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Erotic chat/email, A discreet relationship, Casual sex, BDSM, A long term relationship, Just penpals, Spanking, Friends
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What do I want...
Women seeking men
I am here for FUN! :)
I am not looking for anything in particular, and am open to anything that may happen in the future, whether that be simple chat, sexy emails, pic swapping and cam chat, and possibly in-person rendezvous! I like to be silly and I like to flirt. I am in the chat often, either in Bedroom or Loving Large, so find me there and say HI ;).

I turn my cam on often, but that does not mean you will get a free show. I mostly have it on so that people can see who they are talking to. I am definitely not against sexy cam chat, but do not expect that from me without some sort of hello first :P. Just because I don't have naughty photos in my profile does not mean I don't have naughty photos.. I have just chosen not to share them with everyone ;)

I typically will not talk to you in the chat unless you are the type of person I am looking for, since I am such a flirt and don't like to lead people on. Please do not take this personally, it's just a decision I have made. I am open to chatting with men, women, and couples. Although since I am very young, if I feel that you are too much older than me, I may not reply. Again, please don't take this personally. Age is not a huge factor for me, but I do have a limit.

I love recieving tickles, and emails are even better if you feel like sending one. And please say HI in the chat if you see me (PLEASE PC me.. I don't usually pay attention to the main chat!) :D If things go well we can exchange emails and talk some more, and if you're close or like to travel, maybe meet up for some extra fun...

So, let's talk and we'll see how it goes ;)
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Let's Get It Started!
If you want to read the random thoughts and ideas that are in my head, feel free. I can't promise that they will be stimulating or make any sense, and there probably won't be very many. But just for shits.. let's try it out.
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Sexy, Naughty, Slutty Costumes and Lingerie
Thursday, February 2, 2012
I happen to very much enjoy putting on something sexy or "slutty" before a sexual rendezvous, whether it's a simple sexy nightgown or a full out naughty costume. I own a variety of outfits, many of which I have photos of on here, including me as a dirty cop, a naughty nurse, and a slutty school girl. 
There's just something about slipping into a sexy outfit that makes me ridiculously horny. I also really, really like reaction of the guys that I have worn them for or with. 

With the costumes, it's not so much about the roleplay aspect.. cause I'm really not that into roleplaying.. for the men it's usually about the fantasy of it, and it is for me also, but mainly it's just about knowing how much I can turn on the guy I'm with, giving him his fantasy look in a costume or just looking damn freakin sexy in some lingerie. THAT is why I buy these outfits, and continue to wear them...

I've recently been thinking about buying another naughty costume... but I'm not sure what I want yet... I've gotten a couple of ideas from different people, like a cheerleader, a slutty maid, and an army chick... but I haven't decided on anything.

Feel free to comment with some suggestions before you go ;)
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For the Love of ASS
Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Most of the men (and some women) that I have talked to on here, and many of the men I know in general, always want to see pictures of my ass. I'm not quite sure what it is about ass that really gets to some guys - I mean, sure.. I appreciate a nice bum when I see one, and I've seen some damn sexy ones at that, but it's not the first thing I look at.. 
So guys (and gals I guess)... what is so fascinating about a woman's ass. And while you're commenting... what do you think of mine? :P
So, here by popular demand... my ass. You have to go to my photos to see it though, I'm not making it that easy for you :D

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My Anal Cherry...
Saturday, December 3, 2011
Right, so as implied by the title of this blog, I am an anal sex virgin. I have been playing and experimenting with my ass for quite a while now, since I was a teenager, but I have not yet taken a cock in it.

I like the feeling of toys in my ass, when masturbating and when taking a cock in my pussy, so I feel confident that when the time comes I will definitely enjoy getting fucked in the ass. However, I am not obsessed with the fantasy of anal. If I get it, I'm sure I would like it. If I do not get it, I will still be satisfied with the feel of a toy in my ass while enjoying the feel of a cock sliding in and out of my pussy.

If I do give in to the urge to feel a cock inside my ass, I am almost certain that it will make me want to give in to my MMF and Double Penetration fantasies. If I come to enjoy anal sex, I am going to crave the feeling of being filled with cock, as this idea already turns me on without even having popped my anal cherry yet. 

So, after all this talk of taking a cock in my big, round, virgin ass... any takers? :P 
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Cam Chatting...
Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First of all I think it's really cool that there is a video option in the chat rooms, it allows people to chat here without having to utilize other messenger programs, which is awesome.

Yes, I have a cam, and I do like to use it frequently. I also like to view cams, if only just to see who I am talking to. However, if I ask to view your cam, I am not expecting to see anything more than your face, and I expect the same assumptions from people who ask to view mine.

If you would like to show me more than your face on cam, wonderful, I do like to watch, but unless we make arrangements beforehand, don't expect me to automatically show you anything back. I get very frustrated with guys who assume I am going to whip out my tits just because their cam is pointed at their dick. That was your decision, not mine.

After saying that though, I am not a prude.. If you let me watch, and I like you, I may show you something, but don't get excited and think you're going to see my pussy as I play with myself.. you would need to be very special for that ;)

SO.. by all means, if I'm in the chat and you see that my cam is on, you can requst to view.. but it might be nice if you ASKED first before getting trigger happy, and as I don't always watch the main chat board, PCing is always the way to go with me.

Happy Viewing! :D

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Welcomed to SA...
Tuesday, November 29, 2011

So I am still very new to this site, only about 3 weeks, and getting a feel for how everything works. But I can generally say that I like this site much much more than any other chat site I have been on. The people are fun (for the most part), and there is typically something for everyone.
This is one of the first places I feel like I can totally be myself and people will like me for it. Being as young as I am, guys my age are sometimes hesitant to admit that they like bigger girls, which is not only frustrating but also slightly insulting. Here, I can come out and say "I am big and I like it.. If you don't, that's your preference, now go away." But I am finding a lot more people that are WANTING bigger girls, which is such a nice change. Like probably any girl, I like compliments, and I like to feel wanted.. and here I get both, regardless of my figure.
I fear that this is starting to sound like a therapy session.. I'm not trying to say that my regular life is lacking love and flattery.. I get my fair share of attention, but hey - the more attention the better, no? :P

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Best photo I have seen in the contest yet. Very seductive!!  10"s
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Happy Birthday sexy!!
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You are one sexy lady!!!!would love to chat sometime
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You're a star J. and I enjoy spending time with you x
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You are a very, very pretty girl Jess.  It seems that there are a lot of very attractve people in Canada.   We need to make a trip one day!  Thank you also for the nice email you sent.  We should become friends!  jeannie xxxxx
Added: Saturday, December 3, 2011 5:14am
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