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A Stormy night on the porch....
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Sunday, September 2, 2012

The lights went out, lightning flashed in the tormented sky. Rain beating against the roof top, wind speeding across the open porch. We sat on the porch together, watching the storm swirl around us. Sprays of rain, caught in the wind, cooling the heat of our skin in the darkness. We sat close, gently touching as the world faded. Nothing but us, the storm above and the storm within. I felt your lips against my cheek, turned to feel them open against mine. Our tongues met, yours held between my lips, entwined as we kissed fully, deeply, your breath mixed with mine. Your hand against my face, mine entwined in your blowing hair. Our eyes met in the darkness, I whispered I want you, you replied. As the storm intensified around us, so did our desires within us. My lips glided across your bare shoulders, softly kissing your neck, a nip on your ear, your fingers playing with the hair on my chest. Fingers whisping along your soft thigh, feeling the rain moistened skin, gently they parted. Your muscles tensing as my hand presses against you, feeling the heat as I stroked against your moist swollen desire. Felt you open to me, tongues enthralled as you felt my fingers gently probing, entering, caressing the heated depths of your want. I slid to the porch before you, lifting your dampened shirt to taste your tingling skin. Against my lips, my fingers, you hardened. Holding my suckling lips to your wet skin, feeling my mouth, my tongue caress you deeply. Against the howling wind I whispered I need you, you replied. You felt the rain against your flesh as your shorts fell in my hands. Time stopped as I stared at your naked beauty, caught in the lightning, waiting, wanting for me. My lips left yours, slipping lower, tasting the rain upon your breasts. Feeling your stomach tighten as my tongue travelled across, your legs ache in anticipation. The soft skin of your open thighs between my lips, my teeth, as your hands stroked my hair. Your eyes fell shut as my open mouth brushed against the whisps of hair, the swollen lips. Your breath caught when you felt me pull you between my lips, into my mouth, against my tongue. Your hips lifted as you felt my tongue taste you, deeply, the skin of your legs across my bare shoulders. Thunder shook around us as your body shuddered to me. Pulling you tight to me, tasting your building need, your moans above the sound of the storm edging me. You twitched against my lips, back arched, hips pressed as you released to me, the warm sweet taste I hungered for. Your breath ragged, body still shaking as I pulled you to the porch, legs astride mine, upon my lap. You felt my hardness against you, rocked your hips to feel the rigid length against your wetness. Our open mouths met in hunger, wet bodies held tight to each other. You touched me, felt me twitch against your fingers. Guideing me to you, lightning igniting the clouds as you lowered yourself to me, on me, around me. Our bodies joined, molded to each other, rising and falling, aching to feel the other. Throbbing deep inside you, quivering around all of me, the pounding rain trying to match our feverish pitch. We shook to each other, trembled against each other. Even the torential storm passed from our minds, all that remained was us, our passion, our need to feel the other, to want each other. Our bodies clung, pulstated as our passion exploded, climaxing against the storm. Nothing else exists, you belong to me, I belong to you, we belong.
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Thanks so much for the tickle!
Added: Monday, September 3, 2012 7:39pm
thanks for the tickle :)
Added: Sunday, September 2, 2012 2:49am
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