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I am odd2aT, and yes, Dick's my middle name...
Men seeking Friends
This is an alias. I am fairly well known, and not trying to hide who I am. Those that know me will pick me out quick enuf. some, jsut from the nick, others from my apparently trademark typos. Altho I wont say WHO:)

This is a place to blog, for me. I like to write, musings as they come to me, to reflect on later. Akin to Bacon's treatise on discourse & dissimulations. I've shared with friends who encouraged this blogger thingy. I tried it once before, and i saw 587 looks at my profile, which IS INSANE. so I make this alias, where i dont have to look at who has been looking and waste half my day on well, little more than a glimpse. Old school courtesy, I strive to respond to every message. The net makes that impossible, or at the very least, impractical.

I write this for my son. one day, i'll be dead, and a million things unsaid will still be there for him. my dad used to write, he got published in a sci-fi journal for a short story. i wish he had done this. i know there's so much i could have gleaned more on. he said he had no more lessons to teach me, except one, & that, he wouldn't be around to help me with. but the depth of understanding goes on a lifetime. anything excerpted from "yes, Dick's my middle name", is from dear old dad, may he turn over in his grave many times at being misquoted and abused. his own fault, he didn't write it down.

I'll share with y'all. anyone finds one good thing, its worth it. If not, only reinforces it in my mind, writing it twice.

So, much ado about nothing, and without further ado...
Remember that an ad ....
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Errant Musings
Hmmm, I jsut deleted all my posts *goes to kiss Kiwi's ass to see if its recoverable, god she's gonna love this* ok, fun thoughts to share;
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She Lays in Darkness...
Saturday, October 24, 2009

Repost by request... for you, Catt.

She lays in darkness, but there's a light in her heart, and she sleeps the good dreams, as I watch over her.

& she says dont touch me, i only want you when i want you.. as she takes off her clothes

she says i make her crazy, she needs space, from me, and why do I stay away for so long. she misses me too much.

she says we;re jsut friends, then she says goodnight~cam still on, so i can watch her sleep.

and she says she is grumpy in the morning, don't like to be bothered, then makes sure i will be there the next morning.

and i watch her , as she talks in her sleep and i try not to hear what i already know.

She lays in darkness, but there's a light in her heart, and she sleeps the good dreams, as I watch over her.

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Rainbows in the Dark
Tuesday, September 22, 2009
This is for my Maid on the Shore. Once upon a chatroom, I fell in love, hard.  With her as my muse, these were the words I found.


in the Dark...

When there are no words, the clouds dance the mirage of dreams, the moon glows where our footprints tread, and hands touch when there is no one there...

Souls like serpents entwined, the rainbow prism thier colors when the sunrise of hope fills our dark fates... and for this moment, all is forgiven, and we are whole.

and then we are apart, and i shudder and choke on my own thoughts. everything ends, i know. Just not now, just a little longer...

To touch your face with my trembling fingers, hold you within me once again, and the world cries at the darkness that is our shadow.

I long to feel our sunrise again, with a passion freezes my breath, an endless moment stopped in time, waiting for my love...

When love is alive, you dream with your eyes open, you feel without touching, the shadows held in abeyance... rainbows in the darkness.

When memories fade, and our deeds are lost in time, they will still remember the way the sun shone brighter, the waves made music, the wind whispered our names, longing to be with us. the trees bowed as we passed, as love danced thru thier leaves.

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The Chatworld, a Romantic Comedy
Sunday, September 20, 2009

So, I ran into this publisher, saw some of my work, liked it. said he wanted to do a book about the chatworld, as a romantic comedy. i sent him this, he said- thats great, give me outline and work it up, we'll talk money.

My name is Cocky Consonants, my girlfirends' name is VoluptuousVowels. She's been my girlfriend for over 9 hours now, ever since she found out her last boyfriends' pics were fake.

I know she's my girlfriend cuz she told everyone she was. I haven't had sex with her, or even ksised her. Heck, i've never met her. I did talk dirty to her, and she did a lot of 'mmmmmmm' and even a couple of omgomgomg's. So I figure she likes the size of my font.

Thats' right, I'm a chat junkie, I live on the net, and i've had more girlfriends than any man alive deserves... almost all of them  have never actually met me. I've been married, divorced, owned, bought and sold and spent more money on long distance calls than a soldier in Iraq.

