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Men seeking BDSM

I know now what I want. I want a woman who can show me to control my desires. One who can keep me aroused until I reach the breaking point then push me further. A woman who knows that the greatest gift I can give her is not money cars or even sex, but myself to do with as she pleases. I believe I can and have found it here.

Luck to the rest of you.

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Life, The Universe and Everything
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The Taste
Saturday, June 25, 2016
I lay on the bed naked. The air just slightly to warm. Your toy semi-erect, oozing Your gift. It's been an hour since I started to prepare as You asked. Stroke until hard, don't touch until soft, stroke again. As always think on me. My eyes are closed as I enjoy the denial of Your instructions. So I smell You before I see. The tanginess of Your moisture. Do You prepare, as You have me prepare? Do You long for our time together? Do You feel Your skin tingle in anticipation of that first touch? Eyes opening, I see You. Nude beside our bed. Your soft warm body fills my sight. Belying the steel of will You can wield. I watch as You run Your fingers up my thigh. Lightly brushing my pubic hair. Coming to my stomach. You trace around Your cock as it grow hard once again. As You pause to mat the hair on my stomach with the gift that has leaked from Your cock. "Look at Me not My toy." I move my eyes to Your face. I don't look Your mouth, to dangerous. How many times have You teased Your cock to the edge edge with Your lips. Taken it into Your mouth as I try not to thrust. My gasp matching Your moan. Your cheek? The way it brushes mine as Your hips move back and forth, speeding up. My hands holding the softness of Your butt as You ride Your cock. Your eyes are no safer. The soft brown, that can burn so bright when You cock first parts the folds of Your pussy. Or be as hard as oak when You have me pull my knees back as You twist the plug into Your ass. The bridge of Your nose. The pale freckles that spot across the bridge. The first time I ever focused on them You were running the tip of You nose up the center of the shaft of Your cock. Milking clear precum with tip of Your nose. There are no safe places on Your body. Every bit of You has been used to bring pleasure to both of us. "Slide over, dearest." I move to the center of our bed. You slide onto our bed, spread Your thighs and straddle my hips. You settle Your butt back on to my legs. Pinching Your balls between us, releasing a dull ache. Followed by a sharp intake of breath, as You stoke Your hands down Your cock. "See, it is Mine." I look down and it is. Your rigid cock sticks out from between us. It seems to be attached to both of us. As You shift Your hips back and forth, your cock follows You. Fucking the air between us. I watch Your fingers move back on Your cock. Back toward Your pinched balls. Disappearing between us. I watch as Your knuckles curl and Your hips move. You bring forth fingers. Sticky and glistening. And move them to my mouth. I smell You as I extend my tongue. Your tangy nectar coating Your fingers. I suck them in, tongue parting and swirling around them. I try to get every bit of You before You pull out. You gently touch the tip of Your cock. Both fingers beneath the hole. Running You thumb up the ridge, You milk it. Stopping before You touch the purple swollen crown. Again, Your fingers seek my mouth. The clear precum has an almost non-smell. But the sweet metallic taste is familiar to both of us. For the second time You fingers enter You and return coated with You. My mouth opens but Your fingers move to Your cock. "This is my offering. Add yours." I run two fingers up Your cock. Clear precum drips onto Your already glistening fingers. You move them towards my mouth. Softly You say: "This is the pureness of Us. Because of your devotion to, not just Me but Us, you get the first taste. Hold it on your tongue. Do not swallow or spread it in your mouth." You wipe both sides of Your fingers on my tongue cleaning them. Then immediately return them between us. I taste the tanginess of You and the almost hidden metallic taste of my(?) precum, as Your fingers disappear into You. Your fingers curl Your eyes close. And for a third time are placed at the tip of Your cock. I, again, milk it for You. You raise them to Your own tongue and clean them again. I feel the pressure released from my hips and Your balls. Your hands on my shoulders as You lean down to entwine our tongues. A shift of Your hips and Your cock is pressed against the folds Your pussy. Not allowed to thrust, try to will Your cock to grow even larger. I flex the muscles of Your ass, Your cock twitches in Your folds. You giggle into my mouth. "No, dearest. Today is about taste. Mine, yours, but mostly Ours." You lean back. Your cock, shining from Your juices, once again emerging from both of us. "Take My offering