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Female Disciplinarians wanted here!!
Men Seeking Women
Absolute submissive seeking out true female disciplinarians who love and are very serious about administering long spankings in the best (and only true fashion)....underwear off and put over her knee...the height of female dominance!.....please!,only serious dominant women into over-the-knee spankings!!!
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Men seeking spanking
Women devoted to administering long,hard,over-the-knee,bare-bottom spankings!!...Please go to 'erotic stories" and click on the spanking section and read my true story,"Too Many Pranks lead to Many Spanks"!....give a rating if you like.....luv always.....
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Why Spanking?
Of all the sexual turn-ons in the world,why is spanking so appealing...and erotic? I feel,as a man,that women are natural,instinctive disciplinarians...maternal at birth!All a woman need do is look at me with a stern expression and I'm hers.There's a supernatural power they have,especially when your laying over their knee getting a long,hard spanking.Its painful combined with the erotic softness and gentleness of their femininity that paralyzes me...A woman is the most beautiful,compassionate and most powerful creature on earth...never are they more erotic and beautiful as when they administer discipline.They become god-like during the administering of a spanking.Its more than the actual slapping or paddling...tears flow at the mere thought and fact I'm being punished by this beautiful being....its indescribable!!
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New Story!!
Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Spanking Story!....."A DATE WITH CINDY:..OVER HER KNEE"!!....Check out this true story in  "erotic stories" ,in the spanking section,as well as my first true story,"TOO MANY PRANKS LEAD TO MANY SPANKS"!!!!


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where are the female disciplinarians here?
Friday, July 23, 2010
When I joined this site,i thought I'd be swamped with women with spanking desires willing to communicate and share our mutual thoughts and feelings...not even close.This is a great site to be yourself,but as far as connecting....that's seems to be a dead issue.................

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Thursday, June 24, 2010
Why do some people feel like something is wrong with them because they enjoy recieving spankings?.It's a natural erotic feeling.Some people enjoy oral,anal,role-play,etc and no man or woman feels reluctant to ask their mate for what they want.But they seem reluctant to ask to be spanked.There's probably no more intimate feeling than spanking.It goes to the deepest depths of raw emotion and the ultimate height of ecstasy!...Here's my take on it:
First off,a woman is a natural disciplinarian because of their inherent maternal instinct.We were taught,growing up,in everything we heard and read,that spanking was a gentle discipline for little children...and it was and is.....but taking spanking into the adult world and into the bedroom becomes an indescribable sexual turn-on that has no equal. The closeness of two bodies so intimate and pulling out of each other so much emotion at one time is exhilirating!.
    Standing before a woman sitting in a straight-back chair,especially with her legs crossed,just being in your underwear,being summoned to her side,then placed across her knee,underpants taken off,being held tightly,then spanked endlessly....WHY???
 For me,its easily understood.There are many factors that are arousing long before the actual spanking.To begin with,a womans' legs are(to me) her most sensual,irresistable feature.A woman can flash her breasts at me all day,and its great,but flaunt her legs and I dissolve into liquid!...combine this with her feminine face,gentle features,her crown of glory,her hair...her sweet voice,her feminine hands,the way her bottom shifts as she me,it screams dominance with eroticism.To know that I'm going to be naked on those beautiful legs and punished by this lovingly beautiful creature makes me wet long before I''m over her knee.Its also the words and phrases they use,like....over my deserve to be spanked....behave...
  Then there's the physical contact.What is more sensual than feeling your penis on a womans' soft,warm,sensual legs while feeling her soft,femimine hand spanking you?...As soon as I feel her legs,I usually cum immediately.The feeling is too much to keep held.There are many times I'll explode on her legs before my spanking is over.Nothing arouses me continually like being put over a womans' knee.Usually,when the spanking is over and I'm on my knees at her feet,her thighs are glistening with cum from multiple orgasms.A lot of women that have spanked me considered this an honor to them,mainly because they know if they weren't sexually appealing,that wouldn't happen.
   Also,I believe females,most of them,enjoy witnessing a man being punished.When I was called to a jury pool to be questioned for selection,I was sitting next to a middle-aged woman in a skirt waiting to be called.As the attorneys were describing what was required,she sensually crossed her legs,and with her fingers flicked her long hair to the side of her face and thru the corner of my eye,I saw her chest breathing and heaving a bit heavier.She loved being in a position of power...and I believe all women are powerful.I believe their superior because of their uncanny ability to be as gentle as a rose petal and maternal enough to administer strict corporal punishment without compromise and to arouse and BE aroused during its execution.I believe they are aroused witnessing such punishment.Most of my spankings were witnessed by no less than 3 women....and all of them were as wet as myself and the goddess who was spanking me.
   The bottom line.....Spanking is erotic,sensual,real,normal and LOVING!
Legs kicking,squirming, crying and screaming,begging her,pleading with her,tears flowing like a river,her hand meeting your bare bottom,the paddle,brush,strap,whip,cane,whatever she chooses to spank you with...are all part of LOVING YOU.The marks on your bottom and legs are to be cherished,because they came from a beautiful,goddess woman!
   So,to any woman who reads this: THANK YOU!  THANK YOU! THANK YOU!...just for who you are...and if I may offer one last piece of advice to all women.....please don't play any games with men..don't try different things to be beautiful or impressive....all a woman needs to be is her own feminine self....NO MAN CAN RESIST THAT!......take it from a complete submissive...
Please contact me..................luv always.....
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...a true female disciplinarian NEEDED!
Wednesday, June 16, 2010

If any woman out there is a TRUE DISCIPLINARIAN and an unshakable believer in over-the-knee spankings and would like to either meet or discuss our mutual love,then please contact me.I would love to experience and/or at least discuss with you the indescribable erotic pleasure of over-the-knee spanking.As a true submissive,I can offer an interesting insight as to why this particular fetish tops all others...please respond..............  

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Thank you for the tickle darling, but I like to know someone before I ad them
Added: Tuesday, September 6, 2011 7:33pm
awww thank you very much!
Added: Wednesday, August 25, 2010 3:08pm
Thank you for your comments and tickles!! I will read your blog...
Added: Friday, June 25, 2010 3:00am
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