful and sexy like YOU ......want to be your friend,do you?
Added: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 8:19pm
All your pictures are so very beautiful and sexy. Thanks for sharing...  
Added: Sunday, November 21, 2010 4:01am
A beautiful 47.......unbelievable :)
Added: Sunday, October 24, 2010 3:39pm
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