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TS/TV/CD seeking women
I am a male to female TS, pre op and due to various reasons, probably likely to remain that way. I am reasonably attractive in either male or female role, but my general demeanour is feminine and that is how I feel most content with myself.

I am a sensitive, caring and honest person, and I really enjoy closeness with someone. I had given up on the idea of being with someone for a while now, but there is something 'missing' from my life, and I would like to share what I have with a companion, a friend, a lover.

I don't have any fixed idea about what I am looking for, so I am willing to give all options due consideration.
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Sunday, November 9, 2008

 I was reading through the forums here when I came across the following comment, which I refrained from responding to there, as I didn't want to feed the troll.

"Who needs help, the ugly non passable balding tgirls and cds who are to stupid to work on themself they would rather just yell to everyone they want to be accepted like that?"

 The context was a discussion about positive things people were doing to help the Trans community, which was one reason I felt the need to comment on it, as the Irony of the remark from another TS person was too much to ignore. It never ceases to amaze me how selfish and mean spirited some people can be, especially individuals who are able to kick people who they have a lot in common with!

 In conclusion I'd like to add a thought of my own just in case our little hater happens by and reads this.

Cosmetics and surgery can cover a lot of physical imperfections, but what cover up cream are you going to use on your ugly personality?

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Ohmaigawd it's a cawk!
Friday, November 7, 2008

 Just to be clear about one thing, I have no aversion to pictures of cocks, they don't disturb me, and some do in fact look quite aesthetically pleasing. I just find myself wondering at why with the phrase a picture paints a thousand words in mind, would someone choose to use a picture of their cock as their profile pic?

 What is the message they are trying to communicate with me? "I am a cock?" Hmm no I don't think that can be it, surely there's some merit even in this day and age to keeping something back? I mean if you introduce yourself in such a way, what can you possibly use as a finalé?

 I am not trying to be critical of these people, I am genuinely curious as to what motivated them to use a picture of their John Thomas on their profile. After all if you never ask, then you are left with your assumptions instead of an informed opinion.

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