This is my story, I suppose you could call it a romantic comedy, altho I think Shakespeare would envy the pathos.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

as i sit in the eye, blue sky and crashing sunlight amid black funnelclouds of rain...lightning racing horizontally above me, the almost black wall of rain inching closer, i see the rainsheet on the flanks of this small storm, the backdrop the rising sun, breaking this storm into wisps with the light of day...
we see what we choose to. i see the eye of the storm, a torrent surrounding a dead calm with me in the middle... others see i am standing in a parking lot, smoking in the rain.

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Cath's Rose.
Friday, September 11, 2009

  Cath said, pouting, "You've never given me even ONE rose... just once , that would be special."  He thought about it. Thiers was a love based on friendship, of great sex, but it was never really what might be called romantic. So he decided to try something different.  Calling her before coming over, he said, "Be ready, on the bed, I've got a surprise for you."

She lay on the bed, her eyes eager, a teasing smile on her lips... as he slowly undressed her. one button at a time, an occasional kiss or nibble, more when she squirmed, lingering when she giggled. Then she lay naked before him, waiting, her thighs rubbing against each other, then parting for a glimpse, closing again... her nipples hard in the recent nakedness... teasing him, taunting him, waiting...

Just as slowly, he undressed, letting her watch, her eyes drinkin it in with a smirk, when she wasn't licking her lips. He dropped his pants, revealing a half hard cock. She licked her lips with a hungry gaze, and it grew hard. Her confidence satisfied, she ran her fingers over her body, encouraging him.

He said: "Close your eyes, I have a surprise for you". As she did so, she heard him moving, quickly, into another room... and then back. Then she felt his wieght upon the bed, and then, he was on top of her... feeling his strong legs against her sides as he lifted her arms over her head; "no peeking" he said, a smile in his voice as his hard cock slid between her breasts...

She felt his hands upon her face; gently, caressing it, and she let herself melt into his hands... and then, she felt the pressure against her eyes. He said "lift your head, tonight, you will feel, but not see, i need to tie this off". She grinned too big, loving the trust and nervousness and surprise at every touch that being blindfolded gave her...and lifted her head. He tied it off, and she was blind, waiting for the next touch... she could feel the arousal between her thighs, the anticipation feeling more powerful than a kiss.

Feeling his hands on her wrists, she tensed, but he assured her, saying: "You can pull free at anytime, i'm just removing the temptation.". He tied her hands, as loosely as he promised; she could wriggle out without even pulling, she relaxed. He slid his hands down, over her face again with just his fingertips; down her neck, collarbone, to her nipples, and rolled them, firmly, tugging, as his cock stroked between her breasts.

The anticipation to feel a touch felt better after having to wait, her breath caught short, she mmmm'd a little, and thats when he moved... sliding up on his knees, until his cock was rubbing against her face... she opened her mouth, expecting it... She felt his fingertips tracing her lips, slippin in her mouth, she playfully bit them... He pulled them out... a pause until she missed the touch... Waiting on his cock, and then she felt it... it was cold... it was a strawberry. she giggled and bit into it. he rubbed the half left on her lips, letting her try and catch it, bite into it, and then he took it away... She felt his body adjust, sliding down hers, and the next thing she felt was his lips on hers... the other half of the strawberry in his mouth.

They kissed, kissed until long after the strawberry was gone, feeling his cock between her thighs the entire time- not moving -just pressing against her lips. Then she wanted it too much, trying to grind her hips and get it in;, he simplyshifted his hips, she felt his hard cock rub up over her clit, denying her while pleasing her... Her kiss was the taste of arousal, the taste of hunger and need... that's when he pulled back, climbing off her. All touch gone. Blind and waiting. It felt cold without his touch, even tho she was too hot... he let her enjoy that contrast of feeling until she squirmed...

She felt something soft, like velvet, against her belly, gliding slowly... up over her nipples and back down over her clit and back up again. Then it was tracing her neck, over her lips, to her nose. she inhaled the fragrance, a rose. She smiled, this was all about her rose... and then wondered about the thorns...

As the the rose traced back over her hard nipple, she wasn't disappointed. He said: "come on baby make it hurt so good, love that song", and she started to laugh and her breath caught; just as the rose thorn ticked her nipple... feeling it make her clit throb as it pricked her lightly...

Pulling her wrist free, he flipped her over, forcefully holding her hips in his hands, and pulled her hips up doggy style... then he said, rub your clit, arch your back so I can see you doing it.  her one free hand began rubbing the hood in circles, and she felt his hand hard against her ass... and again, and again. She loved being spanked, could feel how it stimulated her whole body, and he knew her well. Hard enough to hurt, but still arouse her from the sudden, fierce over stimulation.