dear one." My ring and middle fingers move between us and curl up into You. My thumb circles Your clit as my fingers bush the hot wet flesh wall of You and slowly pull out. As I move to the fount of Your cock You are already milking it. Slightly brushing the crown. Making it jump. My fingers meet Your mouth. My own eyes close, as I imagine it is more then my fingers being engulfed by Your mouth and encircld by Your tongue. As You release my fingers, Yours are already exiting Your pussy, moving to Your cock. I milk it. And open my mouth for You to feed me. As my lips and tongue try to get every last trace of the Our Taste from Your fingers, mine are already pushing past Your folds. Curling into Your walls. Retrieving the first part of Us for You.
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I Know This - Rachel Kann
Wednesday, June 22, 2016
I know this. This I know. All that I have, All that is me, Resides inside my poetry. Every time I write a rhyme it might be the line that sets minds free. And also I know that I don't know shit. And the more I know, The more I realize it. I know that for all of the pain I've cried There's the exact same balance of joy On the other side of that coin, Joined with the thinnest slip of membrane. Same goes for crazy and sane, Truth and lie, Answer and why, Because I know this. This universe operates with a divine tug of war, Teeter totter, bringing order and balance like the tide does to water; Like I know that each wave rolls back to the sea, Retreating from me into deep green eternity, And I know that I am free - Well, at least in my mind if I wanna be. I know that some things sound good to me in theory, But in point of fact suck ass in actual practice Like communism, And pornography. I know that it's impossible to really know where anyone is coming from, So who are we to judge 'em? I know that some things are so dope they transcend their category And it's important to see the glory in the ordinary. Like, I know there's Nag Champa and there's all other incense. I can't see putting earl gray against any other tea. Lash Out? It's not even on the same plane as other mascaras comparatively and i know that there's R&B And then there's Otis Redding I know that most things are greater than the sums of their parts And that's the real definition of art. Like brownies are good and so is whipped cream But you put 'em together and it's this whole fucking chemical other thing like Lennon and McCartney singing harmony, like Masturbating as compared to an orgy I know that everything within this surface glimpse of reality is infinitely simple and perfectly complicated and I know that being dated and over it Is way overrated. And that the colors of this world Only seem faded in direct relation to the darkness with which your mind's eye is shaded, And you made it that way. And you can choose to change your vision's prismic range today. And I know that you gotta help a friend who's down, And I know that no matter where you end up You're still from your home town. And I know that you gotta know how to listen to the sound of your own heart beat in the dead quiet of night sometimes, And I know that can be so frightening but I also know that the deepest darkness is always the most enlightening, And I know that fresh cold cantaloupe tastes like the perfect first kiss, And I know that Lao Tsu and Moses and Mohammed and Buddha and Jesus and all those dudes knew some deep-ass shit, But I also know that we all hold the worlds eternal truths in our heart's deepest pit. It's because I know that we are made up of the Same stuff as the Sun and the moon and the farthest stars and All that we are is manifest energy and that We already have everything that we could ever need If we could just begin to see clearly And I know that the world will continue to spin And I know that the world will continue to spin And I know that one day, You will let me in. And we will begin to love in a fashion I couldn't fathom existed. And we will laugh at the fact that we ever resisted this blissful togetherness. And the sex? Well, it'll be off the charts. 'Cause we'll both be Super freaky But we'll be fucking From the heart. 'Cause our loving will be something where the Whole is much greater than the sum of the parts 'Cause we're artists after all, So what else would fate have us make besides art? And I know that outside of this space time frame we are one and the same We're a part, not apart So I know that I can wait patiently for it to start And far out I may seem to be and Maybe you may see me as wacky but baby, The fact be that I am a poet And like all true poets do I'm Mainlining the spiraling spherical truth of the universe, Turning it out and Into lyrical wholeness, And I know this. And I know this. This I know. This I know.
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Strenth and Desire
Thursday, June 13, 2013

You give me give me your strength. You make me long for the ache. Release becomes both desired and dreaded.