She rubbed faster, wanting to cum while she was being spanked. They hadnt even gotten started yet, she smiled to herself thinking it was going to be a helluva good night.

"Nice and pink.", he said, almsot as if he hadn't noticed she was near climax... he stopped. She tried to muffle the groan, so close. He said "I didn't say stop, smacking her ass too hard this time, making a point, but knowing she was too close not to like it even more... She kept rubbing, slightly frustrated, and then she felt that velvet touch she was learning to love, on her pink ass... the rose giving her chills all over... and she exploded with the shivers, and he let the thorns prick her pink ass as she bucked ... She was lost in it, bucked into the thorns and actually pricked her own skin, and didnt care.

Then, right then, Before she caught her breath, he took her wrist and pulled it over her head... tying it once again. Blindfolded, arms extended&tied in front of her, ass in the air... she couldn't feel him as he stepped away... again... waiting for his touch. She wanted to be fucked, NOW. He was teasing her too much. She squirmed, wriggled her ass... She felt his wieght on the bed, behind her, the head of his cock pressed against her pussy, the velvet of the rose gliding over her back, down over her pink cheeks, back up again, and again.

She was getting chills and felt tormented, she bucked back against him, but he had her tied so that she couldn't get back far enough, he was holding back... watching her take about an inch of his cock each time... frustrated and hungry she didnt stop, it was actually, feeling really good... she'd never cum just having her lips fucked, and she wondered if she could. She focused on that, the rose gliding over her back, an occasional thorn against her pink cheek. A hard smack on her ass when she thought about pulling her hands free to get more leverage.

She was into that feeling now, feeling her lips hugging his thick cock, god she wanted it all! She'd make him pay for this torture eventually, but damn it was good right now.  She bucked back in a steady rhythm, concentrating on the feeling, getting closer. She realized she was going to cum from an inch of cock, she fought back the laugh. Almost as if he was reading her mind, he leaned forward, another couple inches, oh god that felt good... he stopped with the cockhead resting on her gspot.... she thought bastard, she kept bucking...

She felt his hands, firmly grabbing her pink ass, that felt good, his nails digging in, his thumbs between her cheeks, working, wiggling against her anus... just as she was about to give in, pull her hands free and fuck him back hard, he began stroking against her gspot, short hard strokes, pounding it, swollen throbbing... she wanted to get fucked hard, but now she forgot it as the wave started rolling over her... matching his short hard thrusts against her gspot, until they were fucking it so hard it hurt, but it kept making her cum, the wave wouldn't stop... his thumbs in her ass, tugging, wiggling...

She was lost in the wave... her only focus matching his stroke, and he said "FUCK". His thumbs dug in her ass, pulling to hard, as he slammed his cock in to the hilt, he'd lost control and she came again, a big one, thinking about his hot load inside her. She loved when he couldn't hold back... he fucked her so hard... she was getting jackhammered, her breathing was ragged, the wave and the slam fucking making a deep breath impossible. She felt herself flooding over, that hot rush of another big one inside her, and he grunted, out of control; she felt his hot cum shoot inside her... and she kept right on bucking for all she had, wanted to get that last big one before he pulled out.

He kept going, even as he gradually lost hardness, he knew she was close... she pulled her hands free and got a proper ride out of him; the game was over, she needed this last one before she had to catch her breath.... She was glad he had the thickness to keep it going. Breathing hard with her, she finished... grinding her ass down on his cock the way she loved to do, until she psuhed him out with her own pussy. Made her giggle, they way it gave up and flopped out. 

She rolled on her side, catching her breath, and she felt him spoon against her, snuggling into her body, the warmth so welcome as the chills of spent exertion hit... making a snuggle so much more, that bond there are no words for. and she felt his hand, no, had a velvet touch, and the smell; her rose. She laughed, suddenly realizing she had to smell the rose to remember to take the blindfold off.  He whispered in her ear, between breaths... "Now you can say I gave you a rose." , and he laid it by her face, to smell the fragrance, while they caught thier breath. She smiled that silly grin then wondered if round two could possibly top this...


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Added: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 5:49pm
Great blogs Snoop...
Added: Friday, September 11, 2009 9:17pm
keep on writing snoops ..... love reading your blogs ..... hugsssss


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