Walk with me farther down the path. Discovering the limits of our space. Then pushing them, opening new realities for us to explore, new plateaus to mount.

Give me your strength, I surrender my desires.
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Having an Issue
Saturday, October 6, 2012
I've been angry for a while now. (And I mean blood and gore and guts and veins in my teeth) The littlest things have made me see red. Oddly, really big problems get laughed off. But that wasn't who I am or want to be.

So I've gone back to the dojo to see if I can find who I was.

He's hiding somewhere and I'm going to find the little bastard. Grab him by his hair (I had hair back then) and pull him kicking and screaming back into the daylight. Tell him to man up or I'll ripe his arm off and beat him senseless with it.

Did I mention that I'm having some anger issues?  

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Pleasing Ma'am
Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ma'am had called me at work.

"I have a surprise for you."

So here i stood naked, at the foot of the bed, waiting. i hear Her at the door, i cast my eyes down and gently close them. i smell Her as She enters the room. Vanilla musk, ever so slight, over powers me. i feel Her cock stiffen and Her balls begin to ache.

"Pet, I would like you to meet Michelle."

i look up and am confused. Next to Ma'am is a slender man, with black shoulder length hair, of about 35. He is wearing white, pristine trousers and a shirt. Bare feet. Ma'am's cock goes flaccid but Her balls still ache for Her.

"I have been talking to Michel. Even though he has never done anything like this, he has agreed to help me."

I feel anger and loss. Ma'am is MINE. What can he give Her that I can't. mine....please

i strive to remember my place and to keep my face passive. i fail. Ma'am walks to me and gently caresses my face as She squeezes Her balls. Both bring a shudder to me.

"Don't miss understand pet. Michel is not here to bring me pleasure, this time. He's here so you can. Michel disrobe, now."

He begins to undress. He pulls his shirt over his head and reveals a thin hairless chest. As he he lowers his pants the slenderness of his frame and hips are confirmed. i see that like Ma'am's cock and balls, his are shaved smooth when he lowers his white satin boxers. i see something more, but what? i feel Ma'am touch Her ass and Her cock stiffens again.

"Isn't he delicious pet? Soft and smooth?

i see it now. His arms and legs are also devoid of hair. Smooth is exactly what he is.

"Michel, bed."

i feel Ma'am gently tickle Her anus and gasp. Michel joins us at the foot of the bed and the vanilla musk becomes stronger. The sent of vanilla is coming from him?!? He crawls on to the bed I hear the covers rustle as he lays down.

"Pet, please bring my oil from the  dresser."

i retrieve the oil that i use when massaging Ma'am. As i pivot to return to the bed, Ma'am sits in Her seat. Michel just lays on his back breathing quickly, his dick half erect.

"Come here Pet. Please pour a small amount of oil in my hand."

i stand at Ma'am's side. Facing Her and comply.

When the oil is in her hand, She reaches out and begins to stroke Her cock. Catching Her precum and bringing it to my lips, as i bend to receive the gift.

"What you will do Pet is get on the bed and, starting with his calves, give Michel a rub down. I will instruct you on how to proceed."

i climb on the bed. Kneel at Michel's feet and pour a small amount of oil into my hands, rub them together and gather my nerve. i stroke his calve. Up and down. Twisting my hands as they move. Softly, he seems so fragile. i reach under his legs to get the small smooth muscles on the back, kneading softly. After perhaps five minutes......

"His thighs now Pet. NO. Not at his side. Straddle his shins. There you go. Now moving your body back and forth work your hands up and down. Be careful not to stray."

Michel is breathing harder. His hips raise and sway as i press my shoulders forward and move my hands to the top of his thighs. But as hard as he is breathing, Ma'am breaths harder. from Her direction i hear a moist sound, like the sound of my hands, the oil and Michel's thighs. Minutes pass. my hands reach the top of his thighs. A whisper in my ear.

"Move your hands in and together. Touch him now."

My hands envelop his balls.

"His cock too Pet"

i am horrified and elated. Not Her cock....his cock. i grasp his shaft, hard but soft to my touch.

"Stroke him for me Pet. Make him moan."

my hand again moves upward as i feel Ma'am caress her anus again. i reach the head of Michel's cock and he moans with need. But i whimper my own need as Ma'am finger presses against her asshole and barely her pad breaks the opening. i feel Michel thrust his hips up as my hand moves down. He is driven by his need. my own hips shudder, but don't push back. my needs are driven by Ma'am's needs.

"Faster Pet, squeeze and twist as you you reach the head."

"Faster, squeeze, twist."

"Faster squeeze twist."


Michel's hips move in time with my hands. my hands are driven by Ma'am, her words and the tapping against Her asshole. my breath is coming hard and fast. Michel breathes in gasps.

His eyes close, his mouth opens


my hand pulls away. Michel thrust his cock uselessly upwards. Ma'am pushes Her finger in to Her ass, my eyes close.

"Do you want to cum Michel?"


"Yes what Michel?"

"Yes pleease..."

"Do you want my pet to finish? What will you do for release Michel?"

"Anything please."

I feel Ma'am's finger move in and out of Her ass, she grasps Her cock and slowly and gently strokes it.

"Give him my release Pet, and his reward."

I touch Michel's cock point it towards his chest and stomach. Slowly move my/Ma'am's hand up and twist. Michel's first spurt hits his chin, the second his chest. The rest seeps down my fingers to the base of his cock.

"Give him his reward Pet."

i move my cum covered fingers to his mouth. He pauses at opening his lips.

"If you ever want to come here again Michel you will let my pet feed you."

The next few moments are spent using my for finger and middle finger to scoop cum to feed to Michel. If not with the enthusiasm hr should. As he eats the last bit i can scoop, Ma'am with draws Her finger and hand. She steps to the side of the bed and begins to undress.

"Michel dress and see yourself out. Lock the door handle on your way. I don't want to be interrupted."

"When will I..." "Michel. Leave. NOW."

Ma'am lays back on the spot where Michel had been seconds before. i hear his zipper as Ma'am parts her thighs.

"You have pleased me Pet. Now please me again."

I crawl between Her thighs on my hands and knees, Her scent takes me. My nose on her clit my tongue extends and i taste her again....

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thank you for playing the flirt game in the forum♦!  you're clever to figure it out. 
Added: Monday, October 1, 2012 8:41am
Miss you sweetie!!

Added: Sunday, November 13, 2011 9:41pm
The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the joy.  ~Jim Rohn
Added: Sunday, January 30, 2011 4:33pm
Fear is static that prevents me from hearing myself.  ~Samuel Butler
Added: Sunday, January 30, 2011 4:18pm
It is not a fragrant world.  ~Raymond Chandler
Added: Sunday, January 30, 2011 12:00am
Thank you for the lovely comment; it's very much appreciated.  :)
Added: Monday, January 24, 2011 7:26pm
Miss you, but love the new pic! 
Added: Sunday, November 7, 2010 2:48pm
Hi ,i am Lora  and i like you
Added: Thursday, December 24, 2009 9:38am

Hi, thanx 4 the sweet photo comment . I love having my cute ass eaten, hehe, & having men do me , to put a smile on my face, hehe. . Hope both you & your daughter are doing well.

Hugs........ Ashley

Added: Friday, September 26, 2008 12:16pm

Thanks for the compliment.  Don't be a stranger!

Added: Sunday, September 7, 2008 9:09pm